2020 Spring Odyssey

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I understand. You want to lose weight, be skinner, change your body, look different.

It’s impossible to escape those feelings in a culture fixated on the idea that what you look like represents what kind of person you are and what people think of you. When we are bombarded constantly with beauty products, perfectly tailored clothes, and the message that losing weight is the secret to happiness.

I understand.

Pursuit of this leads people to all number of extremes. Crash diets, botox, plastic surgery, eliminating whole food groups, and participation is Navy Seal level training programs.

I understand.

2019 marked a significant milestone in my life. I literally overhauled everything about how I live. I created the 2019 Health Odyssey, a journey to answer the question: what would happen if I took every single piece of advice that I give to my clients for an entire year?

Read about my 2019 Health Odyssey  and then read about the results of that 12 month journey HERE!

The answer: your life will change, for the better.

Most people consider what I did to be far too extreme and something they could never personally do. Give up alcohol? For a year? No chocolate? No chips? No processed food? FOR A YEAR? No way.

I understand.

All of these same people are very intrigued, however, when they hear that I am now on my fourth round of clothes buying because EVERYTHING I own was too big, and then the replacements became to big, and then the replacements for those replacements became to big, and now the replacement clothes for those clothes are now too big.

I understand.

While I don’t advocate for the pursuit of losing weight and ‘looking good’ (whatever that actually means…), I understand that this is what everyone wants.

So I am going to help you. I am going to show you how to change your body in a healthy way. It isn’t going to be easy and yes, you ARE going to have to make some sacrifices. If you’re not willing to do that I will tell you right now, you will NEVER achieve your goals.

There is no easy way, no simple journey, no pain free path. Anyone who promises otherwise is either lying to you or ignorant.

Spring Fitness Odyssey 2020

Crossfit Kettle Bell with chalk and hands

Let’s do it. Let’s make the commitment. Let’s see what you are capable of.

This spring I have created a version of my year-long Odyssey. I hope you decide to join. The goal is to change the way you look and feel.

This is a 56 day program modelled on everything I did for a year, distilled down to the most vital aspects.

56 days.

That is all I am asking you to commit to.

For 56 days make your health and fitness a priority.

There will be hard parts, there will be some sacrifices, you might have to say no to a few things.

56 days is not long in the grand scheme of your life. It will go by quickly and you will be a different person on the other side of the journey.

For 56 days you are going to commit.

The Program

Begins: Tuesday, March 31st

The first test. Last day of the month, second day of the week. No typical Monday or 1st of the month start time here.

Ends: Wednesday, May 27th

See above for why this particular date.

This time period also means you have to adhere to the rules through two major holidays. This is part of the sacrifice. Part of the journey.

56 days is long enough to notice results yet brief enough that you CAN commit to it.

What You Must Include

Here are the most important parts of the program.

Full details of each aspect will be provided to all participants as well as a variety of options to best fit your particular life.

All of the program will be supervised and discussed inside my Evolution Fitness Online training platform. Food options, workouts, and everything else will be provided to all participants. A discussion forum will be created for daily questions and advice.

  • Workout 4 times a week
    • Evolution online programs
    • Can do more workouts if you want!
  • Daily movement
    • 15 minutes/day (yes, your workouts count towards this on workout days!)
  • Daily TGU’s and Push-ups
    • 3/side per day TGU’s
    • 10 Push-ups/day
    • YES! This counts towards your daily 15 minutes of movement
  • Food
    • Cook and prepare all of your own food
    • Fermented foods daily
    • One new food per week
    • Red meat max 2x/week
    • Seafood 2x/week
    • Vegetarian 1x/week
  • Fasting
    • Any fasting protocol
  • Daily journal
    • 2 sentence minimum
  • Cold training
    • 1-2 minute cold shower daily
    • Yes, you can turn it to a hot shower after the time is up
  • Read one book
  • Listen to an educational podcast each week

What Is Excluded

Yes, this is the SCARY part, ready for it?

For 56 whole days out of your entire life….

  • No alcohol
  • No processed food
    • Cereal, fast food, packaged anything, supplements, etc.
    • Also includes cakes, pastries, etc.
    • Nothing deep-fried
  • No recreational drugs

There it is! The entire program!

The Cost

Yes, there is a cost to this. 1) This is how I earn my living. 2) You need to commit and our need to get value for our money works wonders.

The cost to join the Spring Odyssey 2020 is: $150



  • Full access to Evolution Online Fitness
  • Nutrition and diet coaching and advice
  • Personal access to Coach Taylor for the duration of the program
  • Peer support from others making the same commitment you are
  • Anything you need to be successful!

I know the power of making these commitments to your life.

While there is so much more to it than weight loss and changing how you look, I am OK with your pursuit of those if it is done right!

Make a commitment to your life.

It is only 56 days.

56 days to show yourself just what you are capable of.

-Coach Taylor


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