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25 Daily Activities to Change Your Life

The internet is populated with lists and I am about to add another one!

Lists are popular because people like quick and actionable things that they don’t really have to think too much about. I understand. Sometimes my writing can become a little verbose and if I want to really hammer home a message of great importance I must adapt to the times!

So here is a list.

A list of things. A list of things that you should do everyday. A list of things that you should do everyday that you will think is stupid. A list of things that you should do everyday that you will think is stupid but will make your life better. A list of things that you should do everyday that you will think is stupid but will make your life better, not now but in ten years. A list of things that you should do everyday that you will think is stupid but will make your life better, not now but in ten years, if you actually do them everyday.

Verbosity. It can be problematic for me. I will keep this brief. You won’t have to read too hard. But if you take it seriously you will end up living a better life 10, 20, 30 years from now and beyond.

Trust me.

The List

Let your mind be free

We all spend far too much time staring at phones or computers. Little moments. Waiting in line. Waiting for someone to come out of a store. Sipping tea in the morning.

Long ago you would stand bored watching the world go by. Seeing other people move, laugh, get angry. We noticed birds, clouds, trees, the new bread counters at the grocery store.

Don’t fill every moment.

Just look around. Watch. Have many moments, everyday, where you are just being in where you are.

Daydream a little

My wife sometimes is perplexed by my seeming absentmindedness. I will be sitting at the table staring out the window. She asks what I am looking at, the answer? Nothing. Literally, nothing.

Sometimes I just sit and stare into nothingness. You should to. It’s good for your brain. We should encourage daydreaming, not chastise it.

Be barefoot

As often as possible. Be barefoot. Walking around the house, the backyard, the gym (if your gym is progressive and understands being barefoot is not akin to urinating on the floor), anywhere and everywhere that you can.

Be. Barefoot.

Sit on the floor

There is a correlation between the amount of time people spend on the floor and long term health. The more time you spend on the ground the better.

Read a book, daydream out the window, play with your kids, have a snack, whatever. Just sit on the ground a little everyday.

If you can’t get there comfortable, you had better start working on it.

Tummy Time

One of my team says this all the time. Tummy time. Spend time daily on your stomach. Reading, watching internet videos, staring out the window, or anything else you want to do.

Again, if this isn’t comfortable, you had better start working on it.

Put on your socks standing up

Does this need a description? Socks, shoes, whatever. Do it standing up and not leaning on anything. ALWAYS.

Deep squat

You pet your dog, clean snot off your kids face, pick up something that you have dropped, or any one of a hundred things that pops up during the day on the ground.

Instead of bending over to do it, drop down into a deep squat. The adage move it or lose it is significant here. And again, if you cannot currently comfortably deep squat, you had better get working on it!

Get on the ground

You’re seeing the theme here right?

Cleaning the floor, get down there and do parts by hand. Have a picnic in your kitchen with the kids.

I keep coming back to this because I really think it is THAT important.

Add some stretching while dressing

Young man waking up in bed and stretching his arms at home

Getting dressed can be SO hard, I get it. And now I want you to add more complexity to it. I am SO, SO, sorry!!!

You know that great stretch first thing in the morning? When you reach overhead, arch your back, and make your dog jealous of how good it feels to stretch out?

Do that. Every time you get dressed. And go old school, when you put on your pants, grab a foot behind you and stretch your leg, both sides, no, not at the same time… BONUS, you will be getting in some one leg work!

Pick things up with your feet

You need to be barefoot to let your feet live. You also need to keep the muscles in your feet strong and mobile, just like the rest of your body! You don’t need fancy equipment!

Literally pick up things with your feet. Something you’ve dropped, something that needs to get moved out of the way, whatever. We have buckets of marbles that we pour on the ground and make people pick up and put back in the bucket using only their feet. It is really, really, really good for you.

Stand on one leg whenever you can

Not much to say here. On the phone, in a line-up, washing dishes, anywhere. Stand on one foot. Alternate sides. Who cares if people think you look crazy.

Climb stairs

If it is fewer than 10 floors take the stairs. For the rest of your life. ALWAYS choose the stairs.

I always laugh after getting off a long flight. People are stiff and sore and just want to move around. Get into the terminal and start walking to the exit and what does everyone do? Takes the damn escalator.

REALLY? There are literally stairs RIGHT beside it and weren’t you JUST complaining that you were stiff from not moving for hours? Walk up the damn stairs.

Go up and down stairs differently every time

Now that you’re walking more stairs, make it fun! Forwards is for the mundane!

Go sideways, backwards, take two at a time, take two at a time with one leg but one at a time with the other leg, or maybe try three at a time with one leg and two at a time with the other leg. Or maybe two stairs forward, two left side, two forward, then two right side. The variations are endless.

Again, who cares what anyone thinks? When they can’t get themselves out of bed anymore in the morning and you are walking stairs for fun we will see who looks ridiculous.

Hang from stuff

Life isn’t like the movies. Most people couldn’t hold themselves on a rope, tree branch, or bar of any kind. Sorry, but you aren’t going to be catching your friend falling off the building with one hand and save them by pulling them up to safety.


You hang from things. Whatever you want to hang from is fine as long as it will support your bodyweight. Let’s be safe here ok?

Even if you only hang with one arm to get started while your other hand braces onto something. Although being able to hang on a tree branch with only one arm at a party is going to make you look super badass.

Step over things

Stop going around obstacles. Tackle them. Step over curbs, railings, branches, whatever. Pick up you damn feet and step over them.

Walk on elevated things

You see kids running along the top of a short wall or the curb dividers in a parking lot and we think, oh kids being kids.

Stop being an adult. Adults are really NO fun.

Join them!!!

Walk on narrow things, in every direction. Great for balance and proprioception. And it is just WAY more FUN.

Jump between things

This can become a little higher risk but it is seriously good for your life. Jump fro one curb to another. One tree stump to another. It doesn’t even have to be elevated. Just pick two points and jump from one to another. Daily.

Hop Around

Remember hopscotch? Do kids still play hopscotch? I don’t know but if the don’t they should be. And you should to.

No need to setup a game though. Just hop a few steps here and there. Two feet, one foot, any direction, just, hop. Kids do this all the time.

Are you seeing ANOTHER recurring theme here? Kids know how to keep their bodies healthy naturally. Why do we train this out of them???

Do some spinning

Spinning around is how you train your balance. Not to beat a dead horse but kids do this all the time. You should too.

Before going up your next set of stairs spin around in a full circle. Going from the sink to the fridge? Don’t turn towards the fridge, turn the opposite direction and spin around before heading over. Again, there are a MILLION ways to add some spinning into your life.

This is arguably one of THE most important things on this list.

Walk on uneven surfaces – on purpose

Stop walking on the path. Walk over the grass, across that little mound of mulch, choose to walk across the rocks, walk one foot on the parking lot and one foot on the curb, maybe go back and forth, left leg ground, right leg on curb, then next step put the left leg on the curb and right foot on the ground on the other side.

Now you have also added stepping over things! Get really creative and add a spin to this!

Walk backwards

Shockingly, the human body is able to move through many different movements. Yet we all tend to do two: forward walking and sitting down. Literally, that is the majority of your daily movement.

Really just sit and thing about it for a moment while you are daydreaming sitting in the car waiting for someone. How many other movements do you do in a day besides sitting down and getting up and walking forward?

So walk backwards, even just a few steps, or try sideways or do some crossovers with your feet. Whatever. It doesn’t have to be all day, just a few strides here and there.

Remember, move it, or lose it.

Crawl around – it’s important

Yes, crawl. On your hands and knees, crawl. Bear crawl, which is just crawling while not letting your knees touch the floor.

Add this to your life daily. DAILY. If you cannot do this comfortably, you have some physical training to get at!

Add some holds to your day

Plates, groceries, kids, dogs, logs, shoes, jars, paint cans, chairs, books, whatever is around and has at least a little weight to it. Hold it up overhead. One arm, two arm, on one leg or two, mix it up.

Hold stuff overhead for a minute or two a day. Hug it to your chest and hold it (this better be heavy though). Carry your groceries by your side instead of using the cart back to the car. Hold stuff.


Turkish getups. I love them and you should to. Do these daily for the rest of your life.

If you are being a stubborn bastard and refuse to learn how to TGU then do our old standby, the lay down getup.

What is that you ask? Simple. Stand there. Lay down on the ground on your back and then stand back up. No rules. ANY way you want to get back up. Now lay back down right away on your left side. Then back up, then down on your right side, and up, and them back down on your stomach and back up.

Try to do that for two minutes. It is…more challenging than it seems.

CLICK HERE to learn more about the TGU

Roll around a little

While you’re down there on the ground, just roll over a couple of times. Two times left and then two times right. Or whatever you want, I won’t judge.

Rolling is just spinning but on the ground! And this is VITAL to your long-term health. Seriously. We build all sorts of rolling into all of our training programs. Do it daily and you will be physically healthier for the rest of your life.

And there we go, 25 things you can add to your life daily that will, very truly, make a more significant difference over the next 30 years, than any bootcamp class you take or supplement you can buy.

No, they aren’t flashy, they aren’t sexy, but they work. They WILL keep your body fit, capable, and more resilient to accident and injury. If you do these little things every single day the accumulative impact will be like investing $100 in Apple stock in 1980. Except better because it is your health.

-Coach Taylor

You Don’t NEED Any Equipment

Blasphemy echoes the chorus of insta trainers and newly minted college certified personal fitness gurus.

Of course you do they synchronize in a beautiful harmony, barbells and dumbbells have been and always will be, without the leg press and the preacher curl apparatus you would be lost and alone. They begin to chant rhythmically, ‘progressive overload….progressive overload…progressive overload,” it begins as a whisper, “progressive overload,” gaining volume, ‘progressive overload!” swells to a resounding boom! The group sways side to side with lighters in the air, moving as a group to respect the knowledge that only fancy machines and structured equipment can ensure each workout another kilogram is maximising muscle growth. The final nail in their argument is hammered home by the great idea of the importance of muscle isolation, without which no muscle can ever reach its true potential!

Without equipment you are doomed to never hit a fitness goal. Your body will,, WILL, be doomed to wither away and send you to the great realm of the UNFIT.

It is preposterous to be sure. Somehow the human race managed to stay strong and survive the last 100,000 before the advent of Nautilus and the rise of the Keiser hydraulics.

The group above will quickly step up to highlight that while they didn’t have equipment before technology made everything better, our ancestors DID stuff. Picked up heavy things, moved stuff, travelled, hunted, built things. Now that we don’t do that we need all the fancy machines to replace these efforts and develop us.

To a point, I am in agreement.

Modern life is devoid of physical hardship that would have forced us to remain mobile and strong. However, the idea that complicated equipment and muscle isolation is the right way to work our modern bodies is preposterous. It isn’t better, it isn’t safer, it isn’t useful.

I am not saying there is NO equipment that you can learn and make use of. I am a HUGE advocate for kettlebells, the TRX, indian clubs, the Mace, Bulgarian bags, and the good old jump rope. What I AM attempting to say is that you do not NEED any equipment to be healthy and fit.

The list of equipment I just wrote all require some practice, some space, and of course, access to the items themselves. If you can arrange that, do it! But, to stay healthy and strong it isn’t necessary. Your body is this amazing and beautiful machine that becomes stronger and more resilient based on ONE thing – work.

Your muscles get stronger when they have to do work (engineering and physicist friends, back off! I KNOW I am going to FAR over simplify this concept). What is work? Basically, work means the application of force to move something. You pick up something heavy and move it, work. That is what your muscles know, what your body in general knows.

What your body DOESN’T know is what exactly is causing the work. A deer carcass, a dumbbell, a kettlebell, a baby carrier, a rock, a tree, a friend’s couch, or a great book. In fact, your body doesn’t even know if what it is being forced to do work moving, is itself!

And this is why you can be fit, strong, and healthy, without ANY equipment.

Have you heard of: pushups, pullups, stairs, hills, or the floor? What do all of these things have in common?

You can utilize them for all of your training, using the body itself as the implement to create work. I know, crazy concept.

A list of exercises (yeah, sometimes there is no set name for what I am describing):
-bodyweight squats
-jumping onto things
-walking up stairs
-walking up a hill
-sitting down on the floor and getting back up
-yoga and animal flows

You’re welcome. I just gave you everything you need to do for the rest of your life to keep strong and healthy. Seriously.

But what about progressive overload? Challenging yourself? How do you make it more work to get stronger?

Sprint up a hill instead of walk, jump onto something higher, jump over something, sprint faster, do push-ups on one foot, or with one arm, do pull-ups with one arm instead of two arms, or do pull-ups faster, or do more pull-ups, or do muscle-ups, or walk up stairs faster, or do more stairs, or jump up the stairs, or jump up the stairs three at a time, or do a handstand and do inverted push-ups, or jump squat, or jump lunge, or…….

