Ep: 76 Is Veganism True Health?

Alright, another long episode! I have been getting a ton of questions about the documentary, The Game Changers. I watched it last night and figured it is something that needs to get talked about.

Is plant based better for us? What is plant based? What should you be eating? What did our ancestors eat?

This episode, I answer it all!!!

The Game Changers ( 48:30 )
-is a plant based diet better for us?

What is Cardio? ( 34:30 )
-an important section!
-the term ‘cardio’ is super messed up!

Article Reviews (21:40 )
-my own articles lol
-One thing to do for a healthy diet
-Why you should not track your calories

Coach T Online ( 11:37 )
-is when you eat important
-paleo diet stupidity
-potatoes are good for you
-sauerkraut better than probiotics
-slow walking and early ageing
-is Coach Taylor abrasive?

Odyssey Update ( 4:02 )
-I hate TGU’s

It is a long episode and I think a very important one. There is no right answer to our diet and exercise and I really wanted to dive into that fact!

-Coach Taylor

Why Counting Calories is Worthless

It still remains the holy grail of the fitness world and the first advice spewed from the lips of every dietician out there: count your calories to lose weight. There is so much wrong here I am at a loss where to begin.

Let’s start with a bold statement: I believe counting your calories is stupid, futile, and a complete waste of your time. Additionally, I believe counting your calories is impractical and creates unhealthy associations with food in addition to creating permissions to eat unhealthy food.

For anyone who has read my blog for a while you might currently be scratching your head. “But Coach, you wrote that blog called ‘The 500 Calorie Myth and 4 Reasons You Should Track Your Calories.’” This is true. In 2015 I did write that blog.

The 500 Calorie Myth and 4 Reasons You Should Track Your Calories

For truly dedicated readers, however, you might remember an even more ancient scripture I published entitled, ‘Healthy Food Has No Nutrition Labels,’ posted in March of 2008 talking about how useless nutrition labels are and how eating healthy doesn’t require counting anything.

Healthy Food Has No Nutrition Labels

WTF is going on Coach? Your message seems a wee bit contradictory. Now what am I supposed to do? What am I supposed to believe?

I am sorry to cause you this amount of duress! I understand! There are contradictory messages here. I can explain!

I went through a phase. I had an idea, which I attempted to implement and then recognized it was an abysmal failure. I admit that. It was a bad idea. The intention was good but the process was not just unrealistic but wholly unnecessary.

To be healthy and fit it is 100% unnecessary to count your calories, weigh your food, or measure anything. Not only is that true but it also leads to other issues that I now recognize as common among fitness and non-fitness people alike.

Issues With Calorie Counting

1) Your numbers are wrong.

Those calorie counting apps and that old calorie count book in your cupboard are not accurate. The calories they list are based on a testing method in a lab and then averaged out to provide label information (Click HERE for an explanation).

Additional to the fact that the calorie content is determined in a totally different manner than how your body works it completely ignores that foods aren’t created equal. Two heads of broccoli that weigh the same could actually have different total calories based on a plethora of factors such as where they were grown, how long since they were harvested, what variety they are, weather conditions during growth, and water content. Things get even more complicated when you attempt to measure calories in foods with multiple ingredients!

The honest truth is that you cannot ever know how many calories you are eating with great accuracy. All you can ever have is a rough estimate or guideline based on laboratory testing.

2) People are different.

If three difference people were to somehow eat the exact same item of food (which is kind of impossible and as we saw above three different portions of the same type of food can be different) they would each make use of different amounts of calories.

Creative group of different people, flat style, vector illustration

Different gut bacteria, varied digestive tract lengths, varied physiology, illness, genetics and yet ANOTHER large list of variable factors come into play here. How many calories are digested and the used by the body from food fluctuates and is actually fully, 100%, completely impossible to measure. If you eat 300 approximated calories from a food it is literally impossible to know if your body converted 100 of them or 300 of them into useable energy in the body. Impossible to know.

