Evolution Training Program

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Evolution Training Program

Welcome to my Evolution Training Program. I am very excited that you have chosen to go on this journey and have placed your trust in me!

This program is the next step in my program design and is unlike anything I have ever built before. Hence the name of the program and my online training platform, this is the next phase in the evolution of fitness.

For anyone who does not know, program design is my particular speciality in the world of health and fitness and I have studied it intensively since my entry into the fitness world in 2001. That’s right, I have been studying, researching, practicing, and testing the best fitness programs for more than 18 years. Needless to say, how I do things now is VASTLY different than how I used to do them!

The irony of this evolutionary process is that the further I dive into the topic the more I am acutely aware that the best training methods and practices are actually from long in the past. The last century of fitness training has been a complete disaster and we are currently experiencing the ramifications of that. Our society is weaker, more injured, and less fit now than at any point in human history.

This does not mean that I fully negate the importance of science and scientific methodology or principles! In fact is very important to me that training matches our modern understanding of biomechanics, anatomy, physiology, psychology, and a few other ‘ologies’. There is nothing wrong with our modern understanding of the functioning of the human body, our issues are in the complete disregard for how the human body actually works and moves.

There. My lengthy introduction should have filtered out all the people who weren’t that serious about training.

You are still reading this, which tells me you are ready to evolve your own level of fitness. So let’s discuss exactly what this program is all about.

The Program

The human body is one of the most beautiful, complex, and capable organisms to have ever existed. It is an intricate symphony of hormones, cells, neurons, electricity, tissues, and fluids working in synch to give you life.

male anatomy running

It is a single unit that works together in absolutely every aspect. 99% of this entire process you are blissfully unaware of and the remaining 1% most people completely disrespect. Modern fitness segments everything into specific categories and treats them as independent entities. This is not, however, how everything works and training your body in this manner does more harm than good.

The evolution training program starts from the perspective that our body is a single unit working together and pays homage to this above all else. Every aspects of this program is designed to improve every aspect of your physical and mental fitness. You will be shocked at how quickly you FEEL changes to your body and to your movement when you train the body this way.

Physical training will be based on full body movement and be a mixture of bodyweight training and resistance based training. You won’t see any dumbells in here, however! Resistance merely means an added external load and this program will explore many things that modern fitness has forgotten. There are some awesome modern training tools out there and we are going to make use of those as well!

True fitness program would not be complete if it completely eschewed the mental aspects of health. Your body will never work to its potential if it is not working in tandem with your mind. No, we will not be hugging trees but there are going to be components of the program designed to connect your mind with your body. Maybe this sounds too ‘new age’ to some of you but therein lays the issue. Training your mind and body together is NOT new, it is an integral component physical fitness and your overall health.

There will be discussion and recommendation for nutrition as well. Meal plans and approved food lists will never appear in the program as I believe it is your responsibility to source the best nutrition and foods for your body and that are available to you in your area. I will provide guidance and recommendations that will seemingly be very simple but if followed and combined with the rest of the training program will allow your body to function at optimal levels.

By this point you might be thinking, ‘what the fuck does this have to do with the program? I thought this section was going to describe the program?’ Congrats! You just passed the second filter!

What To Expect

If you are reading this and you have not read the previous two sections, please, leave this page and DO NOT commit to this program. YOU are NOT the type of person I can train. The previous descriptions tell you everything you need to know about the true purpose of my evolution training program.

Now for the rest of you! What to expect from the program.


There is going to be a lot of body weight only flows and exercises. If you think that might not be challenging enough check out some videos of Olympic gymnasts…..

I will be using equipment in program. There will be alternative exercises listed if you do not have the equipment or access to the equipment, however, I highly recommend you invest! The purpose of the program is to give you a fitness direction for life so the equipment will last you a very long time.

What will we be using?

  1. Jump Rope
  2. Mace
  3. Battle Rope
  4. TRX
  5. Parallete Bars
  6. Kettlebells
  7. Hackey Sack

There may be a few other additions to this, such as a slackline, but I am not 100% sure of this yet. It is called the evolution training program for a reason!


There will be very little to no sets and reps as you are used to seeing in typical modern fitness programs. It will definitely not include three sets of ten reps of this exercise then three sets of ten reps of that exercise, blah blah blah. BORING. And ineffective.

Everything in the training program will consist of movement. Moving the body the way it was designed to move and sequencing these movements together to force the brain to work I synch with the body. The way it was designed to! Yes, sometimes it will feel like trying to remember dance choreography (which is a LOT harder than you realize!) but it is a vital part of beginning to truly train your body. So much of modern fitness is mindless plodding along. If you can listen to an audiobook and train at the same time YOU ARE NOT TRAINING.

I am going to challenge every aspect of your fitness. It is going to be sometimes frustrating and sometimes awesome. You are going to come out the other side fitter in every possible way.


