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Hire a Coach Already

So a couple of weeks ago I put out a survey for some feedback on all of my material and the answers were very much appreciated! A huge thank you to all 107 of you who responded!

There was something that really struck me as I read through the data (well a lot of things, but that would make this blog way too long!)

I asked what is most important to people in an online training platform and the largest response was: THE QUALIFICATIONS OF THE COACH.

By a significant margin. It was a higher priority than the variety of exercises, new content, and it blew having an app and weight loss out of the water.

This is VERY interesting to me.

Because I also asked about why people hadn’t joined my platform or another platform and the consistent answer was that they were too expensive, or money was too tight, or that they could find enough free content on Instagram.

WHY is this so interesting to me?

It tells me that

  1. People recognize the value of a good coach and that there are better and worse coaches out there
  2. People aren’t willing to pay for a good coach in the era of free everything

I understand for sure. Money is a precious resource and we are all judicious in where we spend it. Even if you have disposable income you should still be smart about where you spend it!

But this leads to a huge issue in the fitness industry (probably other areas of life as well but I am really only qualified to speak to the fitness industry).

You want qualified and educated coached and you want them for free.

Question for you then:

How is someone supposed to become a qualified and experienced coach, earn a living from that skill and knowledge, when people want the information from that coach for free?

I have a masters degree in human movement, I have been a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist for almost 20 years, I have literally forgotten more certifications and courses I have taken over the years than I remember taking, I have coached thousands of clients, and I have a decent online following and a pretty good reputation. So let’s agree that I am a semi-qualified coach (in all honesty this puts me in about the top 0.01% of the fitness industry but I don’t want you thinking I am all in this for the ego).

When I build out a new program, my kettlebell academy and charge $125 for the first module, a four week program and instructional program from me on how to master the kettlebell, the vast majority of the response is…….wait for it….

It’s too expensive.


Another question for you?

How much SHOULD that cost?

Four weeks of access to a coach like myself, instruction, programming, follow-up, interaction, on arguably the best training tool out there.

What is that worth to you?

$75? $35? $1? Should it be free?

Lets say 20 people sign-up for the $125, thats $2500. Not bad right?

Well, the academy will see me invest probably about 100 hours in creation. $25 an hour?! Not bad Coach, what are you bitching about? Well. Then there is the time during the course…probably about 25 hours a week making content, responding and coaching etc, another 100 hours. Hmmm…now that’s actually $12.50 an hour.

I won’t get into expenses for the program etc. Or what my rent is and utilities and food and all of that. Because remember, if you want a coach with my kind of qualification, which is what everyone says they want, well, we have to dedicate our lives to this. So this is the only way we earn an income.

How qualified of a professional do you think you should get for $12.50 an hour?

Because the minimum wage in the province I reside (Ontario, Canada) is $14 an hour.


I am not writing this as a sob story.

This is a wake-up call to you.

The REASON there is a lack of quality coaches and quality information in the fitness biz is because everyone thinks all we are worth is $12.50 an hour.

So we are forced to hawk products, promote garbage, and fill our feeds with ads to try an earn a living. What kind of quality coaches to you expect to dedicate their life to that?

So no. It is NOT OK to just grab some moves off the internet and do whatever programs some 20 year old insta-celeb is putting out for FREE AWESOME CONTENT!!! You know, the workout THEY DO THEMSEVLES!!!! Uh huh. Ok.

This is your fucking health we are talking about. This is not an area to seek free deals.

Want to know why your back hurts? Your knees hurt? You never achieve your fitness goal? You don’t progress? You end up getting bored?

NEWSFLASH! It is because you are following shitty fucking programs and working with fucking stupid idiot wannabe coaches who won’t even be around in a few years. They will most likely be selling insurance or become a realtor….trust me, that is A REALLY common life path!!!

Or you are following ‘coaches’ who are just skinny people who workout and now put out content and they become TRAINERS!!! And they reiterate and spew out all the exact same shit that has ejaculated from the cacophony of mouths of every single other fitness ‘professional’ for the last 40 years. Here is my ab workout! Do these three simple exercises! Look at how jacked my PYTHONS are, do this arm exercise to do the same for you!!! 

Because people don’t want to hire an ACTUAL coach. 

$125 for a four week program with a coach of my qualifications and experience to learn the base skills for an amazing fitness tool that will give you skills to utilize for the rest of your life? 

How much did you spend on booze, snack food, movie rentals, random Amazon ‘good deals’, etc. last month? I would bet it is more than $125. 

So think about this. 

Think about your life and your health and your fitness. I SHOULD be one of the most important things to you. 

Invest in it. Invest in yourself. Help me make the fitness industry better. The only way to do that is to support the QUALIFIED people so that they can earn a decent living doing this. 

It is win win. They earn a living, you have a better life. 

-Coach Taylor 

Just in case you want to learn how to use the kettlebell from an actual qualified coach….


Top 3 Reasons You Should Learn the Kettlebell

The kettlebell. One of the oldest pieces of fitness equipment we know about! Yet until recently, almost completely ignored by the world of fitness.

I believe, very strongly, that it is the singular best piece of training equipment in existence.

I am going to list the three reasons why in a moment but first I want to talk about one thing the is what I consider to be the singular most important thing the kettlebell can bring to your life and to your health and fitness endeavours.

It is a skill. And it is hard to master.

You can’t just grab one, watch a couple quick vids on Instagram and start crushing it.

That is what everyone wants though. Something easy. You don’t have to think. Just start going, get a six pack, lose 10 pounds, get stronger, and achieve all of your health and fitness dreams. That is LITERALLY what the entire fitness industry is predicated on. That is what you are marketed, what you are told, what you are sold.

And now that is the belief.

Oh, that’s too hard? Let’s give you an alternative. You can’t figure out that move? No problem! Here are 147,873,872 other things you can do that won’t give you anxiety trying to learn something.


The truth is that learning the kettlebell takes time, patience, and effort.


That is the top reason I love it so much.

Because you NEED THAT in your life. Learning a new skill, putting in the effort to practice, handling the challenge of not being great at it right away. Not getting frustrated that you can’t do what the insta-stars are doing (who are only showing you the highlight reel FYI, NOT their personal learning curve!!!) and give up.

It is in the act of the effort, of the learning a new skill, of putting in the work that true success comes from.

So the kettlebell is a beautiful tool that gives you an opportunity to truly experience what taking care of your health and fitness is really all about.

I promise, if you put in the work and learn how to kettlebell it will give you SO much more than just better health and fitness.

Ok, ok….Here we go. The three top training benefits of kettlebells and why they are the greatest training tool on earth.

I don’t market too hard to my audience. But if there is something important I will. 
I am launching a Kettlebell Training Academy. 
If you want to learn how to use the kettlebell or you want to advance your training level to master I want to be your coach. 