I could literally just keep going on and on and on ad nauseam. I think you get the point.

Check out episode 94 of my podcast for a more detailed discussion of this!!!!!!!

Your body doesn’t know if the work the arms are doing is resulting from pressing a barbell overhead or from doing a handstand push-up. It doesn’t need to. The muscles respond to the act of doing the work and differently to the impetus creating the need for the work.

Why am I bothering to meander through all of this with you?

Because I want all of you to know, to understand, that anyone can have access to great fitness, at anytime, in any place. There is no reason, no excuse, not to move your body and keep it strong.

You do not need fancy programs or elite equipment or the newest product being hawked on Shark Tank.

This doesn’t mean you CAN’T use equipment (I mean there IS a hierarchy of equipment that is better for you or worse for you, as I already listed earlier in this article). By all means incorporating good equipment and following well crafted programs, like those found at for example, can be fantastic.

I merely want to highlight that you don’t NEED to. Your body only knows work and as long as you force it to do work it will be stronger and more resilient.


-Coach Taylor

The One Month One Year Rule

I have been contemplating this for a long time, years actually, and the truth of the concept has only grown stronger as it has percolated. You probably won’t like it very much and most of the fitness industry will most likely disagree with the utmost vehemence because the truth I am about to speak will make already challenging sales tactics seem wholly insurmountable.

It is important to applaud anyone who desires to improve the quality of their life through physical movement and healthy nutrition. I don’t want anyone to misunderstand that I am fixated on helping individuals do that every single day. I write, I post, I make videos, I’ve built an online fitness platform, I have run a brick and mortar fitness facility for more than a decade, and I have travelled the world seeking more information, all in the quest to better assist anyone who truly strives for a better lifestyle actually achieve it.

Discovering truths is sometimes more of a shock than it is a revelation. While it may actually be revolutionary it isn’t always desirable. Alas, I cannot control the laws of the universe no matter how hard I endeavour.

Now we must begin the unenviable task of sharing the truth.

Potential Client: “How long will it take?”

Coach Me: “How long will what take?”

Potential Client: “How long will it take to get into shape?”

Coach Me: “Haha, that is difficult to answer! It depends on a lot of things, like what you consider to ‘be in shape’ means, how dedicated to change you are, what you are willing to do, and how long it has been since you last participated in physical exercise and ate a healthy diet!”

Potential Client: “Haha, I haven’t worked out in 30 years!! I eat well during the week but weekends I like to relax a little and enjoy whatever food I like! I don’t know, I want to FEEL better! I want to wake up and not have back pain, not get out of breath walking up a set of stairs, it would be nice to keep up with my kids on the bike this summer, there are some trails they want me to ride with them. And there is a reunion at a cottage this summer, so you know, I wouldn’t mind losing 10 pounds!”

Coach Me: “There are some great goals in there and definitely all of this is possible!”

Potential Client: “But how long is it going to take? Do you run any good 4 week bootcamps?”

Coach Me: “sigh.”

This is only a partially hypothetical conversation. The basis of all of it comes from the thousands of conversations just like this I have had over the last couple of decades. This article is not intended to answer the intricacies of how to achieve the goals but is dedicated to answering the question, ‘how long will it take?’

Everyone wants to know when it will all be over. Firstly, this is a horrifically bad way to start a health and fitness program. This simple implication of this common question is that people are looking for a finite program. They do this for X length of time and then they have achieved their goals and can go back to what they were doing before essentially setting themselves up for long term failure before it has even begun. Secondly, no one wants to hear my answer. Because I have discovered a truth.

I have discovered the rule.

How long will it take to truly change your life with exercises and healthy food in a way that is sustainable and will be more likely to become permanent?

One Month One Year Rule

You might surmise the answer from the tittle. One month per year.

For every year that you have no exercised and given little to no thought what food you put into your body it is going to be a full month of dedicated practice to achieve your goals.

Let’s define dedicated practice. I mean this to be daily movement and exercise, only healthy, unprocessed food, conscious practice to reduce stress, and no ‘breaks’ from this. So a month of dedicated practice is between 28 and 31 days. Not conscientious dedicated Monday to Thursday and then Friday to Sunday indulging in all modern society allows us to imbibe.

For every year you have not taken proper care of your body it is a month of dedicated practice to truly achieve long term health success.

Omg you are thinking. I have exercised in, like, 20 years!

This is why my compatriots will disavow this rule and why most of my ‘potential clients’ head down the road to the cheaper 6 week bootcamp designed to bust tummy fat and change their life!

Because, yes, you are thinking right. If you haven’t exercised or eat well for 20 years, according to my One Month One Year rule it is going to take 20 months of dedicated practice to truly effect lasting positive change.

But Coach Taylor, that’s almost 2 whole years!!!

Yep. It sure is.

You’ve been an asshole to your body for 20 years I don’t think just under two years is unrealistic penance for you to pay. There is so much damage that you have done to your body needing to be sorted out and repaired this is the kind of timeline we are talking about.

We are talking about 20 years of bad habits.

20 years of your joints and tissues being neglected.

20 years of too much stress.

20 years of ignorance.

That DOES NOT get fixed in 6 weeks. As much as the fitness industry loves to promise the quick fix, and the easy painless guaranteed system that will change your life in no time at all, it is all one big fat fucking lie.

Oh sure, in 6 weeks you’ll think you did something useful. Your scale might change, you think your stronger, you feel accomplished, but it is all a charade, a fakery. Nothing has changed.

You’ve lost water, not fat, despite what your new gyms super fancy bioimpedence scale is reporting. You haven’t gotten any stronger, muscle doesn’t develop strength in 6 weeks. Your sense of accomplishment is about to disappear in a celebratory indulgence of cake and a night…or two…celebrating your pathetic 6 weeks with your friends.

But nothing has changed.

You are still the you you were before the six weeks and you will be right back where you were before the six weeks.

Real. Sustainable. Change. Does not happen that quickly. You cannot wipe out 20 years of bad habits in 6 weeks. You cannot truly change your movement, strengthen your tissues, increase your mobility, improve your blood work, change YOUR LIFE in a few short weeks when you have neglected all of it for years and in many cases for decades.

Why do I write this?

I want to let you know the truth. I want you to change your mindset to reality. I want you to approach making positive changes to your life in a way that is far more likely to actually lead to you changing your life.

Short-term thinking is not reality. It is a band-aid solution to a mortal wound. Literally. It is putting a band-aid on a spurting femoral artery puncture. It might seem efficacious but it is not going to work.

Many people are going to go off the fucking deep end at me on this one.

Coach Taylor, my friend did a 6 week bootcamp and it changed their life!
Coach Taylor, you need to be more supportive of people, at least they are trying to make a change!
Coach Taylor, no one can be that dedicated for months, you have to live a little.

The truth is that real and permanent change takes dedication and practice. The longer you have been an asshole to your body the longer it is going to take to change that.

Yes, I get it, there is always an exception to the rule. Your friend of a friend who changed their life with their 6 week bootcamp is an exception. How many hundreds of people have done that bootcamp and NOT changed their life?

I am very supportive of people. I want them to make a change! It doesn’t mean I have to lie to them and give them false hope or unrealistic expectations. In fact I think that is the most disingenuous thing I could ever do. I think all the fucking idiots selling quick fix solutions and promising things are going to be easy are the truly unsupportive assholes.

Anyone can be truly dedicated for months. Live a little? I don’t want people to live a little. I want people to live a lot. For a long time! I want people to move well, sleep well, eat well, enjoy everything life has to offer. As a culture we consider sacrificing a party, alcohol, and trays of pastries as somehow denying our inalienable right to live! Like living is somehow positively correlated to the volume of deep fried overly processed pseudofood we can stuff into our insatiable over indulgent gullets washed down with a few cocktails.

You have a choice.

I don’t care which you take.

Take care of your body or treat it the way mass media says is the best way to live.

I hope you choose the former.

But I need you to recognize that is isn’t a quick fix. It isn’t easy. You will have to make actual changes that will require a conscious decision to be different than the masses. The masses are massive and if you act like them you will be them.

The One Month Per Year Rule is designed to give you hope, realistic hope, that you can achieve anything you want in life if you approach it with a realistic timeline and a reasonable set of expectations. It is the inevitable failure of the quick fix that derails most people from achieving their goals.

Set yourself up with the right expectations and dedicate true commitment to your health and fitness instead of hunting for the quick fix that money can seemingly buy.

I promise that on the other end you won’t regret it.

-Coach Taylor

2019 Book List

Reading is important, because if you can read, you can learn anything about everything and everything about anything. —Tomie dePaola


A person who won’t read has no advantage over one who can’t read. —Mark Twain


As promised, here is the list of books I read for 2019. Most were good, some were TERRIBLE, and a few were quite dense!! Happy to answer questions about any!

Goal for 2020 is 100 books!



Jan 2: Factoring Humanity, Robert Sawyer
-Science fiction novel

Feb 1: You can’t hurt me, David Goggins
-Want to know what being truly tough and resilient is like?
Want to find out what you are capable of?

Feb 12: Consider the Fork, Bee Wilson
-An interesting look at the history of eating

Feb 13: The Grand Design, Stephan Hawking
-Brilliant human, deep thinking book!

Feb 19:  Walkaway, Cory Doctorow
-Science fiction novel

Feb 24: The future of humanity, Michio Kaku
-Very interesting read about where we might be going

Feb 27: Moral Tribes, Joshua Greene 
-Where does our morality come from?

March 3: Essentialism, Greg McKeown
II would recommend this for anyone who recognizes that our modern lives are far too complicated!

March 9: Play, Stuart Brown
This was hugely impactful on me and will be shaping a lot of my future coaching

March 18: The Laws of Human Nature, Robert Greene(not good)
-I thought this book was garbage, overreaching, crap.

March 18: An Edible History of Humanity, Tom Standage
-History from the perspective of food and resources

March 21: Binti, Nnedi Okorafor 
-Science fiction novel

March 26: The Omnivores Dilemma, Michael Pollin 

March 29: Ferment For Good, Sharon Flynn
Great for anyone who wants to get into fermenting

March 29: The Hidden Life of Trees, Peter Wohlleben
-Honestly…this book will blow your mind. What you think you know about trees and forests is not even close!!!!

April 3: Final Days, Gary Gibson
-Science Fiction novel

April 4: Walden, or Life in the Woods, Henry David Thoreau
 – A literary classic and blew my mind. The things we think are the downfall of society today haven’t changed since Thoreaus time. 

April 8: America: The Farewell Tour, Chris Hedged
Interesting read on the state of America

April 13: Just Babies: The Origins of Good And Evil, Paul Bloom 
-It was OK. Simplified and not a unique thought in the entire thing. But if you are unfamiliar with basic human psychology this is a decent place to start

April 15: Ghost Walker, R.D. Lawrence
Interesting read from a true naturalist

April 19: I Contain Multitudes, Ed Yong
Your body is not your own. This is an awesome look at how important your microbiome is, and WHAT your microbiome is!

April 28: Trust Me, I’m Lying, Ryan Holiday
-Read this. You will never read the news or the internet the same way ever again!

May 1: Beyond Religion: Ethics for the Whole World, The Dali Lama
-Interesting, somewhat meandering

May 6: Meat Eater, Steven Rinella
-Smart guy and the most ethical hunter out there. More an autobiography than anything else

May 18: The Primacy of Movement, Maxine Sheets-Johnstone
-This. Is. Dense. It is a textbook of movement and philosophy and required a lot of vocabulary expansion. It will stay with me for a long time.

May 19: Salt, Sugar, Fat: How The Food Giants Hooked Us, Michael Moss
-You have to read this book. You won’t look at processed food the same way again.

May 20: The Genius if Birds, Jennifer Ackerman
-Birds are way more amazing than you think they are

May 22: Leisure: The Basis of Culture, Josef Pieper 
-Very interesting philosophy of what leisure actually is and what it has been bastardized into

May 25: What Makes Olga Run, Bruce Grierson
-Competing at almost 100 years old, a very nice book on the science and psychology of why you should stay fit

May 27: Digital Minimalism, Cal Newport 
-Declutter your digital life, the how to guide.

May 30: Bullies, How The Lefts Culture of Fear and Intimidation Silences Americans, Ben Shapiro 
-Not a single legitimate idea or factually relevant idea in the entire book. But hey, important to understand all perspectives

June 6: Mans Search for Meaning, Viktor Frankl 
-While based in the holocaust it is not about that. This classic is about how you can overcome anything.

June 7: Range, David Epstein 
-Specialization isn’t always the best idea

June 14: From Here to Eternity, Caitlyn Doughty 
-Or western ideas about death and the body after death are, a little weird. Caitlyn is really fantastic at looking at death and death rituals around the world in an entertaining and very informative way.
-Def recommend!