3) Food Combinations

It is pretty rare to eat just one food at a time. We add sauces to things, create recipes, have full meals consisting of a multitude of food items, and often have wine or beer with food. Each of these factors plays a role in total calories as well as how much of that food energy is digested and used by the body.

Many alcoholics are malnourished even those who eat seemingly good food. Why? Their body spends so much time processing alcohol that it never gets the chance to properly process the food that is eaten. While your glass of wine with dinner isn’t going to make the whole meal a nutrition wasteland it will have an effect on how much energy and which nutrients you are going to be able to process and absorb.

Combining foods changes how they are digested and processed, this in turn will affect how the calories are absorb and how available the calories will be. This is the same in foods that consist of multiple ingredients. Eating raw zucchini is different than eating a zucchini chocolate cake.

4) Cooking and Processing

When you cook food it changes the bioavailability of macro and micronutrients of food. Typically the more a food is cooked the more available the calories are from that food (up to appoint, the blackened charred steak your mom used to serve you was probably devoid of any actual useable calories…). Eating broccoli raw vs. eating steamed broccoli will give different amounts of calories and change how much food energy your body can obtain from it.

Processing food into simpler forms or creating quick cooking versions of foods, again, will change how much useable energy your body can get from that food. Think of those rice dishes you buy in the plastic package that get thrown into the microwave for just 2 quick minutes to provide you a meal, those overly processed ingredients will be very different in your body than the same portion of sow cooked rice from raw grains.

Add to these factors the knowledge that each person eating the food also will utilize different amounts of food in different ways at different times and Pandora’s Box is bust wide open.

5) Disordered Eating

I am not talking about full on eating disorders here but more about the completely weird relationship our modern culture has with food. It is a complete disaster. We are constantly thinking about food, deciding what is good for us or what is bad for us, how much we should eat, when we should ‘treat’ ourselves, and about a million other variables. This is what I consider disordered eating.

Eating shouldn’t be complicated. You shouldn’t have to think so much about it. It should be enjoyable, delicious, wholesome, and a positive part of your day. Something you look forward to.

But our fixation on calories and portions and our association between these things and our bodies has created something of a monster inside of our heads. When was the last time you ate with no feelings of guilt or concern over the health benefits (or lack thereof) contained on that plate in front of you?

We are so fixated on an arbitrary number that is wholly unknowable that food has become about as enjoyable as the math test is has become. The idea that we must know the calorie content of what we eat has so permeated our culture that we have completely forgotten how to eat.

This brings us to the crux of the issue and why counting calories is a completely worthless endeavour.

Some of you might be throwing your hands in the air in exasperation at this point. How are you supposed to eat healthy? How are you supposed to know how much to eat? What should you be eating?

Somehow the human race survived for tens of thousands of years without counting calories, nay, without even knowing the concept of a calorie. Today millions of people do the same as well as every single animal and other organism on the entire damn planet. How? How is this possible?

The answer is actually so very easy, so very simple, that it just might astound you.

Here we go.

Eat. Real. Food.


As I wrote in 2008, the solution is to eat unprocessed food. Fruits, Vegetables, meat, eggs, nuts, seeds, beans, rice, and whole grains.

Variety of organic food including vegetables fruit bread dairy and meat. Balanced diet.

Make it all yourself. That’s right, you are going to have to cook. To chop, slice, dice, roast, fry, bake, sauté, steam, boil, and grate. Basic human skills that are less common now than ten more minutes surfing Instagram.

On a recent podcast I talked about the fact that there are bad foods and good food but then recommended an alternative way of thinking about things that I believe is the answer to so many health issues today. Real food vs. not real food.

The modern processed food industry is beyond scary. Protein powders instead of meat and dairy, products filled with so much corn in guises you don’t even recognize that they could hardly be called food, additives, preservatives, colouring agents, and emulsifiers. It is this garbage that truly has deleterious effects on our health.

There is no one who is over fat and unhealthy who eats a real food diet free from processed modern pseudo-food. No one. None. They don’t exist. There is no culture with an obesity epidemic that foregoes processed foods in favour of traditional cooking practices. In fact, the rise of obesity in developing cultures is always link to the introduction of western processed and massed produced food.

