Welcome! A little about me and this blog…

So I have finally come to a realization that many of my clients and all of the participants in my classes came to long, long ago: I like to rant. Preferably to a captive audience.

This made me think that maybe I should write all of my rants down somewhere so that everyone could enjoy them all the time, hence the birth of my book (no its not done yet). Why is it not done yet? Because every-time I start writing a new section or  something I have already written, I get myself lost n tangents as I start thinking.

 This blog is my attempt to alleviate all of that! It is my place to share information with everyone, dispel some fitness myths, answer questions, gather ideas, and hopefully create an area where people can come for information and discussion.

Everyday I hear something or see something that provokes a new rant-able topic and I am hoping that by sharing this with you I can help at least a few people navigate their path to health and fitness.

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