June 22: The Way We Eat Now, Bee Larson
-This is a MUST read!!!!!

June 22: The Outsider, Stephen King (Worst King book EVER)
-I used to love Stephen King. I no longer do. Terrible.

June 29: The Woman Next Door, Sue Watson (Terrible terrible book) 
-I will no longer trust online reviews for ‘awesome psychological thrillers with a twist’. This book was worse than the Stephan King book.

August 1: The Third Plate, Dan Barber
-brilliant man, amazing chef, changing the world. If you’re not really into cooking and the intricacies of our food systems you probably won’t like this. I loved it! And I got to meet Chef Barber at his restaurant !!!!!

August 12: Blue Remembered Earth, Alastair Reynolds 
-Science fiction novel

August 23: There there, Tommy Orange 
-A very interesting read recommended by a dear friend.

Sept 7: The Second Mountain, David Brooks
-I don’t know why this is so highly recommended. It is pure puritanical, biased, bullshit.

September 14: The Collapsing Empire, John Scalzi
-Science fiction novel

September 23: A Man Called Ove, Frederick Backman
(Easily one of the best reads of my life)
-One of the top of the year and top 5 books of my life

September 23: The Wisdom of Wolves, Jim And Jamie Dutcher 
-Very good book on Wolves and what they can teach us

September 25: Indistractable, Nir Ayal
-Not bad. Again, nothing original or ground breaking.

Oct 9: The Obstacle is the Way, Ryan Holiday 
-I love this author. A great introduction to ancient philosophy.

Oct 10: A Gentleman in Moscow, Amor Towles
-An interesting novel

Oct 24: Talking to Strangers, Malcolm Gladwell
-Great author and interesting book. Not an uplifting book but a necessary conversation to be had

Oct 25: Make Your Bed: Little Things That Change the World, William McRaven
-Watch his famous commencement speech, skip this book

Oct 31: One, None, and A Hundred Thousand, Luigi Pirandello
-An old novel but if you can dig this type of stuff it is mind blowing

November 3rd: Ten Drugs, Thomas Hagar
-A VERY good read about the history of drugs in the world with no agenda

November 5th: The Peter Principle, Lawrence  J. Peter
-Work in an office or for a large organization? Read this.

November 7th: The Lives of Bees, Thomas Seeley 
-More of an actual academic thesis than an interesting read about bees. Don’t recommend.

November 9th: The Soil and Health, Sir Albert Howard
-This book is very important. Maybe a little dry for most. This is the father of the organic movement.

November 20: Last and First Men, William Olaf Stapleton 
-Science fiction novel

November 20: The Sports Gene, David Epstein
-Just how much do your genetics play a role in what you are capable of?

November 27: The Conquest of Happiness, Bertrain Russel
-Early 20th century psychologist. Interesting…have to forgive some of the stereotypes!

November 27: Ego is the Enemy, Ryan Holiday
-Yes. Good. Yes.

December 8: Guitar Zero, Gary Marcus 
-Can anyone learn to play music? At any age? Yes.

Dec 10: This is Your Brain On Music, Daniel Levitin 
-If you want the detailed neuroscience of music and the brain then this is your read!

Dec 15: Underland, Robert Macfarlane 
-A very poetic author and a very interesting read

Dec 19: The Supernova Era, Cixin Liu 
-excellent science fiction novel from a Chinese authoer

Dec 20: American Buffalo, Stephen Rinella 
-the history of the Buffalo, very interesting. This is from a hunter and yes they do hunt a buffalo

Dec 21: The Death of Grass, John Christopher 
-Science fiction novel

Dec 29: You Look Like a Thing and I Love You, Janelle Shane
-You probably don’t really know what all this AI is people are talking about. This is the truth in it.

Dec 31: Drive Your Plow Over the Bones of  The Dead, Olga Tokarczuk 
-Excellent novel


It is not true that we have only one life to live; if we can read, we can live as many more lives and as many kinds of lives as we wish. —S.I. Hayakawa

Outside of a dog, a book is a man’s best friend. Inside of a dog, it’s too dark to read. —Groucho Marx

My Year Without Alcohol

Yeah, it’s a tongue in cheek tittle because that is what is expected. That is what everyone wants to know, to focus on, how could you go a whole year without drinking?

Forget the fact that I have completely overhauled the entirety of my life, lol, just focus on the fact that I didn’t drink a drop of alcohol for an entire year.

If you have followed my posts and podcasts over the last year you are well aware I have been on a journey, a physical, sometimes spiritual, and always interesting journey of discovery.

The premise was simple: what would happen if I were to follow every single piece of health advice that I purport as efficacious for ultimate health? Would it make that big of a difference to my life? How much of a difference? Physical? Spiritual? Mental? Or would it make no difference at all? Is the constant bombardment of ‘you should be doing this for your ultimate health’ messaging merely rhetoric?

How do I succinctly summarize an entire year, a true odyssey into human health, into a piece of writing that anyone will actually read? The answer is: I cannot.

This is going to be long. I wasn’t going to write it as I don’t think the people who truly need to hear what I have to say are actually going to listen, to absorb, to contemplate, to consider the truth’s about their health via my journey.

So this won’t be succinct. Reading it is going to be an odyssey for some! If you are serious about changing your life, about living as long as possible with good health, movement, enjoyment, pleasure, happiness, and everything else that makes for a human life well lived, then this is what you need to read. This is the message you need to hear. These are the actions you need to contemplate. Contained below is a roadmap to everything you need to do to live. Because living should be beautiful, exciting, enjoyable.

Read my post about the Odyssey from before I started! 
It’s not quite as long as this post, lol!

Why Embark on This Odyssey

2019 marked my age at 39 and early in 2020 I will enter my 40’s, while this is still not quite at the geriatric threshold it is most definitely a significant milestone in our lives, with the intent of improving my health as I move into the next decade.

Seven years ago my mom died suddenly in her sleep and receiving the phone call the next morning with the news fundamentally changed life, changed me, altered me. I would love to say it was unexpected but I had warned my family for years that obesity and too much alcohol was putting an end stamp on her life. I hate being right sometimes. At 56 years old she was gone.

After that my passion for many things eroded away especially health and fitness. Here I was, a professional coach who couldn’t even save his own mother. Couldn’t even affect her health enough to save her life. I watched, I warned, I predicted her death with more accuracy than I wish I could. I knew. I tried. I did what I could. It wasn’t enough.

The years that followed I worked out sporadically. I ate too much. Not health food either. Pre-bough fish sticks and fries are not health food, no, even though it’s seafood it isn’t healthy. We fell into drinking wine with nightly meals, or a beer or two. I discovered tequila is actually a hard liquor that I enjoyed sipping. I smoked weed most nights of the week then enjoyed the munchies with cinnamon buns, chocolate, pop, bags of chips, maybe some Oreos, or a tub of ice cream. Five nights a week by 2018. I stopped really caring, lost interest in fitness in general and most other hobbies I enjoyed.

One day I called my wife in an emergency and had her leave work to take me to the ER. I thought I was having a heart attack. Literally. Turns out it was an anxiety attack. Nothing brought it on but chronic use of marijuana can do this to, especially couple with all the other unhealthy habits, which also came with high blood pressure, foggy cognition, lack of ability to focus, lethargy, paranoia, and a few other health effects I won’t discuss here.

I couldn’t wear size 40 pants any longer, I had maybe 4 shirts I could still fit into, didn’t really need jackets in the Canadian winter as I had my own insulation, and felt…heavy. And I snored. Loud. Some nights my wife would make me sleep in the basement so she could at least get some sleep because even with her need to wear earplugs nightly apparently the vibration reverberated through the mattress.

That’s where I was.

The Odyssey

In October/November of 2018, while travelling through Namibia, I suddenly had a thought: what would happen if for one year I took every single bit of advice I dished out as a health coach? Would it make that big of a difference? How big?

I debated over it for weeks. Could I do it? Did I really want to do it? What all would it entail. I mulled, contemplated, searched, wrote, and eventually decided to go ahead with it.

Almost everyone I shared it with thought I was crazy. Always for the same reasons. I was taking all the fun things out of life, all of the things that made life worth living, and for a whole year, why would anyone do this? How could anyone do this?

The more I received this feedback the more steadfast became my course. It reinforced for me just how insidiously cultural norms had been established that were truly destroying our health. Abstention from many things seems an impossibility to most people and I have discussed many times over the past year just how scary this is. There is a lot of money in keeping us sick and we can’t break free. No, there isn’t a cure for cancer being held captive my Merck, but there is a very real knowledge that the food we are sold is terrible for us and there is a complete lack of preventative health care, which could save millions of lives. This is real.

I will not digress into a tirade on the sociocultural structures and influences currently destroying our bodies.

Onward. I was in. I made the decision. The Odyssey would happen. The 2019 Health Odyssey. My family will tell you I am like a freight train. When I have made up my mind, when I have committed to a path, I will not be dissuaded. Those close to me may call it stubborn and extremely annoying but I think it is one of my superpowers. They can disagree all they want, I will not be dissuaded on this topic.

One year. All the advice I doll out I would enact. January 1st it would begin.

What all did this journey entail?

This is where I really, REALLY, want you to pay attention for a moment because this is THE SINGULAR most frustrating thing I have had to deal with over the past year and even now, December 31st, it hasn’t changed.

MOST of the advice I give out, that majority of my coaching, is focused on adding healthy things, be it exercise, food, or psychological aspects of health. Noone really notices that.

What everyone does pay heed to are the restrictions. The things that must be CUT out of life. This invariably leads to fear, frustration, avoidance, panic, and instant acquittal of the possibility of an attempt at embarking on similar life changes for health.

99% of the questions I fielded were always about the restrictions. This would always be followed by an explanation of why they could not do the same thing. To be fair a good portion of people are just stubborn fucks and were honest, they just aren’t WILLING to make any kind of sacrifice for their health. They want to stuff their pudgy cheeks with chocolate while incessantly bitching that they just have such a hard time losing weight. What can I even say to that?

Not once. Let me repeat: NOT ONCE during this entire year was I ever engaged in a discussion about the health aspects that were ADDED into my life during the Odyssey even though they outnumbered the restrictions tenfold. No one gave a fuck. No one could get past the restrictions.

This is the reason why so much of my attitude has changed. Sorry Karen, but those who aren’t willing to commit to change I actually no longer care about. This journey has shown me a hard truth: there is nothing I can do to make the health of our population better. I can have an influence over a select few who are willing to put in some effort and make some sacrifices but my dreams of truly changing our culture at large are gone.

The true power of this Odyssey was adding healthy activities and foods into my life, which is why there were far more additions than restrictions for this journey. I don’t know how to get this message actually absorbed through the thick heads of…everyone…but if I ever figure that out maybe I can change the world!

Fine, fine, fine! The details already!

The Details

As I am inclined to do, the band-aid needs to get ripped off quickly. What did I give up for an entire year.

  • Alcohol
  • Marijuana (and recreational drugs, of which there are none I partake in)
  • Processed Food

That’s it! Only three things were excluded!! Alcohol and drugs are easily understood. What about processed food?

For me that meant no potato chips, chocolate, pop, cookies, ice cream, cinnamon buns, and other salty snacks. Now let’s be a little bit clear. Actually this just meant no pre-made processed versions of these foods (also including cakes, cupcakes, pastries, breads etc, things I just really don’t care much about anyway), they could still be had if I wanted them. The catch? I would have had to make them from scratch with real ingredients. Which at times I did, however, as the journey progressed I desired these things less and less so by month four I didn’t bother with any of it.

Now what did I ADD to my life?

  • Minimum 15 minutes a day of physical activity
  • Use of all the following equipment: hackey sack, mace, indian clubs, evolution flows, breath work
  • Weekly inversion training
  • Daily Cold exposure
  • Prepare all of my food from scratch (nothing processed)
  • Intermittent fasting (I eat dinner and a small meal a couple hours later)
  • Fermented Foods Daily
  • Seafood 3x a week
  • All proteins ethically and organically raised from local farmers
  • One new food or recipe weekly
  • Journal weekly
  • Read at least 20 books
  • Podcast weekly
  • Learn one new advanced skill
  • Meditate daily

That’s it! That’s the entire Odyssey. Do all of the above for one year.

Let’s break it down point by point.

The Restrictions

No Alcohol for a Year

I would have a glass, or two, of wine nightly with meals the last couple of years. Then started learning to sip tequila because EVERYONE on TV and in every movie is always sipping ‘a drink’. Maybe a beer or two once I realized I liked Guiness and what’s taco night without a Corona?

The result.

I do not miss it. Any of it. At all. In anyway. Seriously.