The answer is so simple. I didn’t say easy, just simple.

When you are eating real food there is no need to count calories or measure and weigh anything. No one is over fat because they eat too many raw veggies, farm fresh eggs, and roasted chicken. NO ONE.

Just like the thousands of years before the idea of the calorie was conceived and there was no obesity epidemic nor disordered eating all you have to do is cook and eat real food.

Somehow humanity survived.

-Coach Taylor

EP 75: The Takedown Episode

Alright….here we go!!!

For my 75th episode I asked listeners to tell me what aspects of the health and fitness industry needed a good Coach Taylor thrashing….and the response was huge.

So I picked the most common requests and made this a takedown episode. I divided up the topics into sections in case you don’t have a full hour and a half to dive into all the details!!!!

Some of it may be offensive….ummmmm….I don’t care. It is all the truth. The only way I know how to deliver fitness advice!

Here we go!!!!!

Earthing (2:40 )
-the biggest bunch of asshole bullshit out there

Exercises (7:20 )
-smith machines, cardio machines, machines, walking, and abs

Training Programs ( 17:20 )
-sports aren’t training, more walking, and barefoot shoes

The Fitness Industry (26:20 )
-big box gyms, peloton, longer muscles, certifications, drive for strength, and insta-celebs

Health (45:20 )
-drugs or fitness, the BMI scale, and healthy body size

Food (55:23 )
-protein powders, supplements, shakes, lectins

Nutrition (58:52 )
-keto, carnivore, Isagenix and Advocare, weighing your food, counting calories, and frequent eating

The Food Industry (1:05 )

Veganism (1:11 )
-the assinine scareumentary ‘What the Health’
-is veganism healthy?

Sure there will be some ruffled feathers and sad little buttercups out there somewhere. The truth can hurt sometimes.

-Coach Taylor

The One Thing You Need To Do For a Healthy Diet

That is correct. I am going to give you one single thing you can do that will improve your diet more than anything else.

A couple of months ago I had to get the brakes fixed on my truck because while I am knowledgeable about how to care for the human body I am apparently a dumbass when it comes to vehicle maintenance. The awesome local shop fit me in last minute so I didn’t miss the end of trout fishing season! That, however, is a story for another day.

I dropped the truck for an inspection to assess the problem and sat down in the waiting area with my laptop intending to write a blog. I was mostly successful in that endeavour. Mostly successful because I was fascinated by a conversation between two of the staff behind the counter that highlighted one of the biggest problems with everyone’s nutrition.

What could this be?

The conversation was between a woman and a man and the only conversation happening in the place so it wasn’t like I was going out of my way to overhear. What follows is a completely NONE accurate recounting of the discussion from my memory. I figured actually recording it was way too far lol. The gist of it I was able to recall.

This conversation occurred at 8am on a Wednesday.

Woman: I see a Hershey bar that is going to get eaten this morning.
[Referring to very large box of chocolate bars on the counter in front of her work station that was serving its purpose as a fundraiser for some school or sports team, because yes, we can only fundraise for children’s activities by selling various types of garbage pseudo-food.]

Man: Oh yeah?

Woman: I am going to try and hold off until 9am! At least until this coffee buzz wears off!

Man: That is probably a good idea.

Woman: It is definitely going to happen though.

That is all I can now remember about the conversation but it captures all of the vital details! I vaguely recall that this topic was discussed for at least ten minutes, which while fascinating to me, greatly setback my writing that day.

How does this relate to you and to your diet? What the fuck are you talking about Coach Taylor.

This is literally the greatest secret tip to improve your health I can give you. Period. If you do this ONE thing you will improve your healthy eating and nutrition habits INSTANTLY.

Here we go. I am going to drop a gigantic truth bomb on you right now.

It is so seemingly simple and you’ve heard it so many times you are probably going to stop reading and quickly unsubscribe from my blog and podcast (because you ARE subscribed to my blog and podcast, right?!) for wasting your valuable time with an idea that OBVIOUSLY everyone already knows.

