What’s the Best Way to Lose Fat?

The answer might surprise you.

It’s not running, hitting the treadmill or the elliptical. It’s not about walking an hour and a half a day or increasing the amount of housework or yard work you are doing. You don’t have to increase the amount of time you are exercising, 2 hours at the gym is completely unnecessary!

In fact running, the elliptical trainer, yard work and housework, biking, swimming, and all those other things people jump into doing may actually do the opposite of what you expect! They are teaching your body to keep all the fat you currently have and store as much as it can whenever it gets your opportunity!

Now, let’s clarify something. I am not saying any of these activities are bad for you, I am not saying they each do not have their benefits, and I am not saying you shouldn’t do them. But I am saying that we need to look at them in the context of what your goals are.

And if your goal is to lose body fat, well, traditional cardio exercise performed3 or 5 hours a week at a low to moderate intensity is NOT an appropriate training protocol. Remember that the longer you can do something the more efficient your body must become and an efficient body is one with a metabolism that can slow down as much as possible while still accomplishing the activity.

Some of you will be shocked. I will most likely get a few emails and phone calls saying how wrong I am. I might even have more fellow fitness practitioners in town expose to everyone they can that I do not know what I am talking about. All of this is fine with me. But if you listen, look at the research, and follow what the top practitioners in the field are practicing I will help you drop the fat off.

Also to note, I am not talking about WEIGHT loss here. I am talking about the most effective way to lose body fat. So I will only use the term fat loss. And what is this miracle cure?

HIT  training. No, we are not going to lace up the old boxing gloves and punch you in the face. HIT refers to High Intensity Training. And what, you ask, is that?

It is increasing the intensity of what you are doing and shortening the duration. So instead of plodding along on that elliptical chatting to your neighbour you are going to make it a little tougher. Instead of spending two hours lifting weights and chatting more than you lift you are going to take out most breaks and crank up the weight. Essentially, you can make any program fit into the HIT protocol.

Research dating back as far as the early 1990’s has shown time and again that higher intensity training is more effective at burning off body fat than lower intensity exercise. So why do so many purported fitness professionals keep telling you to do your cardio for fat loss? Simple, they don’t know what they are talking about.

Well, they might have known what they  were talking about years ago, but they have obviously not been keeping up on their research and practice! They are just spewing out the same old same old they learned from the people before them.

Here are links to blog posts I made well over a year ago concerning HIT training. See, it’s not even that new! Some of the first books I read when I lost over 65 pounds in University espoused the benefits of this style of training.



But does it work? You bet! This is the style of training you see on the Biggest Loser reality show and look at the weight that drops of them! This is the style of training our own Kingston’s Biggest Loser contestants are going through right now. In five weeks we have an average weight loss of 12 pounds and an average of 10 inches lost per participant. Not to mention how much stronger they are and how much better they feel. Oh, and they are not starving! Weird concept eh?

Don’t believe me? Check out my wife Whitney’s blog for some links to this and other fitness myths that abound out there!


Is it for everybody? Absolutely. Maybe not yet. If you have not exercised for a long time, or maybe you have never been very physically active you shouldn’t jump into crazy HIT training. If you don’t start a little slower you will end up being one of the injured P90x or Crossfit followers. You need to start a little slower but know that the goal is to get into HIT training.

Yeah, it hurts a little, its tough, you will sweat, hurt, and cry. But you will be stronger for sure! Not to mention leaner and stronger!

So get off you elliptical and find a set of stairs. Sprint up them, do 10 pushups, walk down and jump rope for 30 seconds. Should take about a minute and a half. Do a 5 minute warm-up, perform 5 sets of the set I just described, then a 5 minute cool down period. Should take under 20 minutes. I promise if you can get through it all you will not doubt the information I am giving you!

And don’t be afraid to seek out help. Best to get help at the beginning than spin your wheels blindly for weeks and have to go and get the help then. There are lots of resources online and lots of gyms and fitness facilities in our area that can teach you this fat burning style of working out!

Questions and comments are always welcome!


My message to our Biggest Loser Participants after Tuesday’s episode of the real show

Here are things you should all focus on from the show tonight:

1. Just like I warned everyone before…the biggest challenge you are going to have is the lack of support from family and friends. You may not have noticed it, but it is coming, I promise! Especially as the holiday season roles into town.

You saw it on the show tonight. They are all out eating and everyone around them is eating shit. Piles of greasy shit. Not even their loved ones trying to make positive changes is enough to change their mindset. How horrible.

Not only that but watch the look on their friends faces. They are angry at them for making helathy choices. And all the participants made a cardinal error…they were giving others advice.