Use Your Body the Way it Was DESIGNED

Your body is a single unit. It is NOT a collection of separate parts. This is what is completely dismissed in the vast majority of fitness. The idea of segmenting the body into individual pieces, training them separately, and then somehow expecting it to function as the beautiful machine it is, about sums up the stupidity of modern fitness.

I don’t want to get too technical or deep into anatomy and physiology so just trust me when I say everything that has been learned over the last decade is pretty fucking definitive that our body is a single unit and not a Frankenstein-esq collection of pieces. There is this nifty little tissue called facia that surrounds every muscle and organ in your body and is essentially a single sheet connecting it all. It’s why you can get a foot massage and feel it in your neck for example.

Every single kettlebell exercise requires that the entire body coordinates and works together. JUST THE WAY IT WAS DESIGNED TO DO.

When you train like this your body responds accordingly. By getting stronger, adapting faster, and functioning better.

Why is this the case? Because the kettlebell doesn’t just move in straight lines. It can move in straight lines but it also moves in arcs and in different directions and this is what forces the body to turn on everything and work in beautiful synchronicity.

There is no other word for it…it is beautiful



The Kettlebell Does it all

For some reason we weren’t happy dividing the muscle and limbs into separate components, we also wanted to divide the overall body systems as well. Cardio day, strength day, recovery day, stretching day…we ignored, again, how the body is designed.

Like, it’s really so fucked up. How? How did this happen? How could so many smart people look at the body this way, design programs, and then come to believe it was a really good idea?

Your heart and lungs, muscles, tendons, ligaments, and neuromuscular system all function TOGETHER and it is all coordinated by that big, beautiful brain that is letting you read this article with a sense of wonder and joy.

When you use the kettlebell the way it was intended everything is based on movement. And when it is used this way your muscles work, your heart and lungs pump away to get fresh oxygen flowing and clean out the used up energy, the tendons and ligaments keep everything attached and leverage their elasticity the way they were designed, and everything has to be coordinated and controlled, helping develop neuromuscular control.

Working the kettlebell right will increase your strength, your cardiovascular health, your flexibility, and develop your ability to move better with greater resiliency.

Dumbells and machines don’t do this, they can’t do this.

The kettlebell does it naturally and again, it is simply beautiful.



Makes Your Brain Work

Machines turn your brain off. As does most of the rest of the fitness equipment that is popular.

The kettlebell has not set track and is free to move in any direction. To control it you have to learn the right technique, the right patterns, and then constantly be reinforcing those patterns to master and utilize the movements.

It is always just bordering on the edge of control.

And this is where the magic happens.

This is what forces your brain into the moment. To turn on and conduct the beautiful symphony that is human movement.

As the kettlebell travels with momentum and with varied patterns your brain must be coordinating the effort and preparing for what is coming. And there is nothing in fitness truer to how life works.

Life doesn’t work in the same repetitive pattern indefinitely, life doesn’t happen with equal loads, life doesn’t happen in predictable patterns, life doesn’t happen in three sets of ten reps. Life is unpredictable, off balance, free motion. If you aren’t training your body to get better at the things that you do in real life you are missing THE most important part of training!

The kettlebell trains you for life.


And there you have it, the three reasons you NEED to be training with kettlebells.

Yes, I know, weird descriptions today right? But they are all so true! Human movement is beautiful. It is an incredible balance of strength and coordination that we still can’t replicate with machines because it is so complex. We take it for granted. Standing up and walking down a set of stairs to make a coffee before working out in the morning.

But behind the seeming simplicity is a vastly complex system we take for granted.

It is like kettlebell training itself. It looks simple when it is done right but belies the complexity and effort required.

You need to use this training tool.

-Coach Taylor


YES. I have created an all new program, Coach Taylor’s Kettlebell Academy. 

If you want to learn the kettlebell from basics to advanced work I am here to teach you! 

If you have used the kettlebell but want to see just how much it can do, my academy will get you tossing them like a pro! 

Click HERE to learn all about it!!!! 

Eating More Frequently is Dumb


I mean, I would like to say that I hate breaking all the fitness hearts out there, but the simple truth is that this is a myth that needs to die.

It has been espoused by every trainer and fitness ‘pro’ for the last 4 decades. Yes, I admit it, I too once fell pray to preaching this mantra. To everyone, I am sorry.

In all fairness to myself and to the rest of the industry back then, we didn’t know any better. And no one had really done properly designed research into it.

But now there is no excuse. There is no reason to continue to spread this utter nonsense. It is time to get caught up on your research and knowledge of human physiology and recognize that the idea eating more frequently speeds up our metabolic rate is garbage.

Where does the idea come from?

Look, the theory is seemingly sound.

The idea is that when we eat it takes calories to burn up and digest that food, hence, when you eat you burn more calories than if you did not eat.

Fair point.


Note that we need to discuss the concept of RMR (resting metabolic rate). This is the number of calories you burn, or think of it as the energy you expend, to live. Breathing, heart beat, muscle growth, organ function and everything else that happens to keep you alive. And this is significant because it makes up 70-80% of all the energy you expend in a day – IRREGARDLESS – of exercise and activity.

So your valiant efforts to upregulate (just trying to sound fancy here) your metabolic rate have very little effect on your overall calorie expenditure.

Definitely exercise and movement burns energy and has an effect long term. BUT. It isn’t what you think. Research shows that your body has a limit, like a built in governor for your body, that after a certain point it doesn’t let you increase your metabolic expenditure.

Scientific American put out a great article explaining all of this!


So you can get a little extra calorie burn from exercise but this doesn’t SPEED up your metabolism. Your metabolism is still churning along at its rate.

But what about eating, Coach Taylor? You seem to be off on a tangent. I am. Bear with me.

All the fitness people are clamouring to find the comment section right now and I need to stop the exodus to that part of the page!

‘But Coach, when you add a pound of muscle you burn and extra 50 calories a day! So that is a faster metabolism!!” Sorry. But again. A misguided fitness myth that gets passed down trainer to trainer. That number was formulated in lab tests, NOT in an actual real and fully functional organism! Ten extra pounds of muscle (which is an INCREDIBLE amount of muscle to add by the way….) will not immediately mean you are burning an extra 500 calories a day.

Bringing it Back 

To the eating! 

So the idea is that when you eat, you burn calories digesting, therefor, increased metabolism. 

Sure. It is true. When you eat, anywhere from 10-20% of the energy consumed in food gets used up digesting that food. But like exercise, this doesn’t change your RMR (remember, resting metabolic rate AKA your metabolism). It’s just an energy expenditure. 

AND it is going to happen no matter what. If you eat all your calories in one meal or you eat them spaced out over 8 meals, that calorie burn is going to happen the exact same way. There is ZERO net benefit to spacing the meals out. 

