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Coach Taylor is not your typical fitness industry professional.

Yes, he hold multiple degrees and more certifications than he can even remember taking, as well as being a requested speaker and guest writer, however, this is not what motivates him.

His primary goal is to bust through the extreme amount of bullshit in the health and fitness industry!

He fully believes the industry is broken, lost, and more concerned with self-aggrandization and product sales than it is concerned about actually helping people become healthy and fit.

The real methods for improving human health are not marketable and therefor often ignored. Coach Taylor strives to ignore that and instead bring a deep understanding o f human physiology to the industry in concert with a ceaseless drive to explore and research the truth behind how to best help people live their best lives through improved human movement and healthy living practices.

This makes him one of the black sheep of the fitness industry and he doesn’t give a shit.

Being simultaneously eloquent and crass, Coach Taylor isn’t for everyone. Only for those who want to truly dive into the what being human actually means and how to leverage that knowledge to create a beautiful life.


Coach Taylor holds a BA in Sociology from the University of Calgary and an MSc in Human Movement with A.T. Still University. In addition to his CSCS designation with the NSCA, Taylor holds multiple fitness certifications from a various organizations including the NASM.

Speaking at international events, such as the Arnold Classic Strength Summit, the National Strength and Conditioning Association Conferences and Clinics, local schools, businesses, and community associations allows him to impart his 20+ years of experience in the health and fitness field. He has guest lectured for numerous organizations and institutions including the Queen’s School of Business.

Coach Taylor has authored articles for a variety of media, including The Huffington Post and the NSCA’s Strength and Conditioning Journal. He has been featured as an expert in Musclemag and Sport and Performance magazines on a variety of topics. Taylor was also the feature fitness expert on two radio stations with two weekly spots on each for over 2 years.

His blog, The Brutally Honest 6 Reasons You are Still Overfat, has been read over 1 million times and continues to be a controversial piece in the fitness community.

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One thought on “About Coach Taylor”

  1. From Indianapolis, a us state that does not believe in civil rights or education or health care for the working poor.
    Your blog is great. Keep ranting. We all make decisions about our health. Now, after major caregiving for elder parent, am back attacking the fat, WTH, am sore from exercise, but crap, the pain actually lets me know I am getting stronger.

    Thanks, keep blogging. You sound like you are from new jersey, US.

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