EP 66: My Evolution Training Program

Welcome to episode 66 of Coach Taylor Radio!

Some people noticed the teaser last week about my upcoming Evolution Training Program. That’s right, I am launching a training program for you, more teaser details are in this podcast!!!!!

On this episode:

Evolution Training Program ( 8:00 )
-everyone needs to be doing this with me

Why Back Squats HAVE to Stop ( 39:20 )

Ballistic vs. Strength ( 28:14 )
-why is this difference so important?

Training as You get Older ( 21:30)

Do You Need to Stretch? ( 35:30 )

Odyssey Update (3:10 )


Thank you for investing your time in my little corner of the internet!!!!! If you have questions or comments, do not hesitate to contact me!

-Coach Taylor

EP 65: How to Heal Your Biome

Welcome to episode 65 of Coach Taylor Radio!

This is a good one. I get asked all the time about how to get started taking care of your microbiome so I have a whole section on it!!! And the insta answers section is starting to become one of my favourite segments, lots of goodies in there!

On this episode:

How to take care of your microbiome ( 44:10 )

Ban these from the gym ( 33:10 )

Insta Answers ( 16:50 )
-is the genetic setpoint real?
-how to modify exercises
-everything in moderation
-my fav kombucha flavour

Odyssey Update ( 4:16)
-lots of stuff in here but really important to hear about
my attitude change with TGU’s

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-Coach Taylor

Ep 64: News on Fasting and Frustrated Rant

Welcome to episode 64 of Coach Taylor Radio!

While everyone will want to jump into the current fasting information I do hope that you take a listen to the section called Zombieland. It is a summary of how I feel about the whole health and fitness world and more generally about modern culture itself.

On this Episode:

Zombieland ( )
-a spiritual diatribe after another observation of the Costco parking lot

Fasting ( )
-can you drink black tea and coffee???

Odyssey Update ( )
-how it’s going and why insta is starting to weird me out….

Insta Answers ( )
-how to get back to fitness after an illness
-how important are your teeth?
-knee health and lunges
-has my odyssey actually made any difference in my life?

Thank you so much for listening! If you want me to keep podcasting after the year commitment is up – it is up to you to share it around!!!!!

-Coach Taylor

Ep 63: A Little Dry But VERY Important!

Welcome to episode 63 of Coach Taylor Radio! Actually posting on a Monday again AND got my livestream in! Will wonders never cease!

This episode is important. It’s all about fitness vs motivation and nutrition so it may seem a little dry. But it is very important to know the reasons behind what we do!!!

On this Episode:

Insta Answers ( 9:50 )
-kind of, more like FB group discussion….
-caloric restriction
-footwear and babies
-fasting and fat loss
-proper lunging
-white potatoes

Understanding Biomechanics ( 20:00 )

Why Off-set Loading is Crucial ( 33:00 )

Squats and Deads – Change Everything ( 42:00 )
-people have a love affair with these exercises
and I think they need to go…..

Odyssey Update (2:38 )

Thanks for listening!!! Any questions do not hesitate to send them my way!

-Coach Taylor

EP 62: A little Longer But Not Quite Normal

Welcome to episode 62 of Coach Taylor Radio!!! While it is another stunted edition I think it is an interesting discussion.

I am still pretty life busy but this upcoming week things should settle back down a bit so can get back to more regular posting and interaction!!!!

This episode I wanted to talk about some of the musings I have been having over the last two weeks while I slave away to tasks of my own design……

Any questions for episode 63 feel free to send my way!!!!!

-Coach Taylor

Ep 61: Running Isn’t Good Enough

Welcome to episode 61 of Coach Taylor Radio.

I promised an episode a week and I intend to deliver!!! I NEVER promised they would all be LONG!!!!!!

We just moved to a new place after 10 years at our home and the chaos is real!!!! Have not been able to put aside the time for an episode nor is my mindset right to really deliver!