Instead what happens is this: 

  1. You end up eating way more calories because you have to eat so many times
  2. OR, you end up eating 6 almonds, and a leaf of lettuce, for a ‘meal’ because you are eating all the time and don’t want to increase your overall calories
  3. You’re constantly focused on food, and food prep, and food packing, and finding time to eat

So, eating more frequently does not make you burn more calories (expend extra energy in a day) than eating only once or twice. This is a myth. 

Long Gaps will SLOW Your Meatbolism….

The only thing I can say here is….no. 

No it won’t. 

And if you don’t know then you don’t know. (if you don’t get the reference, then you don’t know…)

It means you are way behind in keeping current on the current literature. I have written on this extensively as have a lot of people WAY smarter than me. 

All of the research on fasting finds, over, and over, and over again, that fasting windows DOES NOT slow your metabolic rate. Additionally, the data also shows that fasting windows do NOT impair muscle function or development. 

From an evolutionary perspective it would have been very bad for us is long gaps without food negatively impacted our bodies so dramatically because in the course of human history we ate once or twice a day, never 3 meals plus snacks in between. That is a modern marketing campaign designed to sell you more calories (that is another blog post entirely). 


Do not start eating more frequently in the hopes that you will ‘rev up’ your metabolism and therefore lose weight. It doesn’t make sense. If you eat 2000 calories in a day, it doesn’t matter if it is in one meal or 8 meals, the total thermic effect of food will be the same! 

But! You will be more likely to either over eat because of all the extra meals, or to hate eating because to keep your calories in a healthy range you have to eat really low calorie options all the time. 

Additionally, you are going to be so focused on food prep and finding time to eat that it will feel like a part time job. BECAUSE IT WILL BECOME ONE. And MOST people who eat like this actually are fitness pros who, you guessed it, actually DO this as their job. 

What should you do? 

Intermittent fasting. 


I use the term intermittent fasting because it is recognizable and easy to share. But really, it’s just THE WAY WE ARE SUPPOSED TO EAT. 

You should eat once or twice a day. Real food that you cook and prep yourself. From actual ingredients. I have written about all of this extensively!!!!! 

For now, get it out of your head that eating more often will speed up your metabolism. 

It won’t. #sorrynotsorry

-Coach Taylor

3 Myths About Intermittent Fasting

Variety of organic food including vegetables fruit bread dairy and meat. Balanced diet.

Intermittent fasting. The fitness industry jumped all over it quickly when the early research showed subjects losing weight, because you know, that is ALL THAT MATTERS in the world of fitness.

Intermittent fasting (or IF so I don’t have to keep typing that over and over again) was quickly lauded as the new weight loss strategy THAT ACTUALLY WORKS! The split began and soon we had religious adherents to IF and the diametrically opposed group trashing it by espousing the dangers to it.

The fact that IF is not a weight loss protocol but a MAKE YOUR HEALTH BETTER protocol got lost in the fight.

And this is really too bad because the honest truth is that IF is BETTER for your body and health then you probably understand!

I am not talking about weight loss, even though that is a frequent outcome.

No. 16 hour or longer fasts daily, weekly, or even monthly are not just good for you but necessary. Our bodies evolved to handle food scarcity and a plethora of systems in our body ONLY function properly when we have long periods of not eating.

The science is unanimous on this.

Here are two videos to START you into the ACTUAL science!!!!!!

Check out this video on fasting and the brain:

Now you need to learn about AUTOPHAGY – this is a super brief explanation. Search it on youtube and get ready to learn! Oh, did I mention that the discovery of this process earned the researcher a Nobel prize?

Now that we have that cleared up….back to my article….

The ONLY negative research on IF is on weight loss and the only negative that has been found is that for weight loss, it isn’t always more effective than other dietary strategies. But the research on aging, metabolic health, diabetics, cancer patients, AIDS patients, neurological health, cardiovascular health, and many other avenues is pretty fucking definitive. Fasting periods make our health better.

The morally opposed – and let me emphasize the word morally – because there is no actual evidence to support the negative assertions levelled at IF by those trashing the concept. Because there isn’t any. Because it is good for us. Because it is how our bodies work.

Let’s take a quick peak at the three most common arguments against IF.

1) It is not a good Weight Loss Tool

First, it can be. But who cares? Maybe instead of always trying to force the narrative to weight loss we could instead talk about HEALTH GAIN. Some people lose weight, some people don’t. Any diet can allow people to lose weight.

But this misses the point.

IF improves so many aspects of your health that focusing on weight loss is completely the wrong train of thought and demonstrates a lack of understanding the protocol and all the research being done.

Don’t use IF for weight loss. Use IF to improve the health of your body and live longer and healthier.

2) It will slow your metabolism

No. It won’t.

The idea that long periods without food will slow your metabolic rate has been thoroughly debunked. It is a holdover from decades old ideologies and all I can really say is that it is patently untrue.

The ‘gym bros’ of the world will attack this vehemently because it strikes at the core of their beliefs about, well, everything. But it is time for them to do a little actual research, outside of Musclemag and adherent deference to the other gym bro’s at their local fitness centre, and understand that eating every three hours doesn’t increase your metabolic rate, it just makes you eat more calories.

Here is a great article form Scientific American on the real science behind your metabolism…..I recommend finding the cover story they talk about!

3) It will crash your blood sugar

Nope. It doesn’t. In fact all the research is demonstrating that IF protocols improve blood sugar regulation.

No, I am not going to provide you a citation list. I read all the research, I have found nothing in opposition to my above statement. If you disagree, go out, find me that actual research, and send me a link. Prove me wrong.

Can’t? Too lazy to actually look into it? That’s what I thought……

The truth is that it won’t crash your blood sugar. That light headed and hungry feeling people get when they start IF or just for some reason have to go longer than an hour without eating is the result of cognitive conditioning, not physiological issues.

There you go.

The truth is that intermittent fasting is the way your body was designed to consume sustenance.

I mean, I even hate the term intermittent fasting and only use it so people know what the fuck I am talking about.

It shouldn’t be called anything. It just is the way the body is supposed to eat. Once or twice a day. That is how we evolved and that is how we ate right up to the end of the 19th century. Constant eating is a product of fancy marketing by companies to sell us more food. That is the true history.

-Coach Taylor

Beware Pseudo-Online Fitness Coaches

As the world has shut down over the last couple of weeks many industries have already been shaken to their cores. The fitness industry is one of them.

With studios being shut down most fitness people have scrambled to get online in order to keep their client bases during this time. I understand we all need to try and keep ourselves in business but for you, the consumer, there is more to think about.

I have seen some really scary stuff the last couple weeks as online training IS NOT the same as training in person. Exercise selection, programming, instructions, and pretty much everything else needs to be changed in order to deliver a safe and effective fitness program.

