Episode 37 – Today I drop an epic truth bomb that is going to hurt your soul

Weights vs. Cardio and a hard to hear truth

Welcome to episode 37 of Coach Taylor Radio!

On this episode:

An epic truth bomb                      (21:30)
–> Why you’ll never be healthy and fit

Health Odyssey 2019 Update  (3:11)
–> My continuing year long journey

Cardio Days vs. Strength Days           (14:54)
–> Yep. Still have to talk about this.
–> How should you separate cardio and strength training?

Journaling                  (10:20)
–> Don’t skip this because you think it sounds boring……
It’s actually very important!!!!!!

Podcast was right at 30 minutes this time!!! Yay me!

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-Coach Taylor

Ep 36: Odyssey 2019, Marathons are dumb, Who do I follow, Goal setting, Death to squats and bench

Welcome to Episode 36 of Coach Taylor Radio

Weekly podcast goal is on track! As a part of my #healthodyssey2019 I am committed to podcasting weekly! I am hoping I don’t run out of things to talk about…… 😉

On this episode:

Why I think marathons are DUMB                 (18:10)

Odyssey 2019 updates              (2:43)

Squats, bench press, and 1RM testing must die       (33:20)

What goals should you set??               (30:00)

Who do I follow in the fitness industry?        (10:40)

I was attempting to make the podcast shorter and less ranty…. I DID NOT accomplish that this morning……..whoops.

Hope that this information inspires some of you to make awesome positive health and fitness additions to your lives!

As always – send your comment or questions my way!

-Coach Taylor

Episode 35 – where have I been, Health Odyssey 2019, #healthodyssey2019

Happy New Year!!!!!!!

An all new episode of Coach Taylor Radio!!!! That’s right – to kick of 2019 right I am dropping a podcast!

What is it about?

I chat about why I left the social media side of the fitness industry, why I am back and how it is going to be different!

The last year I have learned a lot and really made some dramatic changes to my philosophies when it comes to human health and fitness. I will chat about it a little in this podcast but in a lot more detail over the coming weeks!


I am embarking on a pretty awesome, some might call it scary, journey into the world of health and fitness. For the next year I am on an epic odyssey.

I chat a lot about what it is all about, why I am doing it, and what I hope to achieve! This will also guide all of the information and material that I am going to put out for the next year so tuning in will let you know if you are still interested in following my stuff!!!!!

Hope everyone is doing well and AS ALWAYS I am happy to answer questions!!!!

My instagram feed and facebook page will be updated much more regularly and with more detailed information!!!!

-Coach Taylor

Fitness Should Be A Chore

I can feel the fitness industry cringe as they read the title of this article.

There will be a backlash coming for sure. “How could you say that Coach Taylor? We have to make fitness fun and exciting for people to keep them interested and help them change their life!”


After 15 years working full time in this industry I would just have one question to all of those who disagree with me: how is that working out for you?

Seriously. Let’s just try for one second to look at the ACTUAL statistics instead of further diving into the magical unicorn wonderland that exists inside the heads of all the well meaning but grossly maligned people working in the fitness industry.

Obesity is on the rise.

Participation in fitness programs is stagnant.

Diabetes is on the rise.

Heart disease is not disappearing.

Joint replacement surgeries, bariatric surgeries, and other medical procedures related to poor fitness are all on the rise.

Depression is on the rise.

I could continue this list for most of my morning. However, I believe I have made my point.

The entire fitness industry has acted with alarming repetition for the last 4 decades. Fun. Interest. Excitement. The keywords that guide every fitness program and are puked out of the mouths of almost every speaker at every conference I have ever attended.

The thought is that we need to entice and coax people into a fitness environment that they enjoy and find fun in order to get them healthy and exercising. The whole industry does everything they can to make sure people have a plethora of options so that they can choose something that work the best for them. If we can help people find that one thing that they love doing then all of their health and fitness problems will be solved!


Not only do we want to make sure you love what you are doing, we also know what is best for you and will spend exorbitant amounts of time coercing and convincing you that you will love it too!