I will give you advice: DO NOT give advice to anyone unless they ask for it! Trust us, we do this for a living! Until people ask for help you cannot help them and trying to force it on them is going to simply push them away and make them eat more shit on purpose! Watch, it will happen.

You need to sit there, make your choices and dont even bother to talk about it with anyone. If someone asks, just nswer their question, dont add extra advice. It is what we do with potential clients. You have to wait for them to want it. No matter how much you love your family and friends, you have to wait for them to want it.

2. Stop letting your kids eat piles of shit. It will kill them. If you are going to feed your kids greasy pizza, pop, and fries after appetizers and before dessert, you might as well hand them a rum and coke and a cigaretee. Seriously, thats what your doing to your kids. YOU are.

Now you cant force them. You need to set an example. One of the women onthe show pointed out that her kids were eating all of her old favorites. She taught them to love that food. Now you have to teach them to love other stuff. If you constantly moan and groan and talk about how hard it is, what do you think you are teaching your kids?

You are teaching them to hate exercise and healthy food! You parents know, they pick up everything. You cannot be the person who teaches them to hate being healthy and to hate healthy food.

You teach them by setting the example. Dont force it on them. Teach them, show them. Live the life you want them to have.

3. I hate this one. Cant workout becuase my family needs me. WHAT? Yeha, your family needs you to be fit, healthy and ALIVE. THey want you to have extra years on your life. You might miss a trip to the zoo here and there, you might miss the odd game of catch in the back yard, is this worth not seeing your grandkids? You think shaving years off your life is worht it?

Oh your too busy, everyone needs you too much. Here is something, if Barrack Obama can workout 5 times a week so can you. Complain all you want, none of you are busier than President Obama. If you think you are we need to do some counselling.

And why is it that all the men make the time and the women give the same old sob story about how they just cant leave their family. Yes you can, find a way. You HAVE to. If you dont you wil DIE. And your last few years on this earth will not be all that enjoyable anyway.

If your health and fitness is not your priority you are signing your death warrant. And you are setting your family and friends up for a lifetime of suffering and misery. Please, do not teach your kids to hate exercise and healthy food!

You need to teach them (kids, family, and significant others) that it IS possible to eat helathy and enjoy life and to be fit and healthy. To take care of yourself and that is can all be done in an enjoyable way.

And if you dont feel that you need to learn to. Because it doesnt matter what you TELL your kids, they will do what YOU do, they will be the way YOU are. You cannot tell them, you can only show them.

4. This isnt easy. This is challenging. Commercial breaks on the show? 50% shit. Twizzlers, restaurants, Ice Cream, all of it is advertised. Our whole culture is centered about convenience and rich food.

This is not going to get easier. It is going to get tougher. Especially once the program is done. You are going to need a new goal, a new focus. If you dont develop that then you are going to fall back where you are.

Remember that this is not a result or a destination that we are working on. This is the beginning of a journey that is going to last the rest of your life.

Step one done.


Welcome Fly FM Listener’s!

Some of you reading this have probably come here after listening to my inaugural Fly FM fitness spot! You can join all of 98.9 The Drive listener’s who have been stuck with my tips and advice for almost a year now!

Every Monday morning at 8:45am I am going to be providing you all with health and fitness information before you kick off your work week. Hopefully, this will set you up for making some changes during the course of the week!

My hope is that this will become an interactive slot. I want to answer the question you have and provide you with the information pressing on your mind!

As long as it is related to health and fitness I will answer your questions (sorry, marriage counselling, raising kids, and career advice are outside my scope! :)).

So anything you want to know or tips you need send them my way here on the blog, through my email, or through Fly FM’s website and blog!!

Look forward to becoming a part of your health and fitness!



Injuries Will Happen

This will be shorter than usual (I have a tendency towards the long winded side of writing).

We have people dealing with injuries all the time. It is a natural part of exercise, of movement, or living. Our bodies go through stress daily and it is inevitable that issues will arise.

Firstly, do not let this discourage you. Injuries are simply your body telling you to slow down, take a step back, fix some issues, and then work back up towards your goals. They DO NOT mark the end of your fitness program and routine. If you let go of your fitness you are throwing away your life, your ability to be mobile, healthy , and active!

The next point: if you are healthy and follwoing a fitness program, you need to be treating the injuries you do not yet have. Thats right, treat your body right, treat it like an injury is around the corner.

How? Have hot tubs/hot baths frequently. Make sure you are maintaining your flexibility through proper movement prep and exercise. Ensure you are eating a healthy, well-balanced diet. Ice sore joints before it gets serious. Pace yourself, remember time off exercise is JUST AS IMPORTANT as the exercise you perform.

But please – do not let your fitness fall to the wayside because of an injury. You can work around it. If you can’t, how are you going to maintain a quality o flife that is active, healthy, fit, and fun?