What I see instead, is a mass of quick high intensity workouts being haphazardly thrown together with no thought at all. Not just in the workout design but no thought as to who the workout is for and what long term strategy is being employed.

Especially at a time when physiotherapy, massage, and other health services are either closed or overwhelmed, now is NOT the time to hurt yourself.

Instead it is HIT challenges, burpees till you puke and a plethora of other fitness bullshit that should have died out 20 years ago. Literally, every social media platform is filled with workout after workout filled with the same stupid shit in a different combination. It’s scary.

Remember: the BEST fitness won’t leave you sore, hurt, and broken. The BEST fitness will leave you feeling awesome, moving well, and energized.

How can you tell the great from the crap if you are not already in my online platform? (<– see what I did there??)

Here are things that will tell you right away when you should run away. If you see any of these things…DO NOT DO THE PROGRAM OR WORKOUT!

#1 – Burpees

It is time for these things to die. Stop doing them.

For the vast majority of people, no matter how fit you are, the risk of poor form far outweighs any perceived benefit of this exercise. ANY fitness ‘professional’ who knows the slighted bit about what they are doing should be able to effectively build a program to target your whole body and your cardio system WITHOUT using burpees.

Programming a shit ton of burpees is lazy and stupid.

#2 – Dips

Bench dips are everywhere. They are terrible for you!!! PLEASE DON’T DO THEM!!!

On a bench, a chair, a stair or wherever else your insta-trainer is posting their FAT BLASTING sessions, doesn’t matter. This exercise puts your shoulder into a VERY precarious position and then ADDS load to it. It’s truly fucking stupid.

Don’t do these.

#3 – V-sits

The chance that you are maintaining good form on this exercise is around 0.01%. (No, not link to a study on that, just my 20 years of, you know, doing this day in and day out plus a master degree in human movement…).

You are going to put you back into poor position and that is why SO MANY PEOPLE complain about how much their back hurts during this movement.

Then every fitness ‘pro’ hands you a med ball (load) and tells you to tap it to the ground beside you (rotation) or has you pass it back and forth with a friend (again, rotation). When you add rotation to the lumbar spine when it is in a loaded and not properly positioned is a recipe for disaster.

#4 – Bicycles

This is hip flexors. It bends your spine the wrong way. It is the posture we lambaste constantly as we sit too much. There is nothing good about this and no benefit over 100 other exercises.

#5 – Ab Workouts

You should never, ever, ever, never do an abs only workout. Ever.

I know why you do it and why fitness peeps program them. Because deep down you all think that if you ‘blast your abs’ you will get a flat tummy and sculpted six-pack and everything in your life is going to be just so much better.

It won’t work. Flat tummies and six-packs have NOTHING to do with training the recuts abdominus (that is the muscle that makes the six-pack…) and is completely dependent on your level of body fat, which in turn, is completely dependent on your diet.

AGAIN! You spend enough time anteriorly flexed (hunched forward…think sitting…) and ab exercises exasperate this immensely. You need to train your posterior chain (your back) which might not have the same sex appeal but will keep you happier and healthier!

#6 – HIT Workouts

Look, when you’re fit and exercise regularly HIT workouts are awesome. But if you are new to training they are WAY too intense. And for EVERYONE right now, you need to be careful. When rehab services are closed and doctors are over-worked they don’t have time to deal with your strained back or tweeked shoulder. So why take the risk?

Train with an intensity appropriate to you and your level of fitness. This is not a sprint, it is a marathon, and steady work everyday will payoff in the long run!!!

Yes, I will plug me. I have been building an online platform for the last 3 years and have 20 years of experience. I am not the only one. There are good quality options out there.

How can you tell?

If the program or the coach includes any of the above listed items, GO SOMEWHERE ELSE.

Staying active at home with little to no equipment is absolutely possible and when done right it is very effective! When done poorly, well, it is a disaster.

Be safe out there!

-Coach Taylor

25 Daily Activities to Change Your Life

The internet is populated with lists and I am about to add another one!

Lists are popular because people like quick and actionable things that they don’t really have to think too much about. I understand. Sometimes my writing can become a little verbose and if I want to really hammer home a message of great importance I must adapt to the times!

So here is a list.

A list of things. A list of things that you should do everyday. A list of things that you should do everyday that you will think is stupid. A list of things that you should do everyday that you will think is stupid but will make your life better. A list of things that you should do everyday that you will think is stupid but will make your life better, not now but in ten years. A list of things that you should do everyday that you will think is stupid but will make your life better, not now but in ten years, if you actually do them everyday.

Verbosity. It can be problematic for me. I will keep this brief. You won’t have to read too hard. But if you take it seriously you will end up living a better life 10, 20, 30 years from now and beyond.

Trust me.

The List

Let your mind be free

We all spend far too much time staring at phones or computers. Little moments. Waiting in line. Waiting for someone to come out of a store. Sipping tea in the morning.

Long ago you would stand bored watching the world go by. Seeing other people move, laugh, get angry. We noticed birds, clouds, trees, the new bread counters at the grocery store.

Don’t fill every moment.

Just look around. Watch. Have many moments, everyday, where you are just being in where you are.

Daydream a little

My wife sometimes is perplexed by my seeming absentmindedness. I will be sitting at the table staring out the window. She asks what I am looking at, the answer? Nothing. Literally, nothing.

Sometimes I just sit and stare into nothingness. You should to. It’s good for your brain. We should encourage daydreaming, not chastise it.

Be barefoot

As often as possible. Be barefoot. Walking around the house, the backyard, the gym (if your gym is progressive and understands being barefoot is not akin to urinating on the floor), anywhere and everywhere that you can.

Be. Barefoot.

Sit on the floor

There is a correlation between the amount of time people spend on the floor and long term health. The more time you spend on the ground the better.

Read a book, daydream out the window, play with your kids, have a snack, whatever. Just sit on the ground a little everyday.

If you can’t get there comfortable, you had better start working on it.

Tummy Time

One of my team says this all the time. Tummy time. Spend time daily on your stomach. Reading, watching internet videos, staring out the window, or anything else you want to do.

Again, if this isn’t comfortable, you had better start working on it.

Put on your socks standing up

Does this need a description? Socks, shoes, whatever. Do it standing up and not leaning on anything. ALWAYS.

Deep squat

You pet your dog, clean snot off your kids face, pick up something that you have dropped, or any one of a hundred things that pops up during the day on the ground.

Instead of bending over to do it, drop down into a deep squat. The adage move it or lose it is significant here. And again, if you cannot currently comfortably deep squat, you had better get working on it!

Get on the ground

You’re seeing the theme here right?

Cleaning the floor, get down there and do parts by hand. Have a picnic in your kitchen with the kids.

I keep coming back to this because I really think it is THAT important.

