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Academy Opens November 9, 2020! 

The kettlebell.

THE best fitness training tool. Period.

If you could only choose one piece of equipment to use for the rest of your life THIS IS IT.

You have heard me rant about it. Now it’s time to learn it.

If you have never touched a kettlebell or you have been tossing them around for a while, my kettlebell academy is going to show you just how awesome this piece of equipment is

If you have never touched a kettlebell before: 
I will teach you! 

If you think swings and cleans are everything kettlebell, I will show you what this tool can ACTUALLY do!!! 

  • Work directly with Coach Taylor
  • Tutorials and videos
  • Four week programs for each module
  • Minimum of four weeks but can take longer based on experience
  • Private Facebook group for tips, questions, advice, and getting to know other Academy members!
  • Forever access to Coach Taylor’s Kettlebell Programs!

The Academy 

Over the course of four modules I am going to teach you everything I know about kettlebells. 

Module One

In this first module I will teach you the necessary basics. How to pick-up the kettlebell, the hip hinge, swings, TGU’s, cleans, the snatch, different hand grips and position, as well as proper holding positions. 

If you’re a beginner this is where you need to start. Those who have used KB’s before will greatly benefit from having a focused period reinforcing all of the patterns, plus you might learn a few new things. 

Module Two
Complex Patterns

In the second module it is time to add in some more complex movements like the windmill, figure 8’s, presses, and leg patterns. Will also intro basic flips and get you used to changing grips. 
We will also start putting together some pattern work and movement combinations. 

Module Three

This module I will challenge everything you have learned so far. 
We will learn advanced flips, hand changes, direction changes, bottom’s up work, and side swings! 
Some more complicated patterns will be presented and you will be loving the ‘bells now!!! 

Module Four
Strength and Conditioning 

This is it. Showtime. 
Everything you have learned and practiced over the first three modules will all come together. This is all about strength and conditioning! 
Advanced programs and workouts making use of all things kettlebell to challenge your body and show you just how amazing working with this tool can be! 

This is the training program and you are going to feel it!


Once you have completed all four modules you video yourself performing specific flows and sets and apply for graduation from Coach Taylor’s Kettlebell Academy. 

You will be stronger and fitter and have the greatest feeling of accomplishment you have ever experienced! 

All graduates will have access to future modules as well as to a specialty training program designed by Coach Taylor. Additionally, all graduate will have the opportunity to gain access to Coach Taylor’s Advanced Kettlebell Training Programs. 


If you have never touched a kettlebell in your life, no problem. Module one starts right at the basics! How to pick up the kettlebell and each of the basic movements needed to lay the foundational movements.

As the modules progress these movements are the base of all the advanced movements.

There is no rush!

Each module is four weeks long but you can take it at your own pace! For beginner KB’ers it might feel right to take an extra few weeks truly mastering the basics before diving in to module two and beyond!

Current Kettlebell’ers

For those of you who train regularly (without kettlebells) it’s important to realize that this is a VERY different training tool to what you’re used to. You will adapt quickly and your base level of strength and conditioning will serve you well.

However it can also hinder you! Because you already have a decent grasp of how your body works and have some sick strength going on, it is very easy to try too much too soon, which spells disaster. Sure, it can mean injury, but it also can mean you use your strength to push the kettlebell around and miss a lot of the nuances of the true techniques.

For those who have used kettlebells before this is still an awesome Academy. Going back to the basics is really essential. It can clean up sloppy technique and is a great assesement of where your skills are at.

Yes, even going back to practicing basic swings confers a ton of advantages! I am decently competent on with kettlebells and I often go back to the basics for multiple sessions just to reinforce those base patterns. And it’s not like you won’t get a great workout in the process!!!!

Get started now with the Turkish Getup!!!!!! 


****Note – these are INTRODUCTORY prices!!! The next time I open Academy entry the cost will start at $250 per module!!****

Module 1

Module 2

Module 3 

Module 4

Buy All Four Modules as a package
($115 off the cost of buying individually!)
(Buy all four modules and I will include a two month membership to my online training platform!!!!)

Coach Taylor will get back to you! 


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