Ep 45: should you count macros? Is it really an ab exercise, should you roll, thoughts on classes, stand up desk?

Welcome to Episode 45 of Coach Taylor Radio!

I think this is a good episode and I want you to make sure to listen to the section on macros!!!!!


Also, if you enjoy my podcast, share it with anyone you think might be interested! For 2019 I am going to keep this podcast weekly but after that will depend on who is listening!

On this episode!

Macros ( 32:40 )
–>Should you count them? What are they? Why are they such a big deal

Health Odyssey 2019 Update ( 3:30 )

Abs Cont’d – Is It Actually an Ab Exercise? ( 15:00 )
–> Had some good discussion last week on FB and didn’t want my podcast listeners to miss out!

Is Self-rolling Worth it? ( 29:40 )
–>Myofascial release is popular, but is it worth it?

My Thoughts on Fitness Classes ( 21:10 )

Stand-up Desk or Stability Ball? ( 25:40 )


As always! I truly appreciate all of you and the fact that you invest your valuable time in listening to my musings on health and fitness!

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-Coach Taylor

Ep. 44: Probiotics, spot reduce fat, pilates, bariatric surgery and first book recommendation

Welcome to Episode 44 of Coach Taylor Radio!!!!

On this episode:

Health Odyssey 2019 Update (3:20)

Probiotics ( 12:40 )
–> are they worth the money?
–> do they do anything?

Can you spot reduce belly fat? (28:31 )
–> yes, visiting an old topic here……

My thoughts on bariatric surgeries (20:10 )

Pilates: is it good for you? ( 31:00)

Book Recommendation ( 34:50 )
–> Every week I will recommend a book or a podcast to check out! They will be based on nutrition, lifestyle, fitness, or personal interest. My own reading and listening is very diverse so be ready !!!!!

Thank you so much for listening as always! I appreciate you investing your valuable time in my sometimes random musings!!!!

Ep. 43 – Most Important ep yet, weight loss revelations, OVERRATED exercise, and more!

Welcome to episode 43 of Coach Taylor Radio!!!!!

I am very serious when I say that I believe this is the most important episode of my podcast to date. EVERYONE needs to listen to it.

I can’t think of a ‘most important’ section because I get a little deep in a couple of sections and these are all message that I wish I could get across to our entire population.


On this episode

Odyssey 2019 Update (3:30 )
–> The first half of this section is important – LISTEN!

One of THE most overrated exercises (32:34)
–> **Spoiler alert** Planks. Let me discuss why!
–> AND I offer some alternatives

Weight Loss Revelations (42:25 )
**** –> THIS SECTION <– ****
If you listen to nothing else – make it this section of the podcast. I had a huge AHA moment last week and I want to share it with you. This marks just the beginning of diving harder into this idea but everyone needs to hear this.

And there is a good chance you have a friend or two that needs to hear this section as well. Share it.

2019 Health Odyssey Inclusions (23:30 )
–> I go over the last of the things that are a part of my year long journey

How To Know When to Train After Sickness (30:00 )
–> Not too long and probably my most ambiguous answer ever……


Thank you sincerely, once again, for investing your time in my idle musings about health and fitness. I truly hope that these podcasts inspire at least a few people to make positive changes to their lives!!!!

As always, any questions you have, send them my way!!!!

-Coach Taylor

Ep 42 – Odyssey 2019 update, what is the best diet plan, pushups to prevent heart attacks, things I think are stupid, exercises you NEED to be doing

Welcome to Episode 42 of Coach Taylor Radio!

On this episode:

Odyssey 2019 Update      ( 3:20 )
–> I still think this is the best section of the podcast!!!!!!!

What is the best diet program out there   ( 44:33 )

Can Push-ups prevent heart attacks?  ( 39:53 )

Exercises you MUST include in your life  ( 16:00 )
–> This is the last segment of inclusions from my health odyssey!
–> long section with a chat about:
-inversion, cold training, cold exposure, indian clubs, the mace, and hackey sack!!!!!

Things I think are dumb   ( 32:20 )
–> Finishing off my recap from a January FB post where I listed all the things I think are fucking stupid in the world of health and fitness
–> Was getting a bit bored of this section so put the last few things together as they were kind of all related anyway!


As always! Thank you so much for taking the time to listen to my podcast!!! I truly hope it gives you some information that helps to make your life just a little bit better! Or maybe a WHOLE lot better!!!!

-Coach Taylor


Ep. 41 – Odyssey update, why figure and BB shows are dumb, all about ABS, rotation, read books, and some deep learning

Welcome to Episode 41 of Coach Taylor Radio!

On this episode:

Update on my Health Odyssey     ( 3:00 )

Why I believe that figure and fitness shows       ( 43:24  )

All about ABS     ( 30:24 )
–> yeah….most of you are going to skip ahead to this section right??