Add some stretching while dressing

Young man waking up in bed and stretching his arms at home

Getting dressed can be SO hard, I get it. And now I want you to add more complexity to it. I am SO, SO, sorry!!!

You know that great stretch first thing in the morning? When you reach overhead, arch your back, and make your dog jealous of how good it feels to stretch out?

Do that. Every time you get dressed. And go old school, when you put on your pants, grab a foot behind you and stretch your leg, both sides, no, not at the same time… BONUS, you will be getting in some one leg work!

Pick things up with your feet

You need to be barefoot to let your feet live. You also need to keep the muscles in your feet strong and mobile, just like the rest of your body! You don’t need fancy equipment!

Literally pick up things with your feet. Something you’ve dropped, something that needs to get moved out of the way, whatever. We have buckets of marbles that we pour on the ground and make people pick up and put back in the bucket using only their feet. It is really, really, really good for you.

Stand on one leg whenever you can

Not much to say here. On the phone, in a line-up, washing dishes, anywhere. Stand on one foot. Alternate sides. Who cares if people think you look crazy.

Climb stairs

If it is fewer than 10 floors take the stairs. For the rest of your life. ALWAYS choose the stairs.

I always laugh after getting off a long flight. People are stiff and sore and just want to move around. Get into the terminal and start walking to the exit and what does everyone do? Takes the damn escalator.

REALLY? There are literally stairs RIGHT beside it and weren’t you JUST complaining that you were stiff from not moving for hours? Walk up the damn stairs.

Go up and down stairs differently every time

Now that you’re walking more stairs, make it fun! Forwards is for the mundane!

Go sideways, backwards, take two at a time, take two at a time with one leg but one at a time with the other leg, or maybe try three at a time with one leg and two at a time with the other leg. Or maybe two stairs forward, two left side, two forward, then two right side. The variations are endless.

Again, who cares what anyone thinks? When they can’t get themselves out of bed anymore in the morning and you are walking stairs for fun we will see who looks ridiculous.

Hang from stuff

Life isn’t like the movies. Most people couldn’t hold themselves on a rope, tree branch, or bar of any kind. Sorry, but you aren’t going to be catching your friend falling off the building with one hand and save them by pulling them up to safety.


You hang from things. Whatever you want to hang from is fine as long as it will support your bodyweight. Let’s be safe here ok?

Even if you only hang with one arm to get started while your other hand braces onto something. Although being able to hang on a tree branch with only one arm at a party is going to make you look super badass.

Step over things

Stop going around obstacles. Tackle them. Step over curbs, railings, branches, whatever. Pick up you damn feet and step over them.

Walk on elevated things

You see kids running along the top of a short wall or the curb dividers in a parking lot and we think, oh kids being kids.

Stop being an adult. Adults are really NO fun.

Join them!!!

Walk on narrow things, in every direction. Great for balance and proprioception. And it is just WAY more FUN.

Jump between things

This can become a little higher risk but it is seriously good for your life. Jump fro one curb to another. One tree stump to another. It doesn’t even have to be elevated. Just pick two points and jump from one to another. Daily.

Hop Around

Remember hopscotch? Do kids still play hopscotch? I don’t know but if the don’t they should be. And you should to.

No need to setup a game though. Just hop a few steps here and there. Two feet, one foot, any direction, just, hop. Kids do this all the time.

Are you seeing ANOTHER recurring theme here? Kids know how to keep their bodies healthy naturally. Why do we train this out of them???

Do some spinning

Spinning around is how you train your balance. Not to beat a dead horse but kids do this all the time. You should too.

Before going up your next set of stairs spin around in a full circle. Going from the sink to the fridge? Don’t turn towards the fridge, turn the opposite direction and spin around before heading over. Again, there are a MILLION ways to add some spinning into your life.

This is arguably one of THE most important things on this list.

Walk on uneven surfaces – on purpose

Stop walking on the path. Walk over the grass, across that little mound of mulch, choose to walk across the rocks, walk one foot on the parking lot and one foot on the curb, maybe go back and forth, left leg ground, right leg on curb, then next step put the left leg on the curb and right foot on the ground on the other side.

Now you have also added stepping over things! Get really creative and add a spin to this!

Walk backwards

Shockingly, the human body is able to move through many different movements. Yet we all tend to do two: forward walking and sitting down. Literally, that is the majority of your daily movement.

Really just sit and thing about it for a moment while you are daydreaming sitting in the car waiting for someone. How many other movements do you do in a day besides sitting down and getting up and walking forward?

So walk backwards, even just a few steps, or try sideways or do some crossovers with your feet. Whatever. It doesn’t have to be all day, just a few strides here and there.

Remember, move it, or lose it.

Crawl around – it’s important

Yes, crawl. On your hands and knees, crawl. Bear crawl, which is just crawling while not letting your knees touch the floor.

Add this to your life daily. DAILY. If you cannot do this comfortably, you have some physical training to get at!

Add some holds to your day

Plates, groceries, kids, dogs, logs, shoes, jars, paint cans, chairs, books, whatever is around and has at least a little weight to it. Hold it up overhead. One arm, two arm, on one leg or two, mix it up.

Hold stuff overhead for a minute or two a day. Hug it to your chest and hold it (this better be heavy though). Carry your groceries by your side instead of using the cart back to the car. Hold stuff.


Turkish getups. I love them and you should to. Do these daily for the rest of your life.

If you are being a stubborn bastard and refuse to learn how to TGU then do our old standby, the lay down getup.

What is that you ask? Simple. Stand there. Lay down on the ground on your back and then stand back up. No rules. ANY way you want to get back up. Now lay back down right away on your left side. Then back up, then down on your right side, and up, and them back down on your stomach and back up.

Try to do that for two minutes. It is…more challenging than it seems.

CLICK HERE to learn more about the TGU

Roll around a little

While you’re down there on the ground, just roll over a couple of times. Two times left and then two times right. Or whatever you want, I won’t judge.

Rolling is just spinning but on the ground! And this is VITAL to your long-term health. Seriously. We build all sorts of rolling into all of our training programs. Do it daily and you will be physically healthier for the rest of your life.

And there we go, 25 things you can add to your life daily that will, very truly, make a more significant difference over the next 30 years, than any bootcamp class you take or supplement you can buy.

No, they aren’t flashy, they aren’t sexy, but they work. They WILL keep your body fit, capable, and more resilient to accident and injury. If you do these little things every single day the accumulative impact will be like investing $100 in Apple stock in 1980. Except better because it is your health.

-Coach Taylor

You Don’t NEED Any Equipment

Blasphemy echoes the chorus of insta trainers and newly minted college certified personal fitness gurus.