Truth bomb time.

If it is there, you will eat it.

I guess I didn’t really phrase that properly. I promised a useful tip that you can enact right now and not some meme-worthy slogan to add to your pinterest board in the hopes that another motivational quip will be the proverbial straw that breaks your poor nutrition habits once and for all…

In order to acquiesce that expectation, which to be fair was how I set things up, I will rephrase that statement into an actual actionable piece of health and nutrition advice.

Do not buy or stock in your house anything that isn’t real food, especially those items that you know are unhealthy and that you have a hard time resisting.

That’s better, now you can screenshot that, pin it, post, and be well on your way to a NEW YOU!!!! (The current you is just fine, I merely like to slam the fitness industries infinitely stupid catch phrases at every opportunity).

The conversation I transcribed in masterful detail above is a beautiful example of the largest serious issue facing our diets today: access. If it is there you are going to eat it. Period.

If that box of chocolate bars hadn’t been sitting on that counter on that Wednesday morning at eight o’clock it is highly probable that the person in question would probably not eat a nutrient devoid package of fat and sugar for no reason at all. The idea that it was a pick-me-up from the caffeine stimulation is also kind of silly because we all know that the half-life of caffeine is around 5 hours so you wouldn’t be coming down off your high at 9am when you are still drinking your coffee at 8 am.

No. No the reason this person was going to stuff their gullet with non-nutritive calories on a random weekday morning is simple.

It was there.

Access. Convenience. Proximity. Addiction.

It was there.

Think about your own eating habits. If you have a bag of chips in the pantry how often do you grab a few passing by? Or as a ‘little treat’ while binging Netflix in the evening? Now imagine that bag of chips wasn’t there? Would you jump in the car and pop over to the convenience store at 9pm to grab a bag of chips so you could eat a handful while the finale of Stranger Things patiently waits on pause for your return?

You might. And if you do we need to have an entirely different conversation about your health and habits! More likely, however, you would not eat any potato chips if they weren’t conveniently awaiting your attention on the second shelf of the pantry, right beside that half eaten chocolate bar that you bought to support your neighbours kids sports team yesterday…. Might as well grab a couple squares of that too because it’s dark chocolate and that is good for your health! Plus don’t you feel good supporting that kids sports team?!

I’ve doled out this advice thousands of times to thousands of clients over the years and very rarely does it ever create meaningful change. There is always a list of excuses. A constant justification process for why the cookies, chips, chocolate, crackers, candy, etc. is there in the pantry.

“I have to have it there for the big game this weekend”

“It’s there for the kids”

“You have to indulge sometimes!”

“My partner buys it, I would never buy it!”

“It was a gift from friends congratulating me on a whole week on my new diet!”

“How did that even get in there?”

“I support ALL of the kids sports teams!”

Fine. Do what you want. It IS YOUR life. However you want to live does not affect me. I am merely attempting to tell you the number one reason you are overfat, pre-diabetic, chronically tired, and feel like shit most of the time.

You eat shitty ‘food.’ And most likely you eat shitty food because you have access to the food. Because it is right there. Because you can just reach out and touch it….

You’re addicted. You can’t say no. It isn’t an accident. The ‘food’ companies have done this to you on purpose. They have a term for it actuality. Craveability. They create all of these foods in labs with researchers to maximize the chances of making you want to consume them. [Read this book: Salt, Sugar, Fat: How the Food Industry Hooked Us ].

There is one thing you can do: don’t have it around you.

A lot of arenas in your life you may not have control over. The co-worker who is constantly brining in baked goods. The stupid gym you pay $10 a month for that keeps tootsie rolls on their counter to tide you over between pizza days. The in-laws who insist on having Costco sized bags of candy on hand ‘for the kids.’ You cannot control these areas of your life and will only be able to rely on your personal decision making skills.

But you can control a huge area of your life. Arguably the most important one.

Your home.

It is so simple.

Don’t have it in the house. Period. Ever. For any reason.