Three weeks! That’s all it takes to make a habit! You just have to stick it out for three weeks and then you’ll also love getting up at 5am, chowing egg whites and cabbage before heading to the gym to throw some iron around! Don’t worry you’ll love it! Look at me, look at me, look at me!!! See how much I love it!!!! And have you seen the latest half naked pic of me on my Instagram feed? Don’t I look awesome? Don’t you want to look awesome like me?

All you have to do is find out what you like doing that fits within the same things that I do and tough it out for three weeks and then fucking BAMMMO…..you will also be living inside my magical unicorn wonderland!!!!!!

Again fitness industry….how it that working out for you?

We need to flip the script. To change everything. To completely revamp the message and the practice.

I have evolved. And now you all need to live inside MY magical unicorn wonderland.

Lol, that’s a joke for all the idiots who are going to message me later about my huge ego and how I have no fucking idea what I am talking about. Don’t bother, there is a very high likelihood I don’t much care about your opinion.


I am old. Very, very old. I am pushing towards 40 years old and have been doing this full time as a career for over 15 years. Literally, when this became my career the majority of today’s fitness trainers and coaches were averaging in age around 5 to 10 years old. If you survey fitness professionals with more than a decade of full time experience and are around 40 years of age or older I would suspect they would tell you the same thing I am about to tell you.

I don’t know for sure though as it is a tough group of people to question as they are more concerned with actually working to make peoples lives better and aren’t answering the latest insta story survey question.

Alas….I digress again.

Fitness should be a chore.

No, wait. Let’s make that a more assertive statement.

Fitness IS a chore.

I hear the chorus of voices now, ‘but I love fitness, it isn’t a chore at all!’ I hear you. You just might think that.

Did you know there are actually people who LIKE gardening? Who LIKE cleaning their house? There are even humans that exist who LIKE cooking their own food!

But for the vast majority of people all of those activities are chores.

They are all activities that HAVE to get done in order for us to live and be healthy. We let farmers do our gardening. We either force ourselves to clean or join the growing trend of hiring house cleaners so we can avoid that as well. And most people wouldn’t know the difference between sautéing, steaming, boiling, or roasting their veggies anymore. Because that is just so much work.

These three examples are great to elucidate the fact that fitness led the pack many decades ago of things that are vital to humans that we will not do if given the chance.

And I truly believe that it is destroying us.

The great social experiment has to end. We have tried. We have tried to convince people to exercise. We have tried to make it fun, inviting, and entertaining. It hasn’t worked.

Now more than ever we must change the entire way we perceive health and fitness. Because we are on a treacherous path that is getting worse and most people have their heads stuck in the sand.

People don’t open their own car doors anymore. Chop or prepare their own food. Walk anywhere. Fuck, grocery DELIVERY is becoming more popular. We are so lazy now we can’t even be bothered going to a store to collect the food that has been grown, harvested, and prepared already for us.

We are moving less and less and less. If you truly look at how much you move in a day and go even deeper and look at the quality of that extremely small amount of movement I believe most people, including those working in the industry, would be truly shocked. It is horrific. It is scary. It needs to change.

And we need to change our entire collective attitude about it.

Fitness is a chore.

We need to coach it as a chore.

We need to treat it like a chore.

We need to market like a chore.

It needs TO BE a chore.

I am going to let you in on my philosophy of physical fitness:


I.Do. Not. Care. If. You. Like. Your. Fitness. Program.


I don’t care if it’s boring, I don’t care if it’s not exciting, I don’t care if you have done that exercise twice this month already, I don’t care if you don’t like getting up early, I don’t care if Netflix just released a whole season of Stranger Things and you need to binge it right now.

I. Do. Not. Give. A. Fuck.

What I do care about it that you are able to move better tomorrow. I care that you are able to wipe your own ass when you are 70. I care that you can take that dream vacation to Europe and you don’t have to spend it riding around on a bus merely looking at landmarks as you pass by. I care that you don’t have high blood pressure. I care that you don’t develop type 2 diabetes. I care that you can take our dog outside and enjoy watching them frolic in the grass while the sun warms your face and you sip a freshly ground coffee.

How much you ‘like’ getting to that place is irrelevant.

