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Healthy Food has no Nutrition Labels

Healthy food doesn’t have nutrition labels.

There is so much talk about learning to read nutrition labels and to always compare the labels of different foods when deciding what to buy. Here is something to think about…healthy food doesn’t have nutrition labels.

(Let me note that there are exceptions to this rule and I will get to them for sure!)

Here is the easiest thing you can do in the grocery store: choose the food that is label free.

Let’s think about it for a moment. Fruit and vegetables – no nutrition labels. Meat and seafood – no nutrition labels. Fresh bread and grains – nutrition labels.

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Women! Stop lifting weights or you will get huge!

Here is one of those exercise myths that truly needs to stop being perpetuated.

 Looking over the past 10 decades or so there are numerous examples of truly inaccurate information that people believe wholeheartedly.

 Remember when women were told not to ride bicycles because it would prevent them from having children? How about the notion that eating fat would make you fat? (If you believe that one still you need to keep reading my posts). Eating only soup is the diet answer, the grapfruit diet, the ab roller, the thighmaster, the jiggle your fat off systems. The list is not only long but extremly comical.

Somewhere in the last 20 years women have been taught that lifting weights will make them huge, muscular, hulks with deep voices and 5 o’clock shadows. OMG, this is ridiculous.

 Female clients are always telling me that they do not want to ‘get huge’ or ‘bulky’. Even better is when they tell me that within a few weeks of lifting weights they notice such large gains in muscle size that they stop the program.

 I have a deal with all of my clients that if they ever wake up, look in the mirror and think, ‘wow, I have too much muscle and look too jacked’, I will give them $100 and free training for a year. Six years of training, ten years of dispensing advice, and I have yet to pay out on that offer.

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I do not accept your excuse

What is the definition of an excuse?

Excuse = something that is offered as an explanation in order to obtain forgiveness or justify action we know is unacceptable.

    What is the key point in my definition of an excuse? It is the fact that we know that our action (or inaction) is unacceptable. Lets be honest and upfront for a moment (alright, I always am).

    Everyone knows that doing little to no physical activity is not good for them. We all know that eating processed and deep fried foods is not good for us. But we continue to do it anyway and make excuses for it. Becasue that is what an excuse is, asking for others (or ourselves) to forgive us for our actions that we KNOW we should not be partaking in.

     What are some of the most common excuses I am innundated by? By far the most common one I hear is that people do not have the time to fit in activity. This is simply not possible. Everyone I know is caught up on at least one TV show or regularly watches or reads a news source. My rule is this: if you can find the time for that you can find the time to fit in some kind of fitness activity.

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Welcome! A little about me and this blog…

So I have finally come to a realization that many of my clients and all of the participants in my classes came to long, long ago: I like to rant. Preferably to a captive audience.

This made me think that maybe I should write all of my rants down somewhere so that everyone could enjoy them all the time, hence the birth of my book (no its not done yet). Why is it not done yet? Because every-time I start writing a new section or  something I have already written, I get myself lost n tangents as I start thinking.

 This blog is my attempt to alleviate all of that! It is my place to share information with everyone, dispel some fitness myths, answer questions, gather ideas, and hopefully create an area where people can come for information and discussion.

Everyday I hear something or see something that provokes a new rant-able topic and I am hoping that by sharing this with you I can help at least a few people navigate their path to health and fitness.

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