To BOSU or Not to BOSU?

You see them at most fitness facilities now, the weird little half ball with a hard plastic side and rounded blue top.


The BOSU ball (stands for Both Sides Up) has been infiltrating the gym culture for over 5 years.
Why has it become so popular?
You will hear trainer after trainer talking about core muscles and their importance to the health of your back and spine. I have been saying this for a long time: they don’t know what they are talking about. (Not uncommon in the fitness world).
The theory is that performing exercises on this moderately unstable platform will cause enough instability for your body that it will respond by turning on more of your core muscles (abs, obliques, spinal erectors, TVA, etc.), which in turn would lead to a better workout for those muscles.
First, I would like to point out in a very I told you so kind of tone, that I have been saying for years that this doesn’t make any sense.
And now vindication! Recent research has demonstrated that performing exercises on the BOSU ball does not increase the activation of those core muscles any more than the exercises I have been prescribing for years: squats, deadlifts, lunges, and step-ups.
What? You mean those exercise I have been making the staples of every single training session for the lasy  years? All the while explaining diligently to my clients that those really are the best exercises for your core?
And what two exercises topped the list of the best for engaging and strengthening your core?
Squats and deadlifts!
If you are really concerned about your back health and core strength you need to be intimately involved with both of those exercises and all the variations of them. They are the most important ones you should master!

They key is to know the difference between activation and strengthening. Activation means they turn on. Strengthening means you are actually making them stronger. And to increase support for your joints and limbs you need strong muscles that activate.
In order to make a muscle stronger you need to make it work harder than it is used to. We typically accomplish this now by lifting weights or doing bodyweight resistance training. The more weight you can lift or move the stronger you will get. The stronger you are the more protected you will be.
Will you be able to life more weight on the solid floor or on the squishy unstable BOSU ball? I will let you take a stab at that one all on your own!.
Lift more weight, get stronger, be healthier. Simple. The key is to target the right exercises. None of these silly little tricep kickbacks and lateral shoulder raises. Squats and deadlifts reign supreme.
Now, is there a place for the BOSU ball? Definitely. If you need some variety to your workouts or want to improve your balance and coordination they can be a great change of pace. Are they necessary in your workouts to keep you strong and healthy? Absolutely not. But if you have the time and desire and want some variety they are a great tool to provide that!
And now you have another tool to discern the quality of fitness professional you are talking to. If they say the BOSU is the only way to go, you make sure to tell them where to go, and don’t spend your money or time on them!

The Biggest Loser

Last night saw the premier of season 8 of NBC’s, The Biggest Loser reality show. For those of you who don’t know that is not a statement about the contestants alleged social status, the show is all about losing weight and who loses the largest % or their total body weight.

Now I often talk about getting rid of the weight obsession we currently cling to. I still believe that. But when we are talking about being 40 or more pounds overwieght and having body fat percentages as high as 57% (yes, a current contestant is 57% body fat), getting your weight down is important, no, imperative.

I want to publicly state my support for this show and more importantly for the training programs we see Bob and Gillian crank people through on the show.

It is refreshing to see the exercise community get of its fat ass and start giving people the workouts they need. No more of this walking on a treadmill for an hour, no more silly elliptical machine for 45 minutes while you watch your favorite TV program. Enough is enough.

None of that is exercise! It is not going to get you fitter, leaner, and healthier. It wont make you stronger. It wont improve your cholesterol levels. It will not change your life.

It will bore you to tears and make you wonder why you are spending so much time at the gym slaving away to the whinning of the latest guest on x-weighted.

So lets use this fall season to make your workout a little different. To get you doing something useful and rewarding. To get you into the best shape of your life and to melt off some of that gross fat drooping off the most prominent places on your body.

Biggest Loser style.

If you want to learn more keep watching this blog or follow my twitter posts and I will give you the info you need.

If you want to know WHY this works and HOW your body works click the links to articles I wrote a couple of years back. Yes, thats right. None of this stuff is new, I have been preaching a long time!

Weight Training For Fat Loss ( http://www.mindandmuscle.net/node/172 )

Why Your Current Cardio os Off Track For Fat Loss ( http://www.mindandmuscle.net/node/190 )

Coming Soon

Watch for a new blog post coming later this week.

Also, join us on Twitter, TTiTraining, for updates, info, deals, and all sorts of other pertinent health and fitness information!

Whitney’s Blog coming soon.

Eat a healthy lunch today. Drop out anything deep fried (that includes chips!) for today.

Then add in 20 pushups and 20 squats (videos on our website if you do not know how to do that) and you will be well on your way to a pretty healthy day!!