No chips, cookies, crackers, donuts, premade pizza, candy, chocolate, sugar syrups, or pop. [Note: that was NOT a complete list of the shitty non-food you probably have in your house right now]

If it is not there you are far less likely to eat it.


Stock your house with real food and eat it whenever you want and eat as much of it as you want! No one is overfat or feeling like crap from eating too many vegetables and home cooked food. No one.

I know, you’ve heard this advice before.


So why is your home still stocked with processed crap, or as Michael Pollen says, food-like substances?

For the kids? Why are you feeding that garbage to your kids?

Because someone brought it over? The garbage can is right over there.

Because you want to support kids sports teams? Just give them the whole $3 instead of buying the chocolate bar.

You want to live a healthier life. You want to eat well. You want to feel better. Yet you constantly set yourself up for failure.

An alcoholic doesn’t stock their house with spirits and wine just so they are there when a friend comes over. They can’t. They would never successfully curb their addiction.

This pseudo-food is an addiction. It has been crafted to addict us and huge segments of our modern culture have been crafted to drive us towards it. There is only one way to truly make a change.

Get rid of it. Don’t have it around. Don’t buy it.

If it is there you are going to eat it.

It really is just that simple.

-Coach Taylor

Did you know that I have a weekly podcast discussing all things health and fitness? I would love you to join me and I promise to only deliver the cold hard unbiased truth!

Ep 74: Cold. Hard. Truths.

Welcome to episode 74 of Coach Taylor Radio.

The big question of the week – Coach Taylor Radio or…. The Coach Taylor Podcast?

I want to know!!!!!!

On this episode:

A Cold Hard Truth About Diets ( 54:30)
-What do I ‘think’ about paleo

Is Red Meat Good for You Now? ( 37:43 )

How Your Body Fuels Exercise ( 22:30 )

Eat Like Your Grandparents (48:10 )
-Except you don’t really get what that means

Coach T Online ( 13:00 )
-Why is running hard?
-Barefoot review

Odyssey Update (5:40 )
-feeling inspired

Thanks for listening and dedicating your time to actually learning how to care for your health and fitness!!!!

-Coach Taylor

EP 73: Yes, There ARE ‘Bad’ Foods

Welcome to episode 73. And oh…..this weeks rant should go down in the books as one of my best.

I wish there was a way to get this message out to the entire world….there is bad food and good food. Although maybe a better classification system is called for. I have some ideas there!

On this Episode:

There IS such a thing as bad food ( 48:00)
–> this needs to be heard by everyone. Sit back. And enjoy….

No More Fasting ( 41:30 )
-there is an issue with intermittent fasting

Variety is Not Always Good ( 32:40)
-focus on what you are doing vs. what is coming next
-repetition in your programs is often better than
-why aren’t you training with me?

Odyssey Update (3:20 )
-one of the best weekends of my life!
-all about food

Coach T Online (20.07 )
-blog assholes
-grip for hangs
-how many rest days
-how to buy a mace


Whew. That was a good one!!! Think I might even need to write an article about this….

-Coach Taylor

Ep 72: Fitness Trackers and Boring Training

Welcome to episode 72 of Coach Taylor Radio! Where you get to hear me rant away about all topics health and fitness! Exciting!

My evolution training program is picking up speed and we are having tons of fun. Lol….well I am not sure if anyone is having fun and I don’t much care. BUT people are already starting to move better!! Awesome.

On this episode:

When Can Kids Start Training ( 39:36 )

Are Fitness Trackers Good or Bad? ( 30:43 )

4 Exercise You Should Do Daily ( 48:06 )

Old People Training ( 23:23)

Coach T Online (7:53 )

Odyssey Update ( 2:36 )


Thanks so much for listening! If there is anything you want me to discuss, simply drop me a line!!!

-Coach Taylor

The Only Four Exercises You Ever Need to Do

This week something a little quick and a little practical.

I get so sick and tired of hearing excuses. And trust me, after almost 20 years as a fitness coach I have heard EVERY SINGLE EXCUSE you could ever think of and then some.

I am going to tell you the truth though.

There are no excuses with any merit. There is always something you can do to positively impact the physical health of your body. Always.