In fact, I don’t intend on ever drinking alcohol again. Why? My life today is far better than it ever has been, alcohol free. I have eaten at one of the best restaurants in the world and had an incredible experience, alcohol free.

I enjoy other beverages more than alcohol, such as kombucha, and these beverages actually provide a health benefit. If I am going to ingest calories why would I not ingest calories that actually provide some health benefit that I enjoy more?

The longer I go without alcohol the more I realize how much I don’t want to partake. The scarier it becomes to me. Our societal addiction to ingesting a poison it actually horrifically frightening. The more removed I am from social alcohol culture the more turned off I have become from ever wanting to drink booze ever again. This is a sentiment that I have discovered is shared by many others who have made the decision to abstain.

The calories I have not ingested, the better sleep I have had, the days I haven’t lost to feeling ill from purposefully ingesting a poison all lead me to have no desire to drink alcohol.

Note that I have no desire and that it is not something I am forcing onto myself. I don’t WANT to. That is something in the Odyssey that is truly powerful; it actually changes you.

You keep seeing me use the word poison. Remember that. Because it is true. Alcohol is a poison. It has no health benefit. Sorry not sorry. I am just the deliverer of the truth.

No Marijuana or Recreational Drugs

I’ve never partaken in any recreational drugs other than weed so that wasn’t too hard. But getting high has been a part of my life for a very long time and the last few years I probably smoked up 5 nights a week. I wouldn’t say it was an addiction as I had no trouble or issue abstaining if I was travelling or had other events coming up that required not being weed stupid. I just simply LOVE being high. It is a mind expanding and totally awesome state of being.

At first it was no issue because I am a stubborn old man and once I make a decision to do something I am doing it. Period. So embarking on this journey I literally just stopped (after getting really really high last New Year’s Eve…). About a month in I had some cravings, not so much for the weed, but for the experience of being high.

The truth is weed makes you stupid and lazy. Anyone who argues that simply doesn’t understand how much sharper they could be and how much more productive they could be if they weren’t chronically high. That is what I really noticed after about six weeks.

My mind became sharper. I started to get more done. My focus and attention started to come back. It was like a fog slowly dissolved out of my brain and I could think clearly again. Weed is funny like that. It makes you think you are on these amazing mind journeys filled with ideas and granted some stellar insights have come to me while high as a kite. But a year later I can tell you this: I have just as many stellar insights now as I did then and they are actually a lot sharper, a lot more refined, a lot more…intelligent…than anything I ever thought stoned to oblivion.

Now instead of being high and seeing insights on TV shows or sitting and watching the world go by, I have insights reading books. Not like harlequin romance books, but real literature from throughout history and around the world. My knowledge base and skill set have grown substantially this year and it is an even better feeling than being high as fuck.

Will I ever smoke weed again? I do not know how to answer this. I won’t say no. I mean if you said to me that I had to make a choice right now that would dictate this for the rest of my life I would say no, I would never get high again. Not because I somehow think I will be healthier for it but because I…just don’t want to.

I don’t want to lose even a single precious day feeling sluggish and groggy. I don’t want to miss enjoying a sunrise or not feel like enjoying a book or skip cooking a meal because I was feeling lazy.

The verdict is that maybe I will, maybe I won’t but the desire to is simply gone. The interest has waned. Other things have become more enjoyable.

And there is a nagging little voice inside me that is scared of reverting to old habits. I don’t want to ever be again the person I was just a year ago.

No Processed Food

This by far is the most challenging. While many will believe that it is the abstention from alcohol that is the most difficult aspect of a year long journey like this I can tell you it is not. Eliminating processed foods from our diet in the western world is very hard and requires forethought mixed with a complete reallocation of your time.

It takes time to prepare all of your own food. From scratch. Sourcing ingredients, preparing them, cooking them, storing them, and learning how to enjoy them without the additives and sauces and pre-made spice packets takes time and effort. Something so many of us have completely lost is the basic ability to cook. This is then compounded by the loss of desire to cook and the complete fallacy that our society builds into us that we don’t have the time to cook.

Then we are forced to talk about flavour. Our pallets have been hijacked by chemists. What we think food tastes like is not what food actually tastes like, nay, what we think food tastes like is an enhanced version, distilled, accented, and concentrated to elicit extreme reactions from our physiology. When we then eat non-processed foods they tend to taste bland, to be less stimulating, to lack a visceral flavour. Add to this the lost art of cooking and it is not surprising that people opt for processed foods and tend to dislike like unprocessed foods.

What I noticed over the last year is that this can be fixed! Taking out processed foods at first can be challenging and you will think that you won’t enjoy it. But after a couple of months something happens, it is like your physiology resets itself, your taste buds wake up. Food suddenly tastes different.

I literally cannot explain to you the intense flavour of greek yogurt covered in berries with a drizzle of honey over it. You are probably thinking that is so boring, so mundane, so not as good as a piece of cake or a great piece of chocolate. All I can tell you is that you are so incredibly wrong. But the only way you’ll ever understand is to take out processed food.

This has been life changing.

I feel SO much better. More energetic, more interested in food, and it is all so much more satisfying. The thought of processed food now really turns me off. Fast food, 99% of restaurants, chips, chocolate, cookies, pastries, and so much of what we eat, just…no longer appeals to me. The idea of putting these things into my body is almost repulsive.

I have always considered myself a connoisseur of potato chips. Like, I actually love them. Thinking about them now actually increase my saliva flow (this is actually a brilliant example of how food has been chemically engineered to be addictive). But on January 1st, 2020 I won’t be rushing out to grab a bag of chips. Not because I am forcing myself to avoid them but because I don’t want to. There is no desire for them. Again, the idea of putting that into my body is slightly repulsive to me.

The question keeps popping up in my mind: why? Why do I want to put that into my body. I feel fantastic, I love the food I eat, I know this shit is not food, why? Why do I want to put it in my body? Are those few moments of chemically engineered pleasure really worth it? Will they truly improve my life? My health?

The answer is simple: no.

So then why? Why consume it?

After a year I can tell you this: your desires change, your mindset changes. Everything is different.

The Additions

I will spend less time here than I would like because frankly I know there is less interest. If you have any questions, send them my way!

15 Minutes a Day Min of Physical Activity

Every single day. No matter what. In this category I will include all the workouts and the training tools listed above as well. I did full workouts 3-4 days a week but daily added activity. Taking the dog out daily was always a guarantor of this as rain or shine, the German Shepherd needs time outside!

I added a few things to this Odyssey as time went on and one was the Turkish getup and pushup challenge. Everyday TGU’s and pushups. TGU’s one per side per day for the month that I was in (1/side/day in January, 2/side/day in February…12/side/day in December) and then double the number of the month daily in pushups. This wasn’t too bas the first part of the year but let me say that as I write this on New Year’s Eve I am pretty sick of doing TGU’s. More than 4800 for the year.

Does it ever feel awesome to have accomplished this, however! And it has helped restore my shoulders and back to optimal functioning! Bonus!

I am already planning the challenges for 2020 because I couldn’t imagine NOT having something like this to do. It is often a huge pain in the ass and there have been some late night Turkish getup sessions! But I didn’t miss a single day. Fuck yeah.

Weekly Inversion Training

I do love being upside down! And it is great training for your vestibular system and a few other great benefits. I developed some issues in my ankle from the foot holders on the inversion table so the second half of the year I more relied on headstands to be inverted and sometimes the table.

Obstacles always present themselves and forcing yourself into a commitment like the Odyssey is a brilliant way to teach yourself that all obstacles can be overcome with patience and diligence.

Daily Cold Exposure

This is an important one. Yes, I think adapting to the cold is beneficial and there is mounting evidence for this, however, that is by no means the true power of adding this.

Being cold builds fortitude. It is uncomfortable, it hurts, it can just plain suck. And that is the true power it has. To willing put yourself in an uncomfortable position and fucking handle it. You always come out the other side stronger and invigorated.

I live in Canada so the winter makes it easy. There is nothing so character building as standing naked outside in the snow in -20C and deep breathing to control your body. Trust me, I know!

The rest of the year cold showers work! Come on, it’s only one minute of your life. Turn off the hot water and go full cold. It sucks. It really does. But don’t think about it. Just breathe.

It has been awesome and I will continue to keep myself strong with purposeful cold training.

Prepare all Foods From Scratch

Variety of organic food including vegetables fruit bread dairy and meat. Balanced diet.

See above section on no processed food!

Not only is it healthier but it is so delicious. And learning to cook is one of the most rewarding and satisfying things I have ever done. I will continue on this journey as I have developed a strong passion for amateur chefing. And what a better way to take care of my health and my families health than to personally prepare all of the food we eat?

Intermittent Fasting

Everyone should be adding fasting to their lives. I wrote an extensive blog on the topic and the New England Journal of Medicine recently published an awesome review article of all the reasons why you should definitely be adding fasting to your life.

I east dinner. Usually around 630pm. Then around 9or 10pm I have something to eat. That is how I get all of my calories. Yes, I do not eat all day. No, I am never hungry. No, I do not have a recently developed eating disorder. No, I am not deprived. No, I would not ever change this.

I feel fantastic. Part of the journey was to have full days of eating during the year 20 times. I don’t like those days as much. I don’t feel as good, as sharp, as energetic. The days I fast all day I feel my absolute best.

I workout in the morning. Yep, no pre-workout meal, no post-workout shake. Horror of all horrors!!!! Lol. Amazing.

There is no fixation on food. I don’t have to prepare three meals a day plus snack. That is the eating pattern that leads to a fixation on food!!!! And when you get all your calories in a limited time window there is no room for crap food, for unhealthy snacks, for mindlessly filling time with stuffing shit in your mouth out of habit.

You eat well. You have to get adequate calories in limited space. Check my personal Instagram (taylorsimon_renaissanceman) if you want to see the terrible gross food I have been forced to consume the last year…

Fasting the one of the BEST things you can do for your health and everyone should incorporate it. I love how I eat now and would NEVER change that.

Fermented Foods Daily

Our microbiome is just beginning to be explored and is still very poorly understood. What we do know is that it is vital to our health in so many more ways than we ever imagined. It is imperative to our health that we nurture and support the thriving communities of bacteria that live in un and on us.

Fermented foods have been a staple in the human diet for all of human history and are very important in maintaining the health of our microbial communities. The western world has almost completely eliminated them from our diets and it is to the detriment of our health.

This year I have made my own sauerkraut, kimchi, kombucha, jun, fermented veggies and fruits, sourdough, water kefir, and yogurt. I am just getting started. Once you get into the wonderful flavours of all things fermented it just keeps sucking you in further. I love them.

I didn’t always. It has taken time but they really do become a staple of your diet. I will be diving even further into my fermenting journey!

One New Food or Recipe Weekly

My mother would have been SHOCKED by this. I have always been a very fussy eater. She literally wouldn’t know who I am anymore!

I eat mushrooms, fermented foods, mussels, octopus, cow tongue, cow heart, chicken hearts, any vegetable, and even more. Well, not tomatoes, I don’t know why, I just can’t.

This Odyssey has pushed me out of my comfort zone by having to experiment with foods and recipes. The modern western grocery store is filled with almost every food on earth and yet we eat a very narrow list of items. I eat so many more healthy foods now that I am pretty sure my body doesn’t even recognize who the hell I am anymore.

Seafood 3x Weekly

Done and done. I have eaten more fish and shellfish in the last year then in my entire life combined before that. It is good for us and while I love red meat I have always consumed too much of it!

Ethically Sourced Meat Only

This year I have purchased a ¼ cow and a half lamb from a local farm in addition to taking immaculate care as to where my meat comes from. This has been helped by my increased vegetable intake and increased seafood intake to be sure! I eat a lot less meat than I ever have.

This also led me to enact other changes like decreasing my use of plastics and purchasing compost bins. I can’t change the world myself but I will continue to strive to treat the world around me better.

And to only ever eat animals who have been treated well. This will continue for the rest of my life.

Journal Weekly

I actually journaled daily for the first three quarters of the year and then gradually fell down to every few days and then to weekly. Why? It became the same thing over and over again as every aspect of the Odyssey became habitual.

Keeping a journal is something that has been proven to make a positive impact on peoples lives and I am unsure how I will proceed with this in the future. My blogging and podcasts etc. act as a blog for me as well as the rest of my posting for work and for personal stuff (have you seen Heisenberg_gsd on Instagram yet??).

I am going to start focusing on more writing this upcoming year so most likely will not keep a journal as such but will be constantly getting my thoughts out in other ways!

Podcast Weekly

Done and done. Will continue through 2020.

Read at Least 20 Books

I read 68 by last count. Unofficially I missed my goal of 100 books. I got into a couple very dense and long books which took more time than I had allotted for them and I moved to a new home in July, which ate up an exorbitant amount of free time.