Of course you do they synchronize in a beautiful harmony, barbells and dumbbells have been and always will be, without the leg press and the preacher curl apparatus you would be lost and alone. They begin to chant rhythmically, ‘progressive overload….progressive overload…progressive overload,” it begins as a whisper, “progressive overload,” gaining volume, ‘progressive overload!” swells to a resounding boom! The group sways side to side with lighters in the air, moving as a group to respect the knowledge that only fancy machines and structured equipment can ensure each workout another kilogram is maximising muscle growth. The final nail in their argument is hammered home by the great idea of the importance of muscle isolation, without which no muscle can ever reach its true potential!

Without equipment you are doomed to never hit a fitness goal. Your body will,, WILL, be doomed to wither away and send you to the great realm of the UNFIT.

It is preposterous to be sure. Somehow the human race managed to stay strong and survive the last 100,000 before the advent of Nautilus and the rise of the Keiser hydraulics.

The group above will quickly step up to highlight that while they didn’t have equipment before technology made everything better, our ancestors DID stuff. Picked up heavy things, moved stuff, travelled, hunted, built things. Now that we don’t do that we need all the fancy machines to replace these efforts and develop us.

To a point, I am in agreement.

Modern life is devoid of physical hardship that would have forced us to remain mobile and strong. However, the idea that complicated equipment and muscle isolation is the right way to work our modern bodies is preposterous. It isn’t better, it isn’t safer, it isn’t useful.

I am not saying there is NO equipment that you can learn and make use of. I am a HUGE advocate for kettlebells, the TRX, indian clubs, the Mace, Bulgarian bags, and the good old jump rope. What I AM attempting to say is that you do not NEED any equipment to be healthy and fit.

The list of equipment I just wrote all require some practice, some space, and of course, access to the items themselves. If you can arrange that, do it! But, to stay healthy and strong it isn’t necessary. Your body is this amazing and beautiful machine that becomes stronger and more resilient based on ONE thing – work.

Your muscles get stronger when they have to do work (engineering and physicist friends, back off! I KNOW I am going to FAR over simplify this concept). What is work? Basically, work means the application of force to move something. You pick up something heavy and move it, work. That is what your muscles know, what your body in general knows.

What your body DOESN’T know is what exactly is causing the work. A deer carcass, a dumbbell, a kettlebell, a baby carrier, a rock, a tree, a friend’s couch, or a great book. In fact, your body doesn’t even know if what it is being forced to do work moving, is itself!

And this is why you can be fit, strong, and healthy, without ANY equipment.

Have you heard of: pushups, pullups, stairs, hills, or the floor? What do all of these things have in common?

You can utilize them for all of your training, using the body itself as the implement to create work. I know, crazy concept.

A list of exercises (yeah, sometimes there is no set name for what I am describing):
-bodyweight squats
-jumping onto things
-walking up stairs
-walking up a hill
-sitting down on the floor and getting back up
-yoga and animal flows

You’re welcome. I just gave you everything you need to do for the rest of your life to keep strong and healthy. Seriously.

But what about progressive overload? Challenging yourself? How do you make it more work to get stronger?

Sprint up a hill instead of walk, jump onto something higher, jump over something, sprint faster, do push-ups on one foot, or with one arm, do pull-ups with one arm instead of two arms, or do pull-ups faster, or do more pull-ups, or do muscle-ups, or walk up stairs faster, or do more stairs, or jump up the stairs, or jump up the stairs three at a time, or do a handstand and do inverted push-ups, or jump squat, or jump lunge, or…….

I could literally just keep going on and on and on ad nauseam. I think you get the point.

Check out episode 94 of my podcast for a more detailed discussion of this!!!!!!!

Your body doesn’t know if the work the arms are doing is resulting from pressing a barbell overhead or from doing a handstand push-up. It doesn’t need to. The muscles respond to the act of doing the work and differently to the impetus creating the need for the work.

Why am I bothering to meander through all of this with you?

Because I want all of you to know, to understand, that anyone can have access to great fitness, at anytime, in any place. There is no reason, no excuse, not to move your body and keep it strong.

You do not need fancy programs or elite equipment or the newest product being hawked on Shark Tank.

This doesn’t mean you CAN’T use equipment (I mean there IS a hierarchy of equipment that is better for you or worse for you, as I already listed earlier in this article). By all means incorporating good equipment and following well crafted programs, like those found at for example, can be fantastic.

I merely want to highlight that you don’t NEED to. Your body only knows work and as long as you force it to do work it will be stronger and more resilient.


-Coach Taylor

What is Health?

I keep hammering on this question and have probably lost half of my audience because of it. I don’t care because the question is simply just too important.

What is health?

See, half the people reading just closed the window. Those who are still with me, however, are embarking on a journey that is going to, literally, change the rest of your life.

The question really should be: what is health, to you?

Culturally, a very fucked up definition of health exists both in scope and definition. The scope of what we perceive health to be is so narrow, so exclusive, and so wrong. Always, ALWAYS, health is equivocated to the appearance of a person’s body. How big we perceive it to be, how lean, how fat, how muscular, how skinny. The fact that this is a completely arbitrary observation and totally subjective to the viewer is irrelevant to everyone.

What a person looks like cannot tell you about their overall health. You getting skinnier does not mean you will be healthier. Just ask those who have suffered from anorexia. Oh, but that is too skinny you say, that isn’t your goal at all. Well, how do you know when you go from skinnier than you are now to too skinny?

Any definition of health is hard to discuss. I have been asking people for weeks to define what health is to them and I have received one response. It is good response and from of my favourite people.

To me, “health is true happiness and feeling your very best.”

I like it. There is truth in. But could this serve as a definition of health? I am not sure because how to define ‘feeling your very best?’ How do you define ‘true happiness?’ And without definable outcomes how can we ever answer the question, what is health?

Yet it is a course that must be pursued because without a greater understanding of what health actually is it will be impossible to ever help people move towards improving the quality of their health.

This is why it IS SO DAMN IMPORTANT that you ask yourself this question and spend time putting together an answer. The definition of what this means to you is what will guide and shape the future.

So let me take a stab at it. Let me share with you how I currently would answer this question. Note my use of the word ‘currently.’ Why that ambiguous little descriptor? Simply, because I believe that this is a subject and a topic that will be continually evolving with new information and the wisdom that only time can teach.

What is health to you, Coach Taylor?

Health is the ability to move well in order to do the things you dream of doing and to fuel yourself in a way to minimize the risks of chronic disease while maximizing the full potential of your body.

To be more concise: Health is the ability to move well, while you eat well.

Even this definition has a wide scope of what could be included. And this is precisely the point I am trying to make.

Health, and better health, doesn’t have a definition. It can only have a definition of what it means to you. This is why the topic so engrosses me.

What you probably think of as health right now is actually a culturally mediated image that has been rammed down your throat the majority of your life in a purposeful effort to keep you just unhappy enough to buy more products and buy into a fictionally created ideal. The supermodel and the rugged masculine athlete are not actual objects of health by all objective means.