Squat Challenge Week 2

Week 2

We are taking you to jump squats now. Whats that you ask?
Simple: do your bodyweight squat just when you stnad up jump off the ground. Its that simple!

-Make sure to look UP the whole time, NOT at the ground!
-The higher you jump the more challenging the jump squat. At a minimum your entire foot should come off the ground.
-Land softly! You should barely hear your foot hitting the ground

Thats it! Here is the rep scheme for the week (all jump squats):
Tuesday – 25
Wednesday – 50
Thursday – 75
Friday – 100
Saturday – 125
Sundy – 150

Hope you all enjoy it!!!

We would enjoy if all you dedicated peeps would through some pics up on the site!!!! Of youu doing squats…preferably clothed….

Fitness Challenge #2

Here we go – challenge #2.

This one is going to work a little differently. You will be doing a different variation of squats each week and we are not going to post every week in advance.

This will let you focus on what you are doing right now instead of stressing about what is coming.

Proper squat form and video clips can be found here: http://www.tayloredtraining.ca/fitness_studio/tt_5_week.php

6 weeks – lets go!

Week 1 – Follow this schedule for regular squats:
Mon – 50
Tuesday – 100
Wednesday – 150
Thursday – 175
Friday – 200
Saturday – 250
Sunday – 300

And trust me….the first week is easy.

Beware of the Scam!!!!!

Here is one I have had to deal with before. Isagenix.

A pyramid marketing scheme designed to make you rich quick…oh yeah, and improve the quality of your life through their AMAZING products!

What a load of shit. What it is great for is providing me an easy example of what to watch out for in the fitness industry and an easy example ofthe bottom feeding dredges who proliferate our business.

Read below for an email I sent to one of their reps recently after they attempted to solicit me into their scheme.

Check out there website as well, be carefult though, you may sign up and become a rep, I mean, the income and money is all worth it.


OMG I am in a rage…as soon as someone starts talking about how much money you can make, man, raging, raging anger right now…

Here is my email to their reps (do you think I held back too much?):

I have had to deal with this issue before. My response was the same then and will always be the same.
One of the things I hate about the health and fitness industry is the constant drive, need, and desire for people to make a quick dollar off peoples health. Of particular distaste to me is making profit from playing into the false beliefs and misconceptions that the majority of the population have about their health, goals, and fitness.
Everyone wants the quick and easy fix. They want to take a pill or supplement and achieve magical success and results. They want a six pack, look good in a bikini, or improve their health.  No one wants to hear that it takes hard work, dedication, determination, sacrifice and healthy eating practices to truly achieve lifelong health and fitness. But that is the real truth.
Isagenix is a ridiculous multi-level marketing scheme that promises to make you rich quick and earn a fantastic income. How? By giving false hope and misconstrued information to a naive and desperate public. You promise unrealistic results by taking a supplement.
The truth? People need a solid exercise program and a healthy nutrition program. The issue is not toxicity, it is lifestyle. It is eating crap food and drinking too much alcohol. It is being lazy and not doing an appropriate exercise program.
Sure this Isagenix program makes some good points and attempts to steer people in the right direction. But it DOES NOT in any way shape or form even begin to address the issues people need to deal with. People need a healthy diet and exercise. The video clip talks about no magic pills, or fad diets. This is exactly what Isagenix is and what is does. You play on peoples false believes and take advantage of it to make a profit.
Instead this company claims all your problems will be solved by using this program and paying a preimium fee.
Shakes and cleanses and bars. None of this has anything to do with the results. It is from the healthy food and proper exercise.
Our company has a mandate to improve the health and fitness of our population through real, realistic, and honest methods. This is why we are dedicated to providing as much free information as possible for anyone to access. Our services are there for those who want to use them if they choose.
I will never condone this company. I will never condone multi-level marketing schemes that promise to make huge revenue. All you have to do is get people working under you and selling these AMAZING products. What a snake-oil marketing technique, I thought these went extinct in the 1800’s.
I will do everything within my power for the rest of my career to bring down companies such as Isagenix and educate people to stay away from them. The products are no different than any products on the shelves in many local stores. The only difference is that for these products you pay a premium to ensure the pyramid of disreputable sales people involved make their quick bucks.
I make my life. Isagenix does not and it cannot. All this Isagenix pyramid does is make the top echelon of the company rich. With the recent econimc happenings (ie companies going bankrupt due to unlawful practices and unscrupulous business people) I am amazed that something like this can go on.
This is a scam and a joke. Please do not solicit this false and uneducated material to me, my company, my staff, or anyone who has a relationship with us. Myself and my staff will be watching and doing what we can in Kingston and the rest of the country to prevent people from falling into this trap.
Taylor Simon BA, CSCS

Strength and Fitness Coach