This didn’t include all the cookbooks, hunting and fishing manuals, podcasts, blogs, articles, and other forms of reading I did over the year.

Felt amazing to get back to being a voracious reader as the last many years I had not read much. As this year went on I began to devour literature at an increasing pace. In the last month I organically stopped watching most TV at night and replaced it with even more reading. A truly great trade off and something I just wanted to do versus forced myself.

The discovery of audiobooks also was a gift. I listen at 2x speed so can really get through books that are lese dense faster than I could physically read them.

I would like to read 100 books a year, however, I will see how 2020 goes. I intend to do a lot more writing and may have to do a tradeoff.

Meditate Daily

Meditation is good for you. That is what all the date says. I don’t care about it that much and don’t particularly enjoy it. I have done it and feel like it has more of an impact now than it did at the beginning, however my mind feels no more settled than it ever has during meditation. It wanders and flows and gaining any type of focus is extremely challenging for me!

I may or may not continue to develop this skill going forward. I recognize that it has only been a year of practicing something that can take a lifetime which leads me to believe I should continue to make the effort.

The jury is out still!

Learn One New Advanced Skill

I set out with one in mind but ended up doing a LOT more than I ever could have anticipated.

The violin was my skill of choice for the Odyssey. I started before I googled ‘what is the hardest instrument to learn to play’, finding that every single list was topped by this little beauty. I have been enjoying it immensely and will continue to take lessons and develop my skill. One day even enough to let people hear me play! Maybe…it is pretty fucking hard to learn.

As I learned the violin and continued guitar lessons and developed my cooking skills through courses, something unexpected happened.

I wanted to do more. I wanted to learn more. I became more efficient. My capacity to learn grew exponentially. My interests expanded. The things I needed to learn swelled.

I got my gun license, completed my hunting certification, bought a boat and fishing gear, built gardens and devoured literature about that, dramatically expanded my knowledge of human nutrition, changing my diet even more.

I stopped watching or reading the news filling my time instead with actual learning.

The more I took on the more I realized I could take on. It was an exhilarating rush that is still growing.

Who knows what I will be able to accomplish in the next year, in the next decade, in my life!

The Results

This is what everyone wants to know: did you lose weight?

I have no idea. I haven’t weighed myself in about 8 years and I never plan to again. What about before and after photos? Measurements? Body fat? I will say that the first few months I was doing before and after photos and somewhere around July I stopped. Realizing that this was just feeding into the same old tired mantra of the fitness industry I simply quit doing them. I do not regret it.

Yes, my clothes all started falling off of me. I have a new wardrobe. Does that make this all seem more interesting? If it does, please don’t bother with the undertaking. You have missed the point entirely.

My goal was to enter my 40’s in the healthiest state of my life. And I believe I have accomplished that.

I have no cravings any longer. Chips, chocolate, fast food, alcohol, marijuana, cookies, pastries…nothing. It is not that I think they are bad for me so I am going to try to keep them out of my life, I actually do not have any interest in any of those things any longer. I just don’t want them. When I really dial into it the thought occurs to me: why would I ingest that stuff? Does the brief hit of dopamine warrant the negative health effects? It just doesn’t.

I get so much happiness and joy from so many places now. There is so much satisfaction I derive from food, conversations, reading, gardening, sipping my tea, cooking, and a host of other activities. I don’t feel deprived or hard done by. I feel good.
No more sucking back bottles of tums, feeling like I am walking around in a daze, high blood pressure, poor bowel movements, lethargy, anxiety, mood swings. I feel awesome. Why would I do anything that would take away from feeling like this! Even for a day.

I learned more and experienced more in the last year than I have in the last many years. Learning the violin, the guitar, cooking skills, gardening, fishing, boat driving, photography, writing, and so, so much more.

Answering this is very difficult. I am not normal in this respect. When I commit to something I am unwavering. I think it comes from my grandfather who, smoking over a pack a day since he was nine years old, quit cold turkey at age 72. I believe I get my fortitude from him.

As I started feeling better and better, it simply became the way life is. It was never a sacrifice, I never found it hard. Because I had made the decision to do it. To commit. For me there was no alternative.

Making it easier for me is definitely my personality. I have never much cared what other thought of me and I have never been one to conform to societal norms or what was ‘expected’ of me. Not drinking at a party when everyone else does is easy for me. Always has been.

The best thing I can say here is that the hardest part for most people would be the societal pressure. It is amazing how unsupportive those around you can be. The sidelong looks when you don’t drink, the constant questions about why are you doing this vs. support for why you are doing this. It is remarkable how people want you to fail, to do all of the things that are really bad for us. They might not even realize they are doing it themselves but nonetheless they are.

Add to that the constant dialogue of people telling you how they could, or would, never do this. They would never give up their nightly glass of wine or chocolate, or cake on their birthday, or holiday baking. They would just NEVER do that. Why would you do that? This constant barrage of statements would be hard for most people I think. Constantly questioning why you are making these choice, wondering if you are missing out on something, losing friends and invitations to things.

You might find that hard.

In our modern world making the decisions that are truly best for our health requires an immense amount of fortitude. Maybe you could build it if you gave this journey a chance. I don’t know. I am not you.

What would I do? I would cut everyone out of my life that didn’t support and encourage me. Period.

Did It Change Me

How could it not? What would the purpose of all of this be if not to create some kind of change in my life?

This is where most people lose it. People start things with the intent of finishing them. This defeats the entire purpose and I believe sets you up for failure before you’ve even begun.

A year is the shortest amount of time to make a commitment that will lead to actual changes to your life.

Did this change me? Yes. It did. Although I have contemplated another perspective as well.

Did this year long Odyssey change me or did it allow the real me to emerge? Was I masking my potential though poor lifestyle habits, processed food, drugs, and mindless activity?

My belief is that of the latter. I think I have always been who I am now and the last many years have been a mask sublimating everything I had the potential to be.

Esotheric? Maybe. But it is the truth.

Yeah, this has been life altering. My life is better today than it was one year ago. Substantially.

I am happier, fitter, healthier, wiser, and more relaxed than I have ever been. I am more disciplined, more accomplished, more…better.

Where to Now?

Crossfit Kettle Bell with chalk and hands

It is an obvious question I have received numerous times in the last couple of weeks: what now? Will you keep doing this?

I get it. You are used to people making healthy lifestyle choices until they ‘reach their goal’ and then ‘stopping.’ That is the norm.

That is some fucked up shit.

Where to now? Onward and upward my friends.

I crave it. I want more of it. I want to see how far I can take this. What can I accomplish? What can I learn? What can I do? What skills can I acquire?

How good is it possible to feel?

If I feel this good right now, is there another level? Could I feel even better? Could I accomplish more? I didn’t think I could get to this place, I didn’t think I could be the person I am now. What else is out there that I haven’t discovered yet? I need to find out. I need to explore, practice, train, learn, push, experiment, discover.

What is next?

Learning. Practicing. Growing. Sharing. Teaching.


Much Love,
Coach Taylor

Health Odyssey 2019

There is a lot of perceived mystery in the world of human health and fitness. Every person you talk to will have different opinions on how to best manage our health. Every doctor will recommend something to improve your health and more often than not these messages contradict each other.

What would happen if we took all of the best health advice from the best sources and abided by that advice habitually for one year?

Would we feel THAT much better? What would we feel like? Would it make any difference in our lives? How hard would it be? Would it ruin our social lives? Would we be able to have any fun?

Would it be WORTH it?

Welcome to the 2019 Health Odyssey.

After 17 years in the health and fitness industry, 15 of which as a full time profession, I have decided to embark on a health quest, the purpose of which is to answer these very questions. I want to know if it would really and truly make a difference in our lives to adhere to the best health recommendations out there and to refrain from the cultural practices relating to modern Western living that we know are detrimental to us.

As I have expanded my knowledge and understanding within the world of human health I have come to understand that there are components of what makes us human currently void from many affluent cultures. We all know better quality nutrition and increasing overall physical exercise is good for us but I believe there is a huge component missing from our efforts to be healthier. It all relates to sacrifice and pain.

The real change to the lives of those living within affluence (we refer to this as first world living) is the increase in comfort. We have central heat in the winter, air conditioning in the summer, our groceries can be delivered to us, our food pre-made and stored in our refrigerators, our cars can almost drive themselves if the uber cannot pick us up, our dogs get walked for us, and our yards are cared for by others. I could continue this list for a very long time. The point is that we have the technology and resources now to live in a zone of comfort that precludes us from any form of discomfort and hardship.

As a result we are weaker and sicker than ever. There shouldn’t be more than 60 pharmacies in my small city. That’s right. More than 60 pharmacies for a population of just over 100,000 people. How many people rely on medications? It’s appalling and truly frightening. We are seeing huge increases in depression, suicide, and other mental health related disorders that I fully believe are mostly resultant from affluent living.

My 2019 Health Odyssey is an exploration into a deeper understanding of the questions I posed earlier and the new ideas of how to truly maximize our health based on the last few years of my personal learning and research.

And I invite anyone along for the ride.

Most of you won’t do it. You don’t have the mental fortitude and you aren’t willing to truly sacrifice. You aren’t willing to be uncomfortable.

And I would be confident in saying that 99% of the things in your life that make you unhappy or you constantly feel the need to change actually stem from the fact that you are not willing to make sacrifices and to give up some of your comfort.

Being uncomfortable and experiencing pain are integral aspects of the human condition and I firmly believe the lack of these things are detrimental to us all. In the summer you are going to be hot, in the winter a little cold. It isn’t always comfortable but your body has integrated systems to handle these types of environmental fluctuations and you need to use them.

Pain. Some things hurt. No, I don’t want you grabbing a knife and stabbing yourself. But pain is just a part of the uncomfortable scale. I have been learning to play the guitar for a few months now and guess what? It hurts. My fingers hurt a lot. Well, they don’t anymore because I have built up callouses but getting to that point was painful. In our culture the first inclination is to create a product that will prevent this form happening. “You can play the guitar without your fingers ever getting sore!” We spout that mantra like it’s a good thing!

It isn’t.

We NEED to experience these things. It is what builds fortitude. It is where our sense of accomplishment comes from. It is, at its heart, the essence of what makes us human. And we continually create ways to make thing easier and remove any sort of discomfort.

It scares me.

This odyssey is a year-long journey and it will not be easy.

Rites of passage have been a significant aspect of human culture since the beginning of human culture yet has been removed from most of modern affluent society. Our fixation on comfort and the explosion of technology now providing that comfort has all but eliminated the age-old journey of overcoming hardship and emerging as a different person. I believe this to be one of the most overlooked aspects of modern affluent society.

A year is a long short time.

It seems daunting at first but on a daily basis I have conversations with people about how fast time goes and inevitably they say something like, ‘where do the years go?’ So while a year can feel like an eternity in the moment it will feel like a ripple in the pond over the totality of your life.

Yet the physical, psychological, and spiritual benefits gained from accomplishing something truly extraordinary will have an effect on the rest of your life, forever.

Many aspects of this odyssey are going to instantly prevent most people from participating in the undertaking. And this speaks to my point that we are weak and unwilling to get past hardship in our lives.

I will save most of you from reading any further. There will be no alcohol for the full year.

‘Oh, I am not doing that!’ 95% of the people who read this far just decided they would never do this. They have made a list of reasons why they need to have alcohol, how they can’t live without it, or have convinced themselves that there are health benefits to consuming alcohol.

The fact that most people won’t take alcohol out of their lives scares me. Like our entire culture is addicted to a poison that literally kills us and everyone is OK with it. That’s fucked up. And NOONE SEEMS TO CARE.

The odyssey will involve sacrifice, hard work, commitment, and it will be a challenge. Rites of passage aren’t easy. That is the whole point of them. It has to hurt, to be hard, to be a struggle. It has to push you past your comfort – FAR past it.

It is through overcoming these obstacles that we become better, that we grow, that we learn, that we become more than we currently are.

There is no pill, no program, no piece of technology, no amount of money, or anything else that can ever replace or replicate this process. You must go through it and you must survive it to truly benefit your health and your life.

This is the next step in my journey and I am happy to share the experience with anyone. I am also happy to act as a guide to others who wish to explore what they are truly capable of.

Let’s get to some details.

Time to pull off the band-aid. I will do it quickly for you.

What will be excluded for the full year?