I have watched real health for two decades with my clients. And guess what? Hitting a new one rep max or completing a marathon have never led to long term happiness, contentment, or good health for a single one of them. And I have trained thousands of people.

Those achievements improved their health for about as long as the last failed diet attempt. It was fleeting and in the long run left them with new feelings of stress as they compared their everyday abilities to the pinnacle of their abilities in the past.

Health is changing and evolving. It ebbs and flows as we age, as we deal with traumatic life events, or even as our personal goals change.

There are constants when it comes to our health, however, that are just behind everything else that we do in this unending quest to take care of ourselves as best we can.

How well can you move?

Without being able to move well everything becomes harder. Opening doors, shovelling snow, caring for a sick loved one, hiking on vacation, enjoying a day at the cottage, cooking a meal for your family, competing in a sports event, or playing with your grandchildren and all predicated on how well your body can move.

So why isn’t our fitness focus on improving peoples quality of movement?

I can tell you this very definitively: if you improve how well you can move you will improve a host of actual objective measures of the health of your physical body. And it isn’t just squatting, rolling, flexibility, and jumping when we talk about the quality of your movement. How well blood moves through your arteries and veins, how well your digestive system works, and how well your internal organs are able to function are part of your movement. I bet you never considered those aspects before when you thought about movement.

What about food and nutrition Coach Taylor? Aren’t they important to your health?

Absolutely. The quality of the food you eat is directly linked to the health of your body. And guess what? This can be seen in the quality of your movement. Eat a processed diet of pseudo-food that was packaged in a remote factory and has a shelf life of a decade and it will negatively affect your health. Your body’s tissues and function will be impaired.

I am not saying never again eat an Oreo or indulge in a bucket of Haagen-Dazs because if these things bring you pleasure then that is a component of maintaining good health. But ensuring that your body has access to high quality nutrition is vital to your health.

What is high quality nutrition? Yeah, you know. Vegetables. Fruits. Nuts. Seeds. Whole grains. Legumes. You know, stuff that grows in the ground and then you eat it. And when you eat it, it still kinda resembles the thing that grew in the garden. What about meat? For sure adding some animal protein in your diet can be healthy. Ethically raised farm animals, eggs, butter, and some cheese can all be included. Necessary? No. Nutritious? Yes.

That is high quality nutrition in a nutshell. As Michael Pollen succinctly stated: “Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.”

As you ponder this question of what health means to you, try and focus not on some audacious objective in the future. Think instead of your everyday. What would you like to feel like? What would you like to be able to do comfortably? What would you like to eat?

Once you know that you will find making decisions to serve your health becomes completely different.

-Coach Taylor

Sweet Potatoes or Potatoes: Which is Healthier?

This is a seemingly simple question and in reality it has a very simple answer, yet it is still a regular topic of discussion even amongst the more astute individuals who focus on their health and fitness.

I am not sure why this is, I mean, I know WHY it is a question in modern times, I am just not fully sure why this ever became a ‘thing’. What am I talking about?

The question of ‘what is healthier?” It is extraordinarily common in a myriad of forms in countless conversations every single day. Carrots or peas? White bread or whole wheat? Quick oats or steel cut oats? Apples or bananas?

Sweet potatoes or regular potatoes.

Often I am completely stymied by the magnitude of such perplexing questions and become unable to begin fathoming a retort. Not because I am unsure of an answer to the underlying nutritional science required to answer the questions but because I am unsure how these questions are even being asked in a time when most of our food comes delivered, pre-cooked, in nifty little packages.

Everyone has an opinion and is happy to espouse that opinion to you, particularly if you happen to be cooking or ingesting a succulent tuber. When we talk about the Dunning-Kreuger effect I don’t think there could be a better example than these conversations about what are the better options for human health. It can get quite heated with friendships on the line and family events often reduced to nuclear rubble before a dinner is even served.

As the debates rage on becoming more and more heated with the alcohol lowered inhibitions that often precede the jousting the infamous ‘they’ make an appearance. THEY say that sweet potatoes are better for you. THEY say that potatoes are too high in starch. They say this. They say that. Upon request to describe THEY stutters and blank stares ensue.

It is because THEY say it is.

What is the answer Coach Taylor?

What should I eat?

I love potatoes but sweet potatoes are so much healthier for you!

How can I have what I love and still take care of my health? Sweet potatoes are tasty but potatoes….oh….potatoes are just so good.

As readers of my material the answer I provide should really not be surprising. Alas, I know this is still an article that needed to be written.

The answer is that they are both healthy for you. Equally. As are carrots and peas, brown rice and white rice, whole wheat bread and white bread, apples and bananas.

How? How can this be Coach T?

The problem with our western diet is how processed a food it and not so much which food it is we are eating. A baked potato from your garden is far superior nutritionally than deep fried sweet potato fries at your local pub. That delicious sweet potato mash with maple syrup at holiday gatherings is healthy food, while that bag of crispy potato chips is literally taking you one step closer to your death.

These debates between the health benefits of real whole food are insane. Literally, insane. Especially as most of the people having the debates have no problem slamming back the booze as a side to their deep dish stuffed crust pizza. But yeah, don’t eat those potato’s because they are going to be the end of you.

Simple answer: all whole foods are good for you. Vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, whole grains, meat, eggs, and fish. There you go. Stop debating between them.

The real culprit destroying our health is what we manipulate these foods into. Chips, baked goods, deep fried who knows what’s, pastes, jellies, spreads, alphabets, and most of what is probably in your pantry right now. These aren’t food. They are gross manipulations of the things we were designed to ingest. The real debate should be about whether we should be living on processed diets consisting of items that you would be hard pressed to figure out the origins of.

Stop fretting over the minutia of difference between potato’s and sweet potato’s or any other real food that can easily be identified as a vegetable, fruit, plant, or animal. That is not the problem with your diet. Stop telling me carrots aren’t good for you while you scarf back a box of chocolates.

Focus on what is really important: eating a diet of whole food and avoiding the processed revolution as much as you can!

-Coach Taylor

The One Month One Year Rule

I have been contemplating this for a long time, years actually, and the truth of the concept has only grown stronger as it has percolated. You probably won’t like it very much and most of the fitness industry will most likely disagree with the utmost vehemence because the truth I am about to speak will make already challenging sales tactics seem wholly insurmountable.

It is important to applaud anyone who desires to improve the quality of their life through physical movement and healthy nutrition. I don’t want anyone to misunderstand that I am fixated on helping individuals do that every single day. I write, I post, I make videos, I’ve built an online fitness platform, I have run a brick and mortar fitness facility for more than a decade, and I have travelled the world seeking more information, all in the quest to better assist anyone who truly strives for a better lifestyle actually achieve it.