Deep Learning   ( 14:14 )
–> this is a little bit meandering but I thought I would invite all of you inside my mind and see what goes on in that bald head of mine…

The Importance of rotation and movement   (39:11  )

Books – you need to read more   ( 24:31 )

Hope everyone enjoyed the episode!!! Questions? Comments? Feel free to send them my way, otherwise I am essentially just sitting here talking to myself….. 😉

-Coach Taylor


Ep 40 – Odyssey update, why most fitness people are stupid, stretching is useless, blog overview, seafood, what are the best treats, what to eat while fasting

Welcome to Episode 40 of Coach Taylor Radio!


On this episode!!!!!

2019 Health Odyssey Update    (4:10)
–> listen to this section!!! I drop some awesome info!!!!!!

Why seafood is important  (27:00)

What foods are the best ‘treats’    (30:20)

While fasting what can you eat??  (35:20)

Fermentation Cont’d         (39:00)
–> recipes and what to expect taste wise
–> PLUS a huge truth bomb about food!!!!!!

Stretching    (45:20)
–> why I don’t prescribe it

99% of all fitness ‘coaches’ are stupid idiots (50:40)
–> Yeah…. a lot of ranting on this one – BUT also some huge knowledge bombs!!!!!!!

People have been asking me for fermenting info….here are some good books!

There are no links, so yeah, you’re going to have to search for them yourself. If that bothers you, well, then you didn’t listen to my podcast did you!!!!

As always – if you have questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to send them my way!!!!!

-Coach Taylor

This is a great book for people wanting to learn about fermenting for the first time. Well written, interesting, and has lots of recipes!


Sandor Katz is credited with reviving fermentation for the modern world! I have not read this book of his but it is very highly reviewed!!!

I have read this book and I love it. It is more about the history of fermenting and an amazing overview of fermenting around the world. There are no recipes but as you dive hard into fermenting you will realize there are no recipes….. 🙂


Ep 39 – Odyssey update, fermented foods, machine training, dips dips dips

Welcome to episode 39 of Coach Taylor Radio!!!!!!!!

On this episode:

Health Odyssey 2019 Update    (3:10)
–> even if you are not interested in my year long journey you should LISTEN to this segment. I talk about a wide range of topics and drop some awesome truth bombs

Ferment Foods      (28:20)
–> We NEED to talk about this. I believe this is one of the most important things you can do for your health.

WHY are machines so bad for you?         (20:13)

Dips, dips, dips: are ANY versions safe?       (16:10)


Hope there is some great info in there for everyone!!!!

As always – hit me up with any questions or feedback!!!!

-Coach Taylor

Ep 38 – Intermittent fasting, sprinting on treadmill, cardio is stupid, playing sports is NOT training, child abuse and food

Hi Everyone and welcome to episode 38 of Coach Taylor Radio!

My now weekly podcast covering all things human health!!!!

On this episode:

A wicked rant on why Monday is so important – and the rant is right there in the intro!!!!!!

#healthodyssey2019 Update   (3:20)

Intermittent Fasting      (30:00)
–> I also facebook livestreamed this section so if you want to SEE the podcast recording, check it out!!!!
–> This is a 20 minute chat about all things IF and wh I believe EVERYONE should do it

Playing Sports is NOT training       (19:15)
–> This is a terrible idea that keeps getting propagated

Cardio Workouts are stupid     (24:45)

Is sprinting on a treadmill a good idea?   (27:10)

Is junk food child abuse?    (11:20)


Thank-you very sincerely for listening, I truly hope that this podcast helps to cut through the bullshit in the fitness biz and delivers some value to help make your life just a little bit better!!!

As always, please contact me if there is anything you would like me to discuss!!!!

-Coach Taylor

Episode 37 – Health Odyssey Update, Strength Days vs. Cardio Days, Epic Truth Bomb, Journaling

Welcome to episode 37 of Coach Taylor Radio!

On this episode:

An epic truth bomb                      (21:30)
–> Why you’ll never be healthy and fit

Health Odyssey 2019 Update  (3:11)
–> My continuing year long journey

Cardio Days vs. Strength Days           (14:54)
–> Yep. Still have to talk about this.
–> How should you separate cardio and strength training?

Journaling                  (10:20)
–> Don’t skip this because you think it sounds boring……
It’s actually very important!!!!!!

Podcast was right at 30 minutes this time!!! Yay me!

As always – if there is something you would like me to discuss, do not hesitate to message me!!!!

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-Coach Taylor

Ep 36: Odyssey 2019, Marathons are dumb, Who do I follow, Goal setting, Death to squats and bench

Welcome to Episode 36 of Coach Taylor Radio

Weekly podcast goal is on track! As a part of my #healthodyssey2019 I am committed to podcasting weekly! I am hoping I don’t run out of things to talk about…… 😉

On this episode:

Why I think marathons are DUMB                 (18:10)

Odyssey 2019 updates              (2:43)

Squats, bench press, and 1RM testing must die       (33:20)

What goals should you set??               (30:00)

Who do I follow in the fitness industry?        (10:40)

I was attempting to make the podcast shorter and less ranty…. I DID NOT accomplish that this morning……..whoops.

Hope that this information inspires some of you to make awesome positive health and fitness additions to your lives!

As always – send your comment or questions my way!

-Coach Taylor