I am not talking about having the flu or getting a major operation and being unable to workout for a short period of time. That stuff happens. A couple of days here or there are a week or two after something major happens is just fine. That is not what I am talking about.

It’s the bullshit people make up to justify why they haven’t done any physical activity in years or even decades. Yes, there are those among us who haven’t done any physical activity besides moving around the house and going to work in DECADES.

Each to their own I suppose.

Today I am giving you a list of 4 exercises that you can do anywhere, that require NO expensive equipment, that can be learned quickly and for free, that have easy progressions from beginner to Olympic athlete, and that I believe every single human should be able to do.

If you do these four exercises everyday for the rest of your life you will maintain an excellent level of physical health. Period.

Yes, it really is that simple. Easy? In our modern day and age, no. Again it all comes down to how much you care about yourself, how much you care about your family and friends, and how much you care about your life.Because if you aren’t taking care of your physical health you are an asshole.

Here are four exercises that everyone should be doing every single day and if you can force yourself to do that you will be fit, healthy, and strong for the rest of your life.

The Turkish Getup (TGU)

Why it is called the Turkish Getup I have no idea! When I am inevitably asked what I think the ONE exercise is that everyone should do, this is it. Everyone should do a few of these every single day.

It requires strength, balance, stabilization, coordination, and cardiovascular health. It moves every single joint in the body through a full range of motion. It forces you to get down on the floor and then get up to standing. It takes up almost no space (I used to do them daily in a narrow hallway).

You don’t need any equipment. While this is often performed with a kettlebell you can hold any weight in your hand. When you are first getting started you might just hold a tennis ball to make sure you are focusing on keeping your grip activated. Then you can progress into a rock, or a weight, or a puppy… anything that is going to challenge you to balance something overhead and keep that arm vertical.

This is by far the best exercise ever. And everyone should do them.

The Pullup

I promise, 90% of people reading this article not only cannot do a single pullup, but you most likely couldn’t even grab a bar, or tree branch, or whatever, hold on and just hand there with just your bodyweight for 30 seconds.

You see, life isn’t like the movies. When the hero grabs someone falling off a cliff with one hand and the falling person has just one hand hanging on as well and then they work together to pull the person back up onto firm ground…this is a much as fantasy as your fav celebrity crush walking naked into where you are sitting right now and wanting to get frisky.

It. Just. Isn’t. Going. To. Happen.

Yet we should all be able to do a single pullup. I’m being nice. We should be able to do more than one pullup. It is a spectacular exercise requiring an enormous amount of upper body strength. Not just any upper body strength but focused on those big beautiful back muscles. You probably don’t know them you over texting fool because all that time spent on your smart phone has so fucked your posture that none of your back muscles are actually doing what they are supposed to be doing anymore.

Start with hangs, then some negatives, then work towards pullups. It might take a year or more to get there but I promise that by the time you accomplish this movement your strength will be through the roof!

The Pushup

So simple. Everyone knows what they are. Yet people suck at them and have a litany of reasons why they can’t do them. Shoulder pain, sore wrists, bad back….yada yada yada.

If you can’t do a pushup you nee to address any of the reasons why and once that is sorted out develop some basic fucking human strength and do some pushups.

Recent studies have found a correlation between how many pushps you can do and your risk of cardiovascular disease. No, doing more pushups won’t save your heart but it does appear that how many pushups you can do is a good general indication of your overall fitness level.

And none of those stupid ‘on your knees’ pushups either! That isn’t a pushup. That’s an assisted pushup and Coach Taylor doesn’t allow them. Ever.



First, yes, I personally don’t like running. I am NOT anti-running. As I ramble on all the time, however, you don’t run to train, you train to run. See the difference? Running long distance regularly is not good for the body, which can be seen pretty easily when you ask any runners to provide you a list of their injuries and aches.

I am talking about short and intense sprints. UNDER 100m. Sometimes just a simple 10m sprint is perfect. Sprinting is different than jogging, oh, it is VERY different. It is an al l out max effort demanding coordinated muscular and cardiovascular power.