Discovering truths is sometimes more of a shock than it is a revelation. While it may actually be revolutionary it isn’t always desirable. Alas, I cannot control the laws of the universe no matter how hard I endeavour.

Now we must begin the unenviable task of sharing the truth.

Potential Client: “How long will it take?”

Coach Me: “How long will what take?”

Potential Client: “How long will it take to get into shape?”

Coach Me: “Haha, that is difficult to answer! It depends on a lot of things, like what you consider to ‘be in shape’ means, how dedicated to change you are, what you are willing to do, and how long it has been since you last participated in physical exercise and ate a healthy diet!”

Potential Client: “Haha, I haven’t worked out in 30 years!! I eat well during the week but weekends I like to relax a little and enjoy whatever food I like! I don’t know, I want to FEEL better! I want to wake up and not have back pain, not get out of breath walking up a set of stairs, it would be nice to keep up with my kids on the bike this summer, there are some trails they want me to ride with them. And there is a reunion at a cottage this summer, so you know, I wouldn’t mind losing 10 pounds!”

Coach Me: “There are some great goals in there and definitely all of this is possible!”

Potential Client: “But how long is it going to take? Do you run any good 4 week bootcamps?”

Coach Me: “sigh.”

This is only a partially hypothetical conversation. The basis of all of it comes from the thousands of conversations just like this I have had over the last couple of decades. This article is not intended to answer the intricacies of how to achieve the goals but is dedicated to answering the question, ‘how long will it take?’

Everyone wants to know when it will all be over. Firstly, this is a horrifically bad way to start a health and fitness program. This simple implication of this common question is that people are looking for a finite program. They do this for X length of time and then they have achieved their goals and can go back to what they were doing before essentially setting themselves up for long term failure before it has even begun. Secondly, no one wants to hear my answer. Because I have discovered a truth.

I have discovered the rule.

How long will it take to truly change your life with exercises and healthy food in a way that is sustainable and will be more likely to become permanent?

One Month One Year Rule

You might surmise the answer from the tittle. One month per year.

For every year that you have no exercised and given little to no thought what food you put into your body it is going to be a full month of dedicated practice to achieve your goals.

Let’s define dedicated practice. I mean this to be daily movement and exercise, only healthy, unprocessed food, conscious practice to reduce stress, and no ‘breaks’ from this. So a month of dedicated practice is between 28 and 31 days. Not conscientious dedicated Monday to Thursday and then Friday to Sunday indulging in all modern society allows us to imbibe.

For every year you have not taken proper care of your body it is a month of dedicated practice to truly achieve long term health success.

Omg you are thinking. I have exercised in, like, 20 years!

This is why my compatriots will disavow this rule and why most of my ‘potential clients’ head down the road to the cheaper 6 week bootcamp designed to bust tummy fat and change their life!

Because, yes, you are thinking right. If you haven’t exercised or eat well for 20 years, according to my One Month One Year rule it is going to take 20 months of dedicated practice to truly effect lasting positive change.

But Coach Taylor, that’s almost 2 whole years!!!

Yep. It sure is.

You’ve been an asshole to your body for 20 years I don’t think just under two years is unrealistic penance for you to pay. There is so much damage that you have done to your body needing to be sorted out and repaired this is the kind of timeline we are talking about.

We are talking about 20 years of bad habits.

20 years of your joints and tissues being neglected.

20 years of too much stress.

20 years of ignorance.

That DOES NOT get fixed in 6 weeks. As much as the fitness industry loves to promise the quick fix, and the easy painless guaranteed system that will change your life in no time at all, it is all one big fat fucking lie.

Oh sure, in 6 weeks you’ll think you did something useful. Your scale might change, you think your stronger, you feel accomplished, but it is all a charade, a fakery. Nothing has changed.

You’ve lost water, not fat, despite what your new gyms super fancy bioimpedence scale is reporting. You haven’t gotten any stronger, muscle doesn’t develop strength in 6 weeks. Your sense of accomplishment is about to disappear in a celebratory indulgence of cake and a night…or two…celebrating your pathetic 6 weeks with your friends.

But nothing has changed.

You are still the you you were before the six weeks and you will be right back where you were before the six weeks.

Real. Sustainable. Change. Does not happen that quickly. You cannot wipe out 20 years of bad habits in 6 weeks. You cannot truly change your movement, strengthen your tissues, increase your mobility, improve your blood work, change YOUR LIFE in a few short weeks when you have neglected all of it for years and in many cases for decades.

Why do I write this?

I want to let you know the truth. I want you to change your mindset to reality. I want you to approach making positive changes to your life in a way that is far more likely to actually lead to you changing your life.

Short-term thinking is not reality. It is a band-aid solution to a mortal wound. Literally. It is putting a band-aid on a spurting femoral artery puncture. It might seem efficacious but it is not going to work.

Many people are going to go off the fucking deep end at me on this one.

Coach Taylor, my friend did a 6 week bootcamp and it changed their life!
Coach Taylor, you need to be more supportive of people, at least they are trying to make a change!
Coach Taylor, no one can be that dedicated for months, you have to live a little.

The truth is that real and permanent change takes dedication and practice. The longer you have been an asshole to your body the longer it is going to take to change that.

Yes, I get it, there is always an exception to the rule. Your friend of a friend who changed their life with their 6 week bootcamp is an exception. How many hundreds of people have done that bootcamp and NOT changed their life?

I am very supportive of people. I want them to make a change! It doesn’t mean I have to lie to them and give them false hope or unrealistic expectations. In fact I think that is the most disingenuous thing I could ever do. I think all the fucking idiots selling quick fix solutions and promising things are going to be easy are the truly unsupportive assholes.

Anyone can be truly dedicated for months. Live a little? I don’t want people to live a little. I want people to live a lot. For a long time! I want people to move well, sleep well, eat well, enjoy everything life has to offer. As a culture we consider sacrificing a party, alcohol, and trays of pastries as somehow denying our inalienable right to live! Like living is somehow positively correlated to the volume of deep fried overly processed pseudofood we can stuff into our insatiable over indulgent gullets washed down with a few cocktails.

You have a choice.

I don’t care which you take.

Take care of your body or treat it the way mass media says is the best way to live.

I hope you choose the former.

But I need you to recognize that is isn’t a quick fix. It isn’t easy. You will have to make actual changes that will require a conscious decision to be different than the masses. The masses are massive and if you act like them you will be them.

The One Month Per Year Rule is designed to give you hope, realistic hope, that you can achieve anything you want in life if you approach it with a realistic timeline and a reasonable set of expectations. It is the inevitable failure of the quick fix that derails most people from achieving their goals.

Set yourself up with the right expectations and dedicate true commitment to your health and fitness instead of hunting for the quick fix that money can seemingly buy.

I promise that on the other end you won’t regret it.

-Coach Taylor