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“The Fitness World is Setting you Up for Failure.” Huffington Post, February 2017.

“Top 3 Things to Look for When Hiring an Online Trainer.” Huffington Post, October 2016

“I took a Sledgehammer to the scale in my Fitness Studio.” The Huffington Post, January 2017.

“6 Steps to Achieving your New Year’s Resolutions.” Huffington Post, December 2016.

“How to Get the Most out of your Gym Session.” Huffington Post, September 2016.

“Free Weights Offer a Safer, More Efficient Workout Than Machines.” Huffington Post, September 2016.

“The 6 Biggest Problems I see in the Fitness Industry.” Huffington Post, September 2016.

“6 Brutally Honest Reasons You Aren’t Seeing Weight Loss Results.” Huffington Post, August 2016.

“Things that should be banned from the Gym.” Mind and Muscle Magazine, 2016.

“5 Ways to Get your Cardio when it’s Cold.” Muscle and Performance, February 2019.

“Strong is the New Sexy.” Optimyz Magazine, March 2019.

“5 Surprising Cost for Building a Gym.” The Personal Training Development Centre, 2016.

List of Articles Selected by the Personal Training Development Centre for “Top Articles of the Week”

Top Article of the week June 1st, 2014 “The Brutally Honest 6 Reasons you are still Overfat”:

“You’re Probably Doing Lunges Wrong” – Article of the week February 22, 2015:

“Why I love Fasting and You Should too” – Article of the week March 24, 2019

“How to Cut Through the Crap” – Article of the week September 22, 2019

“The Secret Exercise to Drop fat and Boost Performance” – Article of the week September 1, 2019

“The One Thing you Need to Do for a Healthy Diet” Article of the week October 13, 2019

“Why Counting Calories is Worthless” – Article of the week October 20, 2019

“Carbs are not the Enemy” – Article of the week December 8, 2019

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