 How hard you work is going to be on you. Yes, you should be breathing hard, sweating, and challenging yourself. I won’t force you to that. It has to come from within yourself if you truly want to change the trajectory of your fitness for the rest of your life.

I may put in suggest times for sets and rests, however, these will be guidelines and I will expect that you put in the effort appropriate to the goal you have for yourself.

Have to think

I am going to force you to think. Not too much at first but definitely as the program progresses. How am I going to do this?

YOU have to contribute to the program. As you learn to move your body more efficiently and as you become competent with the equipment you will quickly discover new ways of moving. At some point a new movement, or a variation of the prescribed movement, is just going to ‘feel right.’ This is the ultimate goal.

I want you to share that with me and with fellow participants. You will create new flows that all of us will try! They will be incorporated into the program as we progress. Why?

The best way to learn something and to truly master something is to teach it to someone else. This is the ultimate challenge of your knowledge and skills. I do not expect you to catch up on my two decades of learning and study! As you experience this style of training, however, you will find that some things begin to feel natural and new movements will spontaneously happen, new ideas will occur, and new flows will be born.

As a human this has always been how we evolved our methods and abilities. Experimentation, sharing, and practice. I believe this has to be incorporated into the program.

Lastly, there will be a focus on play. I will be putting out a blog on the importance of play to the human organism and how devastating it is to our culture that it becomes abolished as we leave childhood.

Every training session will include an open play segment. I will go into more detail once the program begins about this. For now, if that makes you a little bit nervous, if that scars you a little bit, if that turns you off of this program, know that these are THE EXACT signs that you NEED to learn more about play and how to incorporate it!

At first it might feel a little weird and you ay have some trepidation about it. Like any skill you will muddle through awkwardly at first and they slowly get better at it. Unfortunately modern culture has become so devoid of play that it is now a skill most of us should learn. It WILL become a huge part of your life over time if you let it and you will be amazed by what a huge difference it will make in your life.

Optional Aspects­

I hate, let me emphasize, I HATE that I have labelled this section as optional. However, our culture is so fucked that everything have included to this point is already a challenge for most people. I want to help more people truly change their lives so I am forced to play nice sometimes in order to not drive EVERYONE away.

The following aspects of the program are going to be optional. Obviously I highly recommend them and promise that if you incorporate them the results will be well worth the discomfort and learning.

Cold training: 2-5 minutes a day of cold exposure. Cold showers work the best

Meditation: at least 5 minutes a day of GUIDED meditation

Outdoor Training: as frequently as possible train outside. And take your shirt off to

get sun on your skin! This is the only time minimal clothing selfies

are acceptable!


Again this is going to consist of guidelines instead of rules. Those who participate in the program will be getting far more details of this. Essentially the guidelines are:

  • Fasting Periods, commonly called intermittent fasting or time restricted eating
  • One day, preferably two days a week, plant only diet
  • Minimal, preferably no processed foods
  • Cook 90% of your food yourself (not from a box or pre-packaged option!)

That is literally EVERYTHING you need to do with your nutrition. Again, I will go through far more detail with the program participants!

Final Thoughts

The evolution training program is NOT like any other training program you have ever done or will find anywhere else. I wish this were not the case, alas, getting this message to the masses is impossible.

Evolution does not happen in a linear fashion. It has forward steps and backward steps, sometimes progress is blindingly fast and sometimes progress is seemingly non-existent. Staying the course and putting in the work over a long period of time is required and very few people are willing to do that.

You have read this far. Somewhere deep in your DNA this feels right. You might be nervous or have doubts, I get that, but we are so detached from our natural instincts that a lot of what I am talking about seems crazy today. It is not.

This program is the culmination of everything I know and have learned in the last two decades.

I don’t ask you to put your trust in me. I am just a guide sharing what I have learned so far. I ask you to put trust in yourself and to make the commitment to changing the way you have done things in the past.

Go on this journey with one singular focus: to follow the path. Don’t stress about what skills you have, how fit you are, what you look like, what you might miss or lose in the process, or any of the other myriad worries plaguing your mind.

One goal. Follow the path for four months. That is the only commitment you need to make.

I promise that the end is worth every single step of the journey.

-Coach Taylor

How to Sign Up and Cost

Now the big questions…how do I sign up and how much will this cost?

The answer is simple.

I am running this program through my online training platform, Evolution Online Fitness.

The program will run until the end of the year and all you have to do is sign up for my online platform as all Evolution Online Fitness members have access to the program!

A six month membership is $300 ($50 per month), and will get  you through the entire program PLUS you will still be training with me come the New Year!

There is a three month option if you prefer, however, this will not get you all the way through to the end. Totally your choice how you wish to proceed!

All you have to do to sign up is join my Evolution Online Fitness platform and post in the forum that you are joining the program! As easy as that!

Questions? Feel free to send me a message!

Health and Fitness Coach