We live in a culture of excess and comfort that is beyond anything humans have experienced in our thousands of years of evolution. And if we continue to view our fitness as something that we don’t have to do simply because we don’t like it and it makes us a little uncomfortable then we must prepare to build more braces, commit to more surgeries, and get a drug plan subscription in order to keep our hearts still beating.

It is a truly horrific path that we are walking down.

And I won’t be a part of it anymore.

If you can find physical activity that you love and you get excited for I think that is truly awesome. Keep it up!

But for the other 90%…

It’s over. Your lazy, excuse fueled, bullshit rhetoric of why do choose to let your bodies die a slow death while you agonize over the atrophy of decay that is so visceral you can smell it, just won’t work on me anymore.

I am here to help those who want advice and who want to make their lives better.

I am not here to be your entertainer, your friend, your confidant, your motivator, or your therapist.

I am here to be your health and fitness coach. I will tell you exactly what you need to do to ensure the best chance of a long and active time on this earth.

I don’t care if you like it. I only care that you do it.

And if you do then you will be in a position to truly make the most of this precious thing you have been granted that so many are deprived of: Life.


-Coach Taylor

Ep. 34 – News updates, 5 exercises for cyclists and spinners, importance of anthropology, and breakfast isn’t important

Welcome to episode 34 of Coach Taylor Radio!

Wow….my first episode was way back in 2014…DID NOT realize it had been that long. This getting older thing DEFINITELY is catching up to me!!!!

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On this episode…..

News Updates  (2:50)

  • Diet and diabetes…no kidding…
  • Prehistoric women were jacked
  • Motivation is overrated
  • Useless rotator cuff exercises
  • Brazil’s food guide
  • Alcohol is poison

5 Exercises for Cyclists      (21:40)
**If you do a lot of cycling AND THAT INCLUDES spin classes! then you NEED to listen to this section

Also – at (17:40) I talk about the people who asked me the cycling question. You should listen to their story – it is life inspiring!!!!
Can check them out at www.zerotocrusing.com
Intermittent fasting    (28:30)
-The importance of anthropology
-Why I will still be advocating this in 10 years
-Why breakfast is NOT the most important meal of the day

Less topics but just as much time with me 🙂 You’re welcome!!!!

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CTTV 28 – Audio: Intermittent fasting and metabolism, Bench dips are bad, kids and lifting, HIT training for youth, should you do seated exercise

I have many requests to turn my Coach Taylor TV episodes into an audio version for those who hate watching long videos without famous celebrities in them….so here you go!

This is the audio from my latest Coach Taylor TV episode #28!!!

Be warned!!!!! Sometimes I do live demos, put up cool graphics etc. on the video, which obviously I cannot put into the audio podcast!!! So if there is something you want to see after hearing the episode click the FB link on the page or search Coach Taylor TV on Facebook to see the actual video!!!!

On this episode:

Hey all – I’m bbbaaaaaaaaccckkk…… Welcome to episode 28 of Coach Taylor TV.

For people who hate watching video – I also have good news…I am going to make an audio only version of my TV episodes and upload them to my podcast channel – so head to www.coachtaylorsimon.ca to listen or you can subscribe on itunes for all podcast updates!

On this episode:

Why am I such an egotistical asshole???? (1:00)

Intermittent fasting and your metabolic rate (12:30)
-will you trash your metabolism?

Why you should QUIT doing all seated exercise (22:15)

Kids and Teens SHOULD NOT heavy lift or OLY lift (3:10)

HIT training for youth (10:40)

Pyramid company shakes and supplements – are they any good (17:40)

Bench dips vs. parallel bar dips – which are better? (20:40)

Hope there is some good info in this episode that helps cut through some more bullshit in the world of health and fitness!!!!

As always – any questions – do not hesitate to send my way!!!!!! They just might appear in future episodes

-Coach Taylor



Ep. 33 – My current philosophy, kids shouldn’t lift heavy or oly lift, dedicated practice, what’s in supplements, 6000 year old knees

Welcome to Episode 33 of Coach Taylor Radio!!!!!

Me podcasting!

I know, I know….it’s been a while….but here you go!!!! I do chat a little about why I haven’t made a podcast in a bit and have been on a bit of a video hiatus.

Whats on this episode?