• Alcohol
• Recreational drugs
• Processed and mass manufactured food
o Ex.: chips, pop, gum, crackers, most restaurants, chocolate, flavoured teas, pastries, bakeries, pretty much all of Costco, cereal, pre-prepared meats, veggies, etc. (this list is not exhaustive)
• Processed and manufactured chemicals
o Scented candles, air fresheners, most cleaning products, tap water, (this list is not exhaustive)
• Stress
o While hard to define and harder still to remove, a large focus of this odyssey will be about minimizing stress in life. Most people have no concept of the deleterious effects high stress has on the human body. Toxic relationships, bad jobs, shift-work, focusing on negative news are just a few examples.
o Obviously many things cannot simply be removed so most of this aspect of the odyssey will rely on the lifestyle inclusions that will be listed later

That’s it!!! Lol. The examples I have listed are simply to give people an idea of what will be excluded. Chemicals and manufactured foods are so integrated into our lives that it is impossible to think of them all and list them right here. Removing these things will be an ongoing process that will have to evolve as the odyssey progresses. It is the prevalence of these things into our lives that makes them so insidious. Anyone who embarks on this journey with me will be able to discuss with me at anytime to explore if they should be avoiding a specific product or not.


I don’t want you to think of this as an odyssey in what you can cut out of your life. The VAST majority of this odyssey is about ADDING things to our lives that will improve them. I think we spend far too much time as a culture stressed over all the things we shouldn’t be doing while at the same time indulging in everything. It is a hypocrisy that very few people even notice.

As soon as I recommend adding a few things into life I am met with the same response – every. Single. Time. ← That. Time Always out of people’s mouths is, ‘I just don’t have the time.’

Funny. You know what the kardashians are doing, and the latest Trump tweet, plus are current on a couple of TV shows. And were drinking a couple of nights last week….

We all have time. It is where we choose to spend it. As a culture we also have a misguided belief that anything positive for our health is going to take an hour a day everyday. That is not necessary. I will list some options later on.

For now, I simply want to make sure you understand the true point of this odyssey is to INCLUDE more healthy things into your life for the next year. Some daily, some weekly, some sporadically.

While the exclusions may seem daunting to most, I believe that over the course of the year it will be the INCLUSIONS list that provides the most challenging.

It is important to recognize that the VAST majority of this odyssey is about adding positive things to your life vs. restricting things from your life. Our culture does not value health. This may seem like a shock to some, however, it is the truth. Our culture values medicine, treatments, and fixing things that have gone wrong. We do not value prevention nor activities dedicated to maintenance of health. That is what we will be adding to daily life.

Because the truth of the matter is actually simple. You’ve heard your grandparents say it your entire life: ‘an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.’ This has been lost. And for almost two decades I have given my entire life

This is the list of things that will be ADDED to life for the year.

This will be broken down into three categories; Fitness, Nutrition, and Lifestyle. I will also provide some basic details when applicable.



This is a base list of things you must include. It does not mean you cannot expand upon this! Skiing, rock climbing, hiking, swimming, OCR races, whatever – add fitness to life. Fitness needs to be based on human movement and full body conditioning. We can explore as the year progresses.

However, the following is required:

• 15 min of exercise and movement daily
o Yes, even if you’re sick or on vacation
o You can also exercise far more than this!
• Hacky sack,
• Mace
• Indian Clubs
• Animal flows
• Breathing work (harmonica)
• Inversion work (1x per week min)
• Cold exposure
o Minimum of 1min daily
o Winter is easy, go outside (that’s where I train). Cold showers are the easiest way to accomplish this


• All food must be purchased whole, prepared and cooked from scratch. No pre-bought anything, no packaged foods, no prepared meals. YOU must make your own food.
o Those with children, yes, this could be a challenge. See it as an opportunity to do a new activity with them – this means better food and great learning!!
o Restaurants: there won’t be many you can go to! Must be able to verify that they cook all of their food from scratch! Impossible to know how they source all of their ingredients however most places of this calibre do focus on great ingredients!
• Intermittent fasting
o I will recommend warrior style ideally. Eating within a 4 hour window 95% of the time. This means that about 20 days throughout the year you will eat throughout a 24 hour period. Times of feasting are important!
o Any other fasting protocol is fine as long as it includes a minimum of a 16 hours fasting period at least 5 days a week.
• Fermented foods daily
o Our western culture is so poorly exposed to fermented foods it is scary! And I believe this is a huge health issue.
o Kombucha, sourdough, kimchi, cheeses, and sauerkraut are the most well known. But there are tens of thousands ferments around the world. I will be exploring many of them and sharing.
• Seafood
o Minimum of 3x per week
o Fish, shellfish, shrimp, octopus, etc – it’s all fair game
• Proteins
o Grass fed, ethically raised, locally sourced or sourced from small farmers (for example my butcher brings in beef from the East Coast that is grass fed from a small farmer – that’s ok!)
• This is for beef, chicken, eggs, pork, lamb, or game
o For the entire year. Something you have never eaten before or something you think you don’t like.


This section are activities designed to stimulate your mind and expand your life. This is a basic list because I know people like a little direction.

• A MINIMUM of a once a week journal documenting this odyssey. Can be a written journal, blog, insta feed, FB page, audio recording, digital journal, whatever! But you have to journal this experience.
• Read 20 books
• Weekly educational podcast (minimum)
• Learn one new and advanced skill
o A musical instrument, pilot license, scuba certification, diasaster emergency search and rescue volunteer, etc.
o These examples seems like big projects – they are. That is the whole point.

That’s it! ☺

The 2019 Health Odyssey.

If anyone would like to join me on this epic experience I am happy to share what I am doing and assist you.

Can you make your own version of this? Sure! But beware – if you are starting this and trying to make it less challenging, less painful, then you are not doing it.

You are either in or you are not in. There is no halfway in. That is simply a re-creation of all the shit programs everyone starts in the New Year. It has to be a year. If you miss anything or slip up, that’s ok, but you’ve failed.

What will the result of this grand experiment be?

I don’t know. But I want to find out. I want to know – if we do that much to take care of our health, our mind, and our spirit – just how much of a difference will that make in our lives?

There is only one way to find out…..

-Coach Taylor

A Challenge: The Reverse New Year’s Resolution

Ok. This one is going to seem CRAZY. Legitimately you are going to think I am off my rocker and headed right to the insane asylum.

This is scary actually and is indicative of some really huge issues with our culture. More on that later. For now let us discuss what a reverse New Years Resolution is.

I am issuing you a challenge beginning now. Not tomorrow, or on Monday, or any other time in the future. The challenge starts now. Instead of waiting for the New Year to start another resolution that you won’t follow, again, I am going to help you change your life. Literally.

If you do this, you will change your life.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE. Finish this entire article! You are going to want to close this page as soon as I issue my challenge, which is a huge part of the problem! But hear me out! Read to the end!! THEN you can make your decision.

What is the challenge?

Starting now until January 2nd (yeah, so 12pm on New Years it isn’t over…nice try)…..

Do not drink or consume any alcohol.

None. Zero. Nada. Zilch.


But it’s Christmas! It’s the holidays? What about New Year’s Eve?


Shhhhhh. It’s ok. I know. I know you are going to suffer some trauma here. This will be so challenging. Your life as you know it won’t be complete. No one will like you. You won’t be any fun. You’ll have to deal with your inlaws. Your children will annoy you more than they ever have in the past. You might go postal and be forced to murder someone because you can’t escape with that beautiful glass of merlot.

You’re crying now. I understand. You are a part of our societal collective addiction.

What is that?

As a culture we are addicted to a drug. Here, this is what an addiction is:

All the time when I mention this challenge people freak out. I hear the ‘I CAN’T’ mantra all the time. Well guess what? Alcohol is a drug that does us harm and people have an inability to stop partaking in it. How is this not an addiction?

Oh wait, you NEED it…to relax, to unwind, to be able to spend quality time with your significant other…ummmmm. No. You don’t NEED it. You might WANT it, you might LIKE it, but physiologically you do not NEED it.

Whether it is a physiological addition or a behavioural addiction is irrelevant. If it is something you cannot stop or refrain from it is an addiction.

The facts are that alcohol is a very damaging drug with a litany of horrifically harmful physiological effects. Sorry, but there is no health benefit to alcohol. Yes, you are going to come at me with the ‘glass of wine is good for you’ mantra touted by so many to justify their consumption but the facts are it is not. The polyphenol, reservatol, that is found in red wine ISN’T FROM THE WINE. It is found in grapes, peanuts, and mulberries and all sorts of other plants. Eating those foods gives you the actual health benefit without the negative health side effects of alcohol. Most studies purporting the benefits of alcohol consumption are observational studies demonstrating correlation and not causation.

As a culture we don’t want to believe the fact that alcohol is really, really, fucking bad for us because then our little bubbles of happiness might be popped.

This is even scarier when we look at the thoughts of purported ‘health professionals.’ I was sent this from one of my online followers recently. The Spartan race organization issued a challenge: for 30 days, no sweets, no processed foods, 8 cups of water daily, and 45 min of exercise daily. Then this ‘health expert’ responded by saying they will not support, ‘your ridiculous and unnecessary nutrition challenge. Promoting disordered eating, especially in athletic women is disgusting.’

That’s right…avoiding processed foods and candy, drinking water, and adding in exercise is now being called disordered eating. What the hell would this poor precious snowflake of a sport nutritionist think of my no alcohol challenge? OMG I am probably about to destroy the lives of so many people….

Now let me say something…

I DO NOT CARE if you choose to drink or not. I really truly don’t care. You do you, I will do me, Sally can do Sally, and Sam can do Sam. What you choose to ingest isn’t my business and doesn’t affect my life.

I am simply issuing you a challenge that goes far beyond the simple cessation of ingesting poison.

If you want to take control of your health and make positive lifestyle changes you are going to have to do some difficult things. Some hard things. A great book by Ben Horowitz sums it up perfectly in just the tittle: The Hard Thing About Hard Things. The books basic premise? Hard things are hard. Duh.

To truly change your habits and your health, to truly become psychologically stronger and more resilient you have to do some hard things, you have to make some difficult decisions, you have to make some sacrifice.

You will NEVER make any long term lasting changes little bit by little bit or without enduring some hardship and making some sacrifices. It is overcoming these obstacles that truly make an impact in our lives and truly elicit a change. Check our Ryan Holiday’s book, The Obstacle is the Way.

That is the purpose of this challenge

To do something hard, something difficult, something that will hurt a little, that you have to overcome.

This is WHAT a CHALLENGE is.

If it was easy it wouldn’t be a challenge! Doing major things in January is fucking easy. Everyone does it. Part of the reason why it NEVER works. January isn’t hard. Not drinking any alcohol for the entire holiday season, now THAT is hard for most people.

But if you can do it, what couldn’t you do? If you can make this sacrifice during this time the rest of the year is easy. Seriously. Nothing else will be as difficult. You will have already established a major healthy habit BEFORE the New Years Resolution season begins.

You might be surprised to hear this but did you know that you can actually have fun and be social without drinking alcohol? You can visit with family and friends, you can play games, you can do outdoor activities, you can have meals, you can read ans share good books, you can have conversations, you can watch movies, you can go to a movie, you can laugh, cry, hug, kiss, have sex, cavort, smile, and a million other things ALL WITHOUT ALCOHOL.

This might surprise you. And this is a huge problem with out culture. So many times I hear, and even worse, so many times people truly believe, that you NEED alcohol. This is scary. This is addiction.

If you can’t enjoy your life without ingesting a drug there is something wrong. For some reason we have made this addiction completely acceptable as a culture. Even more scary we actually actively tease, torment, ridicule, curse, and lambaste people who DON’T drink booze. We ostracize them and turn them into outliers because they choose not to poison themselves.

That is some fucked up shit.

Again, I don’t actually care what you do. I am issuing this challenge because I want you to be in control of you and I want you to be healthier and happier. And in the long term this will have that effect.

Even if you restart your glass of wine a day habit in January this is still going to be hugely impactful on your life. You will know that you CAN make a sacrifice and overcome obstacle. And that is a very, very powerful feeling. It will give you the power and fortitude to make any decision.

I have currently not had any alcohol for over 11 months. I have been social, had dinner parties, been to some of the best restaurants in the world, and many other activities usually associated with alcohol. I have been through all the holidays, seasons, birthdays, anniversaries, and other events usually associated with alcohol. I have survived.

There is not a SINGLE instance looking retroactively that I think, ‘oh man, I really wish I had had a beer, or a glass of wine when I did that.’ Zero. None.

I promise, you will not hit January 2nd and think to yourself, ‘if I had just had a few glasses of wine that holiday season would have been SO much better.’ I promise.

You might just be proud of yourself for accomplishing something that no one else had the fortitude to do. You might FEEL good physically and emotionally. You might just be stronger and more capable to take charge of your life, to make the decisions and enact the habits that will lead to a healthier you.

I say you just might, I mean, you will.

-Coach Taylor

[NOTE: if you do toughen up and accept this challenge…message me! Join my facebook group and post about it!!! I would LOVE to be a part of your journey!!!]

The Modern Media Lies: Kimchi is OK

Should you eat kimchi? Should eat you any fermented foods? Or are they going to kill you? 