Try this: mark a 50m length somewhere you can sprint. Then do it. Sprint as fast as you fucking can like a lion is chasing your ass with the intent to eat you fast from one marker to the other. Rest 10 seconds then turn around and repeat. Do this 20 times.

Let me know how that feels.

Sprinting will develop your cardiovascular system FAR more than endurance activity and it will also build strength, power, and endurance. I cannot tell you the number of distance runners I have added sprint work to, dropped their mileage in half, and watched them slaughter their running records.

This list might not be what you wanted to hear. It isn’t flashy or glamorous. It doesn’t require supplements or fancy equipment I could sell you.

But I can promise you this: do these four exercises every single day for the next four months and I GUARANTEE you will be stronger, fitter, and feeling better. You will be more resilient mentally and physically and you will have a sense of accomplishment that you probably have never experienced before in your storied exercise history.

The truth is that what your body needs isn’t what the fitness industry is selling. Because frankly, there isn’t much to sell and no one wants to buy things that while seemingly simple are also far too challenging. We live in a world of excuses and laziness. We live in a world of chasing shiny new toys every year and forgetting last years exciting new toy. Like somehow we will achieve all of our dreams and goals by simply acquiring that next best thing.

The path to better health and fitness isn’t shiny and new.

It is tried, tested, and true. It is simplicity. It is respecting the very structure and design of that gorgeous mass of flesh and bones you call you and making it move the way it was built to work.

It isn’t hard.

But it isn’t easy.

-Coach Taylor

Ep 71: Movement Vs. Strength

Welcome to episode 71 of Coach Taylor Radio!

My evolution training program is getting going and I would love to have you join me! Only if you want to actually move and feel better though! If you just want to blast your biceps I am def not the right coach for you!!!!!

On this Episode:

Movement vs. Strength ( 53:20 )
-what is more important?
-what is the difference?

How to Cut Through the Crap ( 38:40 )
-a little deeper in to last weeks article
-how can you tell what fitness is good?

Evolution Training Program ( 27:00 )
-how you SHOULD be training
-it’s more than physical

Odyssey Update ( 3:16 )
-I hate working out….

Coach T: Online ( 10:20 )
-replacing Insta Answers
-a better overview of everything happening online

Thank you for listening, as always. I do truly appreciate you investing precious time in my idle ramblings!!!

-Coach Taylor

How To Cut Through the Crap

One of the most common questions I receive is, ‘how do I know what I should be doing?’

There are thousands of fitness ‘experts’ out there, thousands of programs, fitness products, opinions, and methodologies. All have fervent supporters and ‘success stories’ filling Instagram and infomercials with the promise that you can achieve the same results.

How can you possibly differentiate between the myriad of options and opinions? How can you tell what is legitimately based on real science and what is no better than Gwyneth Paltrows vagina rocks? (Yes, she wants you to put jade eggs in your vagina to ‘clear your chi pathways and solve every other health concern you have…).

The good news is that you are reading this. And I think over the years I have established myself as someone you can trust to cut through the bullshit and deliver information based on, you know, science and stuff.

Sorry, I have no vagina rocks to sell…

Mandatory Credit: Photo by John Salangsang/BFA/REX/Shutterstock (7532627e)n Gwyneth Paltrown Goop and La Perla celebrate the Opening of Goop Gift, Farmshop, Los Angeles, USA – 30 Nov 2016n WEARING LA PERLA

For me the answer to this question is relatively simple. I do recognize that almost two decades in this industry, thousands of clients trained, a master degree in human movement, and more certifications and courses than I can remember taking does give me a bit of an advantage when it comes to sorting out the good from the bad from the ugly.

How do I do it? How do I quickly look at a program or idea and judge so quickly it efficacy and legitimacy?

History and experience.

And I think that EVERYONE can do the exact same thing if we just put a little bit of logical thinking into it.

You have been bamboozled to believe newer is better and the advancement of science has given us lordship over the needs of the human body beyond what Mother Nature could ever possibly understand. Obviously the latest tech gadgetry will allow us to surpass our genetics. The latest supplement will lead to performance increases no human in the history of time could have ever dreamed possible!