My current philosophies and thoughts    (13:45)
on fitness and health

Kids and teens SHOULDN’T Oly lift or powerlift         (35:15)
-been catching some flak on this one – but I’m right…

Importance of dedicated practice and focus on the    (28:00)
little things

How the fitness world is setting you up for failure     (44:50)

Overview                   (3:00)
-truth in pyramid (sorry mlm) products
-I’m too fat to be a coach
-Canadian doctors on sports drinks
-6000 year old knees and arthritis
-whats the perfect program
-how much should your back bend

As always, thank you to everyone who invests their precious time listening to the idle musings of this Canadian fitness coach. It is very humbly appreciated.

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Ep 32 Coach Taylor Radio: Work capacity, recent news, history of food, are machines bad, upper vs. lower abs and more!!

Welcome to episode 32 of Coach Taylor Radio!


Apologies for the delay! I had the episode mostly recorded and then the file somehow deleted! (Right after the dog ate my homework….). It has taken a bit to get the time together to re-record – but here we are!!!!!

On this episode:

Work Capacity         (27:50)
–> If you only listen to one thing on the podcast MAKE IT THIS section – this is what will be guiding everything I do going forward and I believe is the missing piece for the entire fitness industry!!!!


History of Food      (35:56)
–> A bit of a ramble here – but it is important info because so much of what we think about food and what we eat is just plain wrong.


Are machines really the bad for you???    (21:30)


The real reason you have injuries    (9:00)


Is all of this glute training focus really that good for us?   (12:50)


Upper vs lower abs and how to train them!            (17:10)
–> This is also a great segment giving you a tool to test a new trainer of facility if you are getting ready to join a new place or hire someone!!!!


Will one month off ruin all your hard work in fitness?    (25:20)

There we go! A jammed episode that I thought was going to be a quick one – then I got talking and it didn’t go quite as quickly as I had anticipated!


As always – a very sincere thank you to everyone for investing your time in listening to my idle musings on all things health and fitness!!


Any questions I am always happy to include in upcoming episodes! Just send them my way!!!!

-Coach Taylor

Ep 31 – exercise doesn’t help weight loss, sugar to fat, back arch, best sets and reps, measuring fitness success, vibration plates, ISSA crap, Vibration plates

Here we go! Episode 31 of Coach Taylor Radio – my very favourite podcast!

I have a couple rants on this episode and delve into some long held beliefs that science is telling us are completely not true!

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On this episode:

—> News PLUS a special offer for my podcast listeners! <—

===> Exercise doesn’t aid with weight loss     (47:46)

This one is hard to wrap your head around and is a complete paradigm shift EVEN FOR ME!!!!!! But the science says…..


===> Sugar turns into fat – how can I prevent this??    (14:00)


===> What is the BEST number of sets and reps to use?   (24:25)


===> Is a lot of back arch bad on the bench press?      (21:00)


===> Vibration plates   (32:30)


===> How can you measure your fitness success?      (35:55)


===> The ISSA is continuing their sexist and horrific    (40:50)
advertising practices

As always – if you have any questions or would like me to discuss anything at all – just send me a message!!!!!!!

-Coach Taylor

Fitness Professionals or Porn Stars, the (supposed) Leadership of the Fitness Industry

**Repost –> original post was hacked and deleted!!!!!**

**Update – February 15th – ISSA is STILL running the ad**

I can’t let this go. I just can’t. I was getting ready to go to bed as was about to read a cute article on the joys of owning a dog, which I thought would be a great way to send myself off to sleep.

And there, right in the middle of my article, between cute pictures of puppies being cute, was this image.

What is there even to say?

What is this ad? What is its intent? What are its implications?

Why am I so infuriated with this?

***Caution. I curse. And as I get fired up it gets worse. If this offends you REALLY shouldn’t follow my stuff. ***

Because this is a beautiful representation of everything that is wrong with the fitness industry and that the supposedly ‘reputable’ certification organizations are doing a severe injustice to everything true professionals are trying to accomplish.

This post is singling out the ISSA because of an egregious marketing campaign but it is simply a convenient and current example of an underlying cancer that eats away at the heart of an industry I have dedicated my life to.