It is insidious how easily the modern technological age has been abused to garner attention for advertising. Today, what we call ‘news’ is more often than not a blogger just trying to get viewers by using flashy headlines. It is so bad that even the mainstream media gets sucked into dubious and even outright false ideas wholeheartedly, turning around and reporting it as actual news.

It is scary. It has huge ramifications for your health. It is what makes everything so damn confusing.

Don’t take my word for it! Read this book. It will BLOW your mind how the modern news media actually works.

Recently a blog….sorry…I mean a news article was written with the following headline: 

Omg. That is scary stuff. STOP EATING KIMCHI RIGHT NOW OR YOU WILL GET STOMACH CANCER!!!!! Forget the health claims of the last dozen decades! Stop eating kimchi right now! 

This is how the media manipulates us. Their only goal is to create scary headlines that get you to click on the article so you can be fed ads. If you think I am being a little overboard here, please read the above mentioned book. 

‘Eating kimchi increase the risk of cancer.”

And lets not forget the photo of the poor young girl doubled over in stomach pain. Definitely not there to elicit an emotional reaction…

Scare tactic 101. 

And two journal sources are cited because as soon as you cite a published journal article the weight of truth becomes that much stronger. To be fair this blog actually cited two articles in legitimate journals (yes, there are a LOT of shitty journals out there…), which you already knew because you went an read them right? 

No. You probably didn’t. You probably threw your kimchi in the garbage and told everyone you know they should do the same! 

This is why it is so dangerous. 

If you actually dive into the studies (yes, I read them both including all the boring statistical parts and methodology etc. etc.) you will see that: 
1) Kimchi was not proven to cause cancer
2) There are serious flaws in the studies
3) The studies are not new

How is this? 

The blogger….sorry, journalist, who wrote this piece is looking to create views and likes on the blog….sorry, news source, she works for. In the last few years she has written over 1500 ‘news stories’, ALL with headlines designed to illicit an emotional response from you. Her aim is not to deliver news but to scare you into reading the headline. Somewhere she heard someone mention that kimchi is related to cancer, did a quick search of available literature, found a couple of articles that could easily be defended as actual evidence, and then wrote a scare piece. You read it and then see all the ads embedded in the piece and surrounding it. Mission completed. 

If you read the rest of the article, or even better the cited sources, you quickly come to realize that no one anywhere has actually studied the relationship between kimchi and cancer. 

It is a correlational relationship with no direct evidence of causation. 

Essentially, they asked people who had stomach cancer if they like eating salty foods. The people who liked eating salty foods tended to have more cancer. Kimchi is fermented with salt, therefore kimchi causes cancer. 

The other study conducted interviews with cancer patients about what they ate over the last year and tasked some non-cancer patients what they ate over the last year. The ones who reported they ate more fermented foods had a higher incidence of cancer. Bam. Fermented foods cause cancer. 


No. This is what is known as a correlation and it is based on extremely bad evidence. In fact the authors of one study state in their own conclusion that a host of other factors could be at play, including the idea that people with gastric cancer gravitate towards these foods subconsciously as their symptoms begin. 

This doesn’t mean that if you suddenly start craving kimchi you now have stomach cancer. 

See how easy that was to believe? 

Why am I writing this? 

Because I want you to be smarter than the average person. I don’t want you to instantly believe every headline. You need to question everything, yes, even me! 

Dig into the data. If you have no training in dissecting research and statistics then you need to find trusted resources to do it for you, like me! I will do this for you! See above…I did it for you! 

But question everything because the world of human health, nutrition and fitness is very personal and very important to all of us and is therefore extraordinarily easy to manipulate. And trust me, you are being manipulated way more often that you would ever believe! 

When it comes to kimchi and fermented foods, they are good for you. They do far more benefit then they do harm and you need to have them in your life. 

Do your own ferments to know the true quality and ingredients. They are tasty, delicious, and healthy. They have been eaten for the entire history of humanity and they need to make a resurgence. 

Here is one you can do: 

-Coach Taylor

Why is the Fitness Industry So Afraid of Vegans: The Real Human Diet

Why is The Fitness Industry So Afraid of Vegans?

The Real Human Diet.

Bahhhaaaaa. Lol.

Yes, I opened my blog with an lol. I can’t help it because this tittle makes me laugh. I can picture all the fitness peeps out there spitting their coffee over their screens in moral indignance as one of their pillars of belief once again comes under attack from those dirty vegan assholes. The animal protein built phalanges muscles swelling in rage as they prepare to launch a swift and horrific counter attack defending ‘THE WAY WE DO THINGS.’ Flexors and extensors battling against each other with such voracity that their digits are momentarily too paralyzed to flood the comments section of every social media outlet they can grunt along with like minded others.

Why is everyone so afraid of plants?

Maybe that would have been a better tittle. Alas, it would not have elicited quite as humorous an image for me as I sit and sip my tea this morning.

The dirty word of the fitness industry today is VEGAN, or the newest iteration, PLANT BASED.

Netflix’s latest documentary on the topic, The Game Changers, has garnered the expected and tired response of most fitness ‘pros’ out there doing their best to tear apart any discrepancy in the film. Instead of taking just a couple of minutes to sit back and contemplate a perspective seemingly in juxtaposition to their own these beacons of science based health and fitness merely view the film from the constructs of their established beliefs.

What? Coach Taylor? You’re a VEGAN? You’re DEFENDING vegans? Is hell frozen? Are beyond meat faux pigs flying through the air?

Maybe I should clarify here: I am not a vegan. I am not a vegetarian. I am exactly the same as you, and your friends, and your family, and every single other human on the entire planet: I am an omnivore.

Also important to note: I am not biased. No one is paying me any money to write this. I am not selling any nutritional products. I am not a defender of any particular program or nutritional plan. I simply am a student with an insatiable need to learn the truth. Everything I write and speak about is simple a synopsis of my study.

Last night I had a beef chilli, the night before, vegan Enchiladas from a Thug Kitchen recipe. I believe the night before that was salmon, preceded by a vegetarian stir fry, and the night before that slow braised beef short ribs (holy fuck were those ever good, braised in red wine and simmered with star anise…I digress). My deep freezer currently holds a ¼ cow and a ½ lamb purchased from a small local farmer. I bought a boat this summer with the express intention of using it to fish. I obtained my gun possession licence and hunting certification to begin the journey of procuring my own food.

I also built 7 raised garden beds this year, I tour the local produce markets, and have microgreens sprouting in my kitchen as we speak. I have learned to ferment and recently baked my first sourdough bread. My shipment of Einkorn flour just arrived from Saskatchewan (check out this ancient grain, it is amazing) and I am stoked to begin cooking with it. This afternoon I will be starting the fermentation process for the last haul of carrots from my garden.

I am an omnivore.

You are an omnivore.

Humans ARE omnivores.

This is not a debatable point. We are unbelievably well adapted to eat, well, pretty much anything. Our bodies truly incredible machines.

What is the debate then?

Percentages and sources. How much protein should we consume and where should we get that protein? These seemingly innocuous questions are at the root of almost EVERY nutrition debate in the world of health and medicine.

On the one side you have those with the belief that we must consume animal sourced proteins in order to achieve optimum health. Animal based proteins are more complete amino acid packages containing the perfect ratios of the macronutrient that the body needs. This camp points out that the body is designed to run, that we are the most successful hunters in the history of life on earth, and that cooking animals is thought to be an essential turning point in the evolution of homo sapiens.

On the other side you have proponents espousing the idea that we do not need to eat animals or animal products at all and that mere plants can provide us with everything we need. Yes, even that godly protein. While plants don’t contain all essential amino acids, there are reports that eating a variety of plant sources can provide the complete spectrum of protein as different plants have varied concentrations of these foundational blocks in a variety of ratios that can be combined to create a diet of everything humans need. This camp often believes that eating animals is unethical and they eschew their consumption on those grounds. And they believe you should too, trust me, vegans LOVE to tell you they are vegan and why that makes them better than you.

Both sides of the debate cite research and history alongside a plethora of anecdotal tales to bolster the case that they are right and the other side is wrong.

What is the truth?

What are the facts?

How are you supposed to know what the fuck to eat?

As the battle continues you are left a nutritionally confused refugee watching bullets and rockets fly overhead between the warring camps. You don’t care about the debate or the ideologies of the well-entrenched warriors who purport to be battling for the good of your health.

You just want to know WHAT. THE. FUCK. SHOULD. I. EAT.

This is where both sides are complete losers. The insane battle creates an overly complicated series of rules and regulations making human nutrition seemingly complex. It is not. It really and truly is not complicated. And the longer this battle rages on the more confused people become leaving the entire population susceptible to charlatans and fads. When people are confused they will gravitate to someone, anyone, or anything that provides them safety by way of an answer. So we are easily sold diet plans, wonky nutritional protocols, good and bad foods, and a host of other products that do nothing to make us healthier but that increase the bank accounts of many unscrupulous individuals and uncaring corporations.

Human nutrition is not complicated. At all.

It is literally exceedingly simple.

Michael Pollen has stated it best: “Eat food. Mostly plants. Not too much.”

Why The Fitness Industry is Wrong

We actually do not NEED to consume animal products ever. Humans CAN (and hundreds of millions actually DO) live healthily off of plants alone. We cannot live off of animal products alone. You will die.

No human can be a strict carnivore. If you do not eat plants you will die. Am I getting that point across?

The fitness industry LOVES to quote science and research but then completely ignore anything that is counter to their beliefs. It is one of the most asinine things I have ever witnessed. Unfortunately you just can’t do that. You either believe in science or you don’t. You do not get to believe in just the science you want to believe in that supports the belief that you have.

The FACTS are this:

  • humans are designed to eat mostly plants. Our teeth are more similar to herbivores and are designed to grind and break down plant material. They are not designed like a carnivores.
  • our digestive tract is long and filled with plant destructing bacteria.
  • we have nutritional needs that can ONLY be met by plant.
  • there is not a single instance currently or in known history of a culture with a permanent animal based diet. It has never existed. (Yes, there are some very small groups of humans in the far north, the Inuit, who have adapted to a mostly animal based diet for some of the year, if you are Inuit then you can follow the traditional practices, if you are not Inuit…well, then you are not and you shouldn’t follow their diet).
  • our paleo ancestors ate mostly plants. Do the research from EVERY SINGLE paleoanthropologist on Earth, they will confirm this.
  • we DO NOT eat the right meat. Our ancestors ate like this very infrequently. We want steaks and chicken breasts. We should be drinking blood, eating the organs, bone marrow, and fat of animals. We would ate mostly fish, small animals and birds. Large game was sporadic and not the core of our diet. Again, please read the literature of paleoanthropologists.
  • plants can provide us with all the protein we need. The idea that animal proteins are completely necessary to optimal health is thoroughly debunked.
  • ALL. I repeat ALL, I state ALL, I reiterate EVERY SINGLE analysis of the healthiest and longest lived populations of humans shows the same thing, over, and over, and over, and over again: these people eat mostly plants with some meat and animal products. Every. Single. Time. This holds true.
  • our modern western culture eats too much meat, in way too large portions, and we are NOT eating enough fibre. You know, fibre from plants that your body needs to be healthy.

The fitness industry purports to be striving for evidence based practice and yet spends copious amounts of time attempting to debunk many of the things I just listed. I don’t understand that kind of methodology. You can’t only like the science that you like. You have to read ALL of the science and then follow the evidence.

And the evidence says that we can live off of plants alone, that eating mostly plants is healthier for us in the long run, and that we currently eat too many animal products.

Gosh, golly, gee, Coach Taylor, you sure sound like a vegan….

Why Vegans are Wrong

Besides the fact that their sanctimonious and incessant preaching makes vegans some of the most annoying human beings on Earth there are other fatal flaws in the vegan ethos.

Like their carnivore enemies need to understand, there are NO historical vegan cultures in the world. None. There are many today because technology has allowed humans to expand our options, however, veganism is not a natural state for humans. We are omnivores.

One of the primary arguments of the vegan world is ethical consideration for the environment and animals. There are grounds to support these arguments to be sure, however, a truly vegan diet is fraught with as many issues as my above carnivorous friends.

Yes, our mass factory farms are horrifically disgusting and morally reprehensible. If you can even stomach it, check out how animals are treated on the ‘farms.’ It tuly should sicken you. If you won’t look this up then you don’t deserve to consume animals. If you shop at Costco you support these factory farms and are a huge part of the problem.

Vegan friends: this does not mean the solution is complete abstinence of consuming animals. There ARE very ethical and very sustainable ways to raise and eat animals and animal products. Truly well designed farms, such as Blue Hill or Apricot Lane Farm are beautiful examples of this. Read up on Dan Barber or follow the work of Michael Pollan to begin to understand this.