So you are getting this! A sub-par audio short and sweet highly controversial episode. You’re welcome!!!

On this episode:

Running isn’t good enough and people being focused on going for a run are actually doing harm to their health in the long term!!!!

Ep: 60 What Has CHanged in 20 Years?

Welcome to episode 60 of Coach Taylor Radio.

This is a long episode and while parts may seemingly be unrelated to your health, I can assure you they are not!!!!!

The highlight of this episode is the section overviewing what I have changed my mind about over the last 20 years in this industry and I highly recommend you give that section a listen!!!

On this episode:

What have I changed my opinion on the most ( )
in the last 20 years

The great Facebook purge ( )
-Do you really have any friends?

Odyssey Update ( )
-halfway through the year!!!!!

Insta Answers ( )
-how to strengthen grip
-when to increase load for carries
-how to keep knees healthy
-are essential oils BS?
-can you drink too much water
-what water is best?
-how to get better at pullups

As always, thank you so much for listening!!! I love knowing that at least a few people out there are interested in real information about health and fitness!!!!!

-Coach Taylor

Ep 59: Talking About Stupid Food ‘Rules’ Gets Me Raging

Welcome to episode 59 of Coach Taylor Radio!

Whew. I got FIRED up today when I thought it was going to be a nice calm episode. But sometimes little things just set me off, lol.

Make sure to check out the how to eat healthy and cheap section! I think it is one of the most important segments I have ever recorded!!!!!

I also mention a book this episode: How We Eat Now, by Bree Larson. Read it.


On this episode:

How to eat healthy and cheap ( 43:40 )
-I think this is one of the most important segments I’ve ever recorded. If you only listen to one thing on this ‘cast make it this segment!!!!

Insta Answers ( 12:40 )
-HIT training while fasting
-how to improve form while training alone
-how much recovery between sets do you need (!!!!!!!!!!)
-fasting times changing
-evolution of my career
-ethically sourced seafood
-paralette bars

Odyssey Update ( 4:43)

How to transition to barefoot ( 56:30 )

You NEED to be training with these ( 36:00 )

DON’T eat like your grandma ( 32:00 )

Thank you all for listening!!! Feel free to send me any questions you have or just drop a line to say hello!!!!!

-Coach Taylor

Ep 58: Yes. The Beard is Gone.

Welcome to episode 58 of Coach Taylor Radio.

Yes. I trimmed up the big beard. I miss it already, lol. And I do discuss why!!! Which is BY FAR the most important part of this podcast!!!!!!

On this episode:

Why are we still so afraid of carbs? (28:01)

Goal setting, you’re doing it wrong (48:31)

Tricep dips again…. (23:40)

Stop watching the news (37:00)

Insta Answers (16:30)
-what foods should never be combined!

Odyssey Update (2:30)
-where’s the beard?
-foods never tasted so good
-do you even garden?
-how to be connected to your food

Thank you so much for listening! Any content you would like me to add, please feel free to ask!!!!

-Coach Taylor

Ep 57: Conspiracies Against Your Health

Welcome to episode 57 of Coach Taylor Radio. Listen to this one. Especially the section on why people are so dumb when it comes to their health and fitness. It is long but it is important.

On this episode:

Why Are People So Dumb? (34:20 )
-this is a LONG section that goes into some pretty deep stuff. But it is deep stuff that I believe is vital for people to understand.

Insta Answers ( 8:10 )
-Thoughts on Crossfit
-What to do about non-supportive spouse
-How to start and build a challenge
-How to maintain health at various events

Common Issues with Diet (24:30 )
-Will fasting hurt you
-What if people can’t afford healthy food?

My Thoughts on Stress Eating (31:20 )

Odyssey Update (2:56)

Thank you for investing your time in my little corner of the internet. It is my sincere hope to motivate at least a few people to make positive changes in their lives!!!!

-Coach Taylor

Strength and Fitness Coach