Search Google images for personal trainers and you get images like this….An exact representation of what society believes personal trainers to be and exactly what I fight every day to change!!!


have publicly and privately endorsed the ISSA (International Sports Sciences Association), I have advised dozens of people to do their certification, in fact my entire staff are (sorry, WERE) required to complete the ISSA designation.

I was even able to let go of other issues with the ISSA. Like, in 2015 when one of their public directors, John Rowley was quoted in an article as saying kettlebell swings are a waste of time because it uses momentum and doesn’t train the legs, a completely ridiculous statement that demonstrates a complete lack of basic knowledge of the exercise.

The ISSA defended his stance because the media gave him glowing reviews. Because that means that he is obviously qualified. I think the media also gives Dr. Oz glowing reviews….. They list him as the director of wellness for the ISSA yet seem to think his opinions do not reflect on their organization.

I was willing to let that go.

I was.

But now this.

This ad.

Are you cut out to be a personal trainer.


With a racy image of an anonymous female mid-section in low rising shorts or pants and a sports bra.

Because that has what exactly to do with being a personal trainer?

Now I am going to make some comments which the ISSA will deny before they backpedal and cry that this isn’t what they meant. At this point I have come to expect this from them. I have come to realize that they are more concerned with publicity than they are with authenticity. That social media clicks are more important than helping to create a better health and fitness industry.

What does this image and slogan have to do with being a personal trainer?

The slogan on its own I could live with.

Are you cut out to be a personal trainer.

Should mean: are you willing to study, learn, educate, and better yourself everyday in order to better serve the people who hire you to make their lives better? Are you willing to spend late nights researching, to invest time and money in conferences, clinics, seminars, and mentorships to ensure you become a consummate professional?

Those things make show you are cut out to be a personal trainer.

But pair that slogan with this image?

Oh I get it ISSA!!!!! Are you CUT out to be a personal trainer?? Cut. Like as in lean, like the woman’s abs in the photo. I get it. They are cut. It’s a double entendre. I think every adolescent boy and grade 7 English student gets it.

How much did you have to pay the copywriter for that one?

So your implication then is that to be a personal trainer you have to be cut, lean, skinny, or match whatever physical characteristics you deem to equate to health that you have chosen this week.

No, you argue? That isn’t what you meant? Please then, enlighten me?

Oh you were just having fun? Trying to be a little puny? (See what I did there?) Because I don’t think it’s very fucking funny.

Not at all.

I think this plays right into the pornification of the fitness industry and exacerbates huge issues currently plaguing the fitness world.

You are objectifying women’s bodies to play into an asinine belief that to be a fitness professional all that is important is what you look like.

And sorry, if you argue that you are more than that you need to go look at your ad.

I didn’t see anything professional about it. I didn’t see any implication about the hard work being a true health and fitness professional takes. I didn’t see anything speaking to the years of learning and education it takes to be entrusted with the health and wellness of people. People paying you money to be a professional.

When was the last time a physiotherapy or medical school advertised their educational offerings with a half naked woman as their featured ad?


Oh they don’t because that would be ridiculous? Because they are professionals?

So then even taking away the sexist and overtly sexualized nature of your ad you are implicitly stating that personal trainers are not professionals. Again, fighting against everything I have dedicated my life to change. You are cementing the belief that personal trainers are not professionals but merely a group of narcissists more interested in displaying their abs than their knowledge and experience.

And there you might just be on to something.

The world of personal training and fitness coaching is everything you are implying with this vomit inducing marketing campaign. You hit it right on the nose. You explained it perfectly.


Google image search for ‘female fitness coach’


And I expected, nay, I HOPED for more than that from you. Because at the root of it, the reason I used (not the use of past tense, another great use of the subtleties of the English language) to endorse your certification was because it has the best information of all the certifications available. It is the most current and progressive material combined with actual testing that isn’t just multiple choice but includes methods to assess actual application of knowledge and principles.

And then you go and belittle everything that you had the potential to be.

Your ad is sexist, irrelevant, and damaging. I. Am. Appalled.

I may just be one random little coach in a small Canadian city but I promise you ISSA, I am not the only person offended by your antiquated and misogynistic marketing ploy.

Sex sells, but this isn’t the porn industry.

Shame on you.

-Coach Taylor

Strength and Fitness Coach