It’s smoke and mirrors.

All you have to do is put a little bit of thought into it.

How was, how IS, your body supposed to move? What was it designed to do? How has it been crafted to interact together? This is not as complicated as it seems and I think we all have the innate ability to understand this.

man athlete running by the sea at sunset outdoors

Just. Think. About. It.

We lift things up. We carry things. We pull things. We get up off the ground. We throw things. We move from one place to the other. That’s it. That is everything we do.

We lift things. At one time it was logs, dead animals, plants, logs, stones, and whatever else we needed for survival. Not its our kids, groceries, coolers of beer, and that new Ikea couch that you have yet to assemble. We bend over, squat down, and step into lunges to lift things up.

We carry things. Once we have picked something up we most likely need to move it somewhere. Why else would we pick it up? Well, unless it’s a puppy. Then you picked it up just to hold it because, puppies! Carrying things is something your body excels at and it structurally designed to do. On your head, shoulder, back, hip, or in your hands or arms, your really, really efficient at carrying things around!

We pull things. Now you’re visualizing ancient humans dragging a deer carcass, which probably was something we did, but not so much in modern times. You still pull things. Like dragging that new Ikea couch to a different part of the room or your lazy cold kids up the hill in the snow before they slide back down to have you do it again. Or, you pull YOURSELF. Climbing a tree or getting up and over a fence…lol…I know, most people can’t do that. It’s actually a huge problem. You SHOULD be able to do that. Hence the purpose of this article…

We get up off the ground. That’s right. We stand up. From the ground, from bed, from a chair, from that fancy new Ikea couch. We get up. It is absolutely amazing to me and truly, horrifically, scary to me, how many people struggle to simply stand up. We have a couch in our studio that people complain constantly is too low and they can get up from it. Holy crap people. This is a huge problem. Not being able to get up off the ground should send tingles of fear throughout your body! Not being able to get up off a couch? You should really do something about that.

We throw things. There you go again with your picturing ancient humans. Yes we threw spears at animals, I get it. We don’t today. Today we play sports or toss our keys over to someone. It is actually a little harder for me to think of examples of this action and this is a problem because the transverse plane action of throwing requires full body coordination and stabilization that is vital to your health (twisting and moving your arms powerfully is super important and no one does it!).

We move from one place to another. Walking, jogging, running, sprinting, climbing, swimming, and jumping are all basic human movements. It is how we get from here to there and from there to over there and from over there back to here. We MOVE. We have gait patterns and a host of movements that we are literally built to be able to do. Like, literally, the very structure of our bones, the placement of muscles and tendons and ligaments, are all there to allow us to get around.

And this is the secret to how I cut through so much of the bullshit.

Is your training program designed to enhance and strengthen the way we are supposed to move and to make you better at accomplishing the things we do?

Sitting on a machine is not going to do it. Isolating your biceps for a huge pump is not going to do it. Bouncing around on those fucking stupid shoes with springs on the bottom is in no way related to how your body was built to work. The leg press machine is going to fuck your back to shit because the movement and position of your body doesn’t exist anywhere except on that machine and your physiology was not designed to work like that. The lat pulldown machines is a ridiculous way to train back muscles that were actually designed to pull you up not pull something down to you. Treadmills make no sense as we were not designed to run on the spot. Ellipticals? Wtf.

I could literally sit here all day and trash 99% of the fitness industry bullshit. But I have better things to do.

What I am attempting to get you to understand is that when you look at your exercise program or a piece of equipment, can you plausibly see how it could relate to how you actually were designed to move?

Does it use the whole body as a coordinated unit? Does it relate to one of the actions I described above? Does it involve all or at least most of the major muscles? Will it force you to move in a way that just might be useful to you?

Like walking through Ikea, lifting that box, carrying it somewhere, opening it up, having the dexterity to assemble it, dragging it to the best position, and then being able to get on and off of it?

-Coach Taylor

Health and Fitness Coach