These are shots from a local farm I purchase from

But the moral high ground of the vegan world is completely destroyed if we truly attempt to understand what it takes to live as a modern vegan. Fresh produce is not available year round in most parts of the world. That’s right my vegan friends, a fresh arugula salad in January tossed with kale and other bright greens, chopped peppers, and whatever else you want to add-in isn’t possible in the northern latitudes. You know, ‘cause it’s winter and stuff and the plants won’t grow.

So you have two options: mass greenhouses sucking up all kinds of resources, or, ship it in from other places in the world. You know, on boats, trains, trucks, planes and things like that. Huge. Environmental. Impact.

The majority of modern vegans are not willing to actually eat in a way that is necessary to be truly environmentally conscious. Foregoing ripe avacodos in February to eat yet another meal of cellar stored potatoes topped with cooked beans and fermented cabbage just isn’t going to make a pretty enough Instagram post. Plus…it’s so boring!

Now let’s take a look at the environmental catastrophe shipping all this food around the world creates. Not just from the transportation and packaging but more from the damage that you do to foreign nations. When plants grow they take nutrients out of the soil. What should happen is those plants should, 1) die and decompose those nutrients back into that same soil, or 2) be consumed by animals who then return those nutrients back to the soil through their excrement.

But today crops are raised in soil and then harvested and shipped off to foreign lands, taking those nutrients with them. Not returning anything to the soil. Eventually the soil must be fertilized with new nutrients (fertilizers) or new land must be cleared that hasn’t been sucked dry yet (clearing of forested areas and grasslands). To have a modern vegan diet you must contribute to huge environmental issues. For more on this read the work of Sir. Albert Howard. If you do not know who this is then you have not done your true homework on what is necessary to be a vegan or vegetarian.

The Game Changers attempts to show that only a vegetable diet keeps our blood free and clear of circulating fats associated with animal product consumption. While this is true they skip something vital. After consuming animal products we do have hours of higher circulating blood fats. True. However, this is only an issue if you are eating all the time.

Fasting my friends. We aren’t supposed to eat all the time. When you only eat once or twice a day you are not constantly living in a state of cloudy blood plasma. And this is actually how we are supposed to eat.

Lastly, people who become vegans get some shit all fucked up. Just because it is made entirely from plants does not mean it is healthy for you. Plant based products, like the Beyond Meat burger, are often disgusting packages of process garbage. They are not healthy. Just because it is labelled vegan does not mean it is healthy.

We still need to avoid processed foods that are massed produced. Period. End of story.

Tired of reading yet? You can just listen to me cover topics if you prefer!!!

What you SHOULD Do

It is all so confusing. As these camps battle it out to assert their righteous dominancy over the other the actual science is lost and people are left confused.

The truth is simple. Human nutrition is simple. The solutions are simple.

Eat a diet mostly of plants.

Not, not just kale salad. Whole grains, rice, beans, legumes, potato’s, sweet potatoes, broccoli, peas, peppers, and a bajillion other options. There is a massive array of plants out there and you probably only eat a very few. Variety.

Like Arnold says in the documentary, you don’t have to stop eating meat, just cool it a little. One or two days a week eat totally plant based. I can attest that the more I dive into the world of plant based meals the more I love them and look forward to them. They are delicious.

Eat animal products

Yes, eat animal products. In the winter when plants are not as available animal products provide us with beautiful packages of nutrition to compliment what we are lacking from fresh produce.

Eat eggs. Butter. Yogurt.

Ethically source your meat from local sources. Seriously, it isn’t hard. Google search your area and I promise there are local farmers who will deliver to you or will be at a nearby market.

Stop eating boneless skinless chicken breasts and sirloin steaks. Sometimes have those but recognize this is NOT what humans were meant to live on. Birds, small game, insects, amphibians and organs turn most of us off and that is a huge issue. That is what we evolved to primarily eat as animal sources.

At least buy whole chickens and roast them. Then eat all of the parts and use the carcass to boil down for soups and broths. Use the whole animal. Tip to tail is a very important movement that has to become more prevalent.

Eat Less

We eat too much. You should never feel stuffed. You shouldn’t need a nap after a meal. That is all I have to say about that.

Eat Only Real Food (and cook it)

We need to recognize processed foods for what they are: poison.

Cereal, cakes, cookies, ice cream, candy, chips, crackers, packaged meals, pre-made, everything, instant whatever. It is all garbage. It is all poison. You literally are ingesting poison.

Eat food that you have to prepare yourself. That you have to cook. That if you left on the counter for a day would spoil.

Yes, it is time consuming and requires effort and work. But hey, it’s just your fucking LIFE and the health of your family we’re talking about. No big deal.

I didn’t say my advice was going to be the new and easy way to be healthy. Just that it would be the truth.

Most of the people attempting to shred The Game Changers film are missing the point entirely. The documentary isn’t trying to convert everyone to veganism. They are simply refuting the idea that you HAVE to eat animal proteins for high-end performance. And it does a great job of this. The science in the film is solid, it isn’t complete, and there 100% is an important place in our diet for animal products so you don’t have to become a vegan, nor do I think people should.

The use of the term plant-based vs. vegan is an important thing to note. I think this is a very powerful change in terminology and one that I hope is not appropriated by the vegan camp. Because the simple facts are this: in general we eat too many animal products and not enough plants and changing this is the most important thing you can do for your health.

The idea of the film and what I am personally attempting to get across is just this: eat more plants. Eat more real food.

It will literally save your life.

-Coach Taylor

Why Counting Calories is Worthless

It still remains the holy grail of the fitness world and the first advice spewed from the lips of every dietician out there: count your calories to lose weight. There is so much wrong here I am at a loss where to begin.

Let’s start with a bold statement: I believe counting your calories is stupid, futile, and a complete waste of your time. Additionally, I believe counting your calories is impractical and creates unhealthy associations with food in addition to creating permissions to eat unhealthy food.

For anyone who has read my blog for a while you might currently be scratching your head. “But Coach, you wrote that blog called ‘The 500 Calorie Myth and 4 Reasons You Should Track Your Calories.’” This is true. In 2015 I did write that blog.

The 500 Calorie Myth and 4 Reasons You Should Track Your Calories

For truly dedicated readers, however, you might remember an even more ancient scripture I published entitled, ‘Healthy Food Has No Nutrition Labels,’ posted in March of 2008 talking about how useless nutrition labels are and how eating healthy doesn’t require counting anything.

Healthy Food Has No Nutrition Labels

WTF is going on Coach? Your message seems a wee bit contradictory. Now what am I supposed to do? What am I supposed to believe?

I am sorry to cause you this amount of duress! I understand! There are contradictory messages here. I can explain!

I went through a phase. I had an idea, which I attempted to implement and then recognized it was an abysmal failure. I admit that. It was a bad idea. The intention was good but the process was not just unrealistic but wholly unnecessary.

To be healthy and fit it is 100% unnecessary to count your calories, weigh your food, or measure anything. Not only is that true but it also leads to other issues that I now recognize as common among fitness and non-fitness people alike.

Issues With Calorie Counting

1) Your numbers are wrong.

Those calorie counting apps and that old calorie count book in your cupboard are not accurate. The calories they list are based on a testing method in a lab and then averaged out to provide label information (Click HERE for an explanation).

Additional to the fact that the calorie content is determined in a totally different manner than how your body works it completely ignores that foods aren’t created equal. Two heads of broccoli that weigh the same could actually have different total calories based on a plethora of factors such as where they were grown, how long since they were harvested, what variety they are, weather conditions during growth, and water content. Things get even more complicated when you attempt to measure calories in foods with multiple ingredients!

The honest truth is that you cannot ever know how many calories you are eating with great accuracy. All you can ever have is a rough estimate or guideline based on laboratory testing.

2) People are different.

If three difference people were to somehow eat the exact same item of food (which is kind of impossible and as we saw above three different portions of the same type of food can be different) they would each make use of different amounts of calories.

Creative group of different people, flat style, vector illustration

Different gut bacteria, varied digestive tract lengths, varied physiology, illness, genetics and yet ANOTHER large list of variable factors come into play here. How many calories are digested and the used by the body from food fluctuates and is actually fully, 100%, completely impossible to measure. If you eat 300 approximated calories from a food it is literally impossible to know if your body converted 100 of them or 300 of them into useable energy in the body. Impossible to know.

3) Food Combinations

It is pretty rare to eat just one food at a time. We add sauces to things, create recipes, have full meals consisting of a multitude of food items, and often have wine or beer with food. Each of these factors plays a role in total calories as well as how much of that food energy is digested and used by the body.

Many alcoholics are malnourished even those who eat seemingly good food. Why? Their body spends so much time processing alcohol that it never gets the chance to properly process the food that is eaten. While your glass of wine with dinner isn’t going to make the whole meal a nutrition wasteland it will have an effect on how much energy and which nutrients you are going to be able to process and absorb.

Combining foods changes how they are digested and processed, this in turn will affect how the calories are absorb and how available the calories will be. This is the same in foods that consist of multiple ingredients. Eating raw zucchini is different than eating a zucchini chocolate cake.

4) Cooking and Processing

When you cook food it changes the bioavailability of macro and micronutrients of food. Typically the more a food is cooked the more available the calories are from that food (up to appoint, the blackened charred steak your mom used to serve you was probably devoid of any actual useable calories…). Eating broccoli raw vs. eating steamed broccoli will give different amounts of calories and change how much food energy your body can obtain from it.

Processing food into simpler forms or creating quick cooking versions of foods, again, will change how much useable energy your body can get from that food. Think of those rice dishes you buy in the plastic package that get thrown into the microwave for just 2 quick minutes to provide you a meal, those overly processed ingredients will be very different in your body than the same portion of sow cooked rice from raw grains.

Add to these factors the knowledge that each person eating the food also will utilize different amounts of food in different ways at different times and Pandora’s Box is bust wide open.

5) Disordered Eating

I am not talking about full on eating disorders here but more about the completely weird relationship our modern culture has with food. It is a complete disaster. We are constantly thinking about food, deciding what is good for us or what is bad for us, how much we should eat, when we should ‘treat’ ourselves, and about a million other variables. This is what I consider disordered eating.

Eating shouldn’t be complicated. You shouldn’t have to think so much about it. It should be enjoyable, delicious, wholesome, and a positive part of your day. Something you look forward to.

But our fixation on calories and portions and our association between these things and our bodies has created something of a monster inside of our heads. When was the last time you ate with no feelings of guilt or concern over the health benefits (or lack thereof) contained on that plate in front of you?

We are so fixated on an arbitrary number that is wholly unknowable that food has become about as enjoyable as the math test is has become. The idea that we must know the calorie content of what we eat has so permeated our culture that we have completely forgotten how to eat.

This brings us to the crux of the issue and why counting calories is a completely worthless endeavour.

Some of you might be throwing your hands in the air in exasperation at this point. How are you supposed to eat healthy? How are you supposed to know how much to eat? What should you be eating?

Somehow the human race survived for tens of thousands of years without counting calories, nay, without even knowing the concept of a calorie. Today millions of people do the same as well as every single animal and other organism on the entire damn planet. How? How is this possible?

The answer is actually so very easy, so very simple, that it just might astound you.

Here we go.

Eat. Real. Food.


As I wrote in 2008, the solution is to eat unprocessed food. Fruits, Vegetables, meat, eggs, nuts, seeds, beans, rice, and whole grains.

Variety of organic food including vegetables fruit bread dairy and meat. Balanced diet.

Make it all yourself. That’s right, you are going to have to cook. To chop, slice, dice, roast, fry, bake, sauté, steam, boil, and grate. Basic human skills that are less common now than ten more minutes surfing Instagram.

On a recent podcast I talked about the fact that there are bad foods and good food but then recommended an alternative way of thinking about things that I believe is the answer to so many health issues today. Real food vs. not real food.

The modern processed food industry is beyond scary. Protein powders instead of meat and dairy, products filled with so much corn in guises you don’t even recognize that they could hardly be called food, additives, preservatives, colouring agents, and emulsifiers. It is this garbage that truly has deleterious effects on our health.

There is no one who is over fat and unhealthy who eats a real food diet free from processed modern pseudo-food. No one. None. They don’t exist. There is no culture with an obesity epidemic that foregoes processed foods in favour of traditional cooking practices. In fact, the rise of obesity in developing cultures is always link to the introduction of western processed and massed produced food.

The answer is so simple. I didn’t say easy, just simple.

When you are eating real food there is no need to count calories or measure and weigh anything. No one is over fat because they eat too many raw veggies, farm fresh eggs, and roasted chicken. NO ONE.

Just like the thousands of years before the idea of the calorie was conceived and there was no obesity epidemic nor disordered eating all you have to do is cook and eat real food.

Somehow humanity survived.

-Coach Taylor