Ep 92: You’re Physiology isn’t Fast

Episode 92, here we go!!! It is shorter because frankly, didn’t really feel like podcasting this week! The power of habits and commitment right??!!!

On this episode:

Why it Takes So Long for the Body to Change ( 28:40 )
–>there are actual reasons for this! You know,
based on science and stuff…..

Resting Postures (21:00 )
–> FINALLY! Exercise that you are supposed to
just sit or lay there!

Philosophy of Health (2:20 )
–> Last week I asked, what is health? This week a bit
of a meandering segment on what our society thinks
health is.

Coach Taylor Online ( 11:57 )
–>Books, inspirational Dad’s, stupid fitness ‘pros’
–>You know….the usual 🙂

That was episode 92! Wow…..the 100th episode is approaching fast….what the hell should I do to honour that milestone????

-Coach Taylor

Ep: 91 Spin, Play, Hump

Here we go! Episode 91 of The Coach Taylor Podcast is out!

On this episode:

Spinning ( 24:40 )
-No, not on the bike…you. Your body…actually spinning around
-WHY would you ever do this?

Play Time! ( 33:48 )
-A few strategies to help you get off the outmoded sets and reps ideology and into a little bit more fun!

Are You Actually Training? ( 48:20 )
-You do a workout….but do you?
-Why explosive muscle contraction is key to everything

Coach Taylor Online ( 7:00 )
-Vegan junk food
-Does food affect how we feel?
-Pasta is now a vegetable
-More stuff about food…..lol

Philosophy of Health ( 3:33 )
-What IS health?
-Why you should spend some time pondering this

91 episodes done, who knows how many more to go? One? A thousand??? We shall see!!!!!

-Coach Taylor

Ep: 90 A Message to a Friend

Welcome to the 90th episode of The Coach Taylor Podcast.

I think there is some important stuff in here and I answer a question from a new friend who is in his 80’s. There is nothing more important than the message I have.

On this episode:

A Message to My Friends Dad ( 49:39 )
–> This is important. Listen to it.

Philosophy of Health ( 4:46 )
–> How much do we spend on diets?
–> What is the real cost?

Coach Taylor Online ( 12:20 )
–> hip thrusts, value of reading, corsets, getting outside in the city, franks red hot dip

Squatting (33:30 )
–> How low should you go
–> How to get better at them

The Lymphatic System (41:00 )
–> The most important thing you’re not thinking about

Thank you all for listening!!

-Coach Taylor

Ep 89: Not Every ‘Body’ is OK

Packed episode this week! A lot of good questions from all of you so def check out the Coach Taylor Online section!!

On this episode:

Why are Scientists so Confused? ( 40:20 )
–>they just CAN’T figure out why people gain weight…..

Not Every ‘Body” is OK (55:00 )

The One Month Per Year Rule ( 37:00 )

Philosophy of Health ( 4:20 )
–>how picking a special food every season can dramatically change your health

Coach Taylor Online (15:16 )
-do you get hungry on IF
-different pullup variations
-are we cooling down?
-get strong to save your family
AND more……

Hope everyone likes the episode! Have questions? You know where to find me!

-Coach Taylor

Ep 88: Cheerios and Carnivores

Here we go! Episode 88 of The Coach Taylor Podcast!

I think the title speaks for itself…….

On this episode:

The Philosophy of Health ( )
-this will be replacing the Odyssey Update section
-will be my random musings about health

Foam Rolling and Back Health ( )

Which Cheerios are Best for You? ( )

Joe Rogan and the Carnivores
-how many people must I unfriend?

Coach Taylor Online ( )
-live longer
-Netflix and gwneth paltrow
-Training and aging
-chips are chips are chips
-pullup challenge

Hope you all enjoyed this one!!!! Questions? You know where to find me!

-Coach Taylor

Ep 87: The End of An Odyssey

Welcome to 2020 and the first Coach Taylor Podcast episode of a new decade!

I am planning on keeping this weekly all year as I don’t want everyone to miss the sound of my charming voice. You’re welcome.

On this episode:

New Year New You (25:40 )
-what should you be doing this New Year to make real and sustainable life changes

The End Of An Odyssey ( 43:20)
-I did it. A full year of health perfection.
-How did it go?
-Now what?

Coach T Online (4:00 )
-book list
-become half the person you are
-IF and muscle
-cold shower
AND more……..

Thanks so much for listening and here is to an awesome 2020!!!! Who know where it will take us?!!!!

-Coach Taylor

Ep 86: Last Of the Decade

Here we go! The last podcast of 2019, the end of the year, end of the decade, end of my health odyssey, and the start whatever you want!

On this episode I talk a little bit about the end of the health odyssey. Next episode I will really dive into it more!

I spend most of this episode, however, trying to wake people up to the truth about health and fitness and make an impassioned plea to get you to change your mindset this New Year.

I want you to think about your health differently. To treat yourself differently. To goal set differently!!!!!

I hope 2019 has been good to you!!!!! Will see you next year, on The Coach Taylor Podcast!

-Coach Taylor

Ep 85: Merry Christmas!!

Welcome to 85 of The Coach Taylor Podcast!

This is a short and sweet episode as I am currently on holidays! But wanted to keep my commitment of one podcast per week for the entire year of 2019!

This episode I discuss Noom, our habits and how we build them as children, training while sick, and a few other odds and ends!!!

Next week will be episode 86 – the last one of the decade!!!!!!!

-Coach Taylor

Ep 84: Putting Exercise on Food Labels

Shocking headline I know. This has been touring the health and fitness internets and I thought I might weigh in on the topic. A more mellow episode this week….hope you like!

On this episode:

Exercise on Food Labels ( 40:00 )
-that chocolate bar is going to earn you a 45 minute walk
-good or bad?

Motivation Vs. Discipline (22:30 )
-you need to change your mindset

Odyssey Update ( 2:42 )
-two weeks to go…..

Coach T Online (13:00 )
-some of the latest articles out there
-people are doing the reverse New Years Resolution!

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Love mail? Hate mail? Send it all my way!!!!

-Coach Taylor

Ep 83: If Peleton Offended You, You’re an Idiot

Bold title I know. But it has to be because this past week in the world of health and fitness has demonstrated a new level of idiocy. It is even so much more than pure idiocy, it is bordering on outright stupidity.

I won’t stand idly by. I am not afraid to express my opinions. Someone has to reign in the crazy and speak some sanity!!!

On this episode:

If the Peleton ad offends you…… (51:20 )
-seriously, while it was a stupid ad, it definitely was NOT controversial, well it wasn’t until the marketers sunk their teeth in

How Your Spine Works ( 25:18)
-and why you are probably way to careful with your back

The Reverse New Year’s Challenge (37:30 )
-could you go for a whole holiday season with, GASP, no alcohol?????

Coach T Online ( 9:17)
-lot’s of great stuff!

Odyssey Update (3:30 )
-pretty scant…..kind of not much new on that front……

Hope that you enjoyed it!!!!! I had an awesome time recording this one and stand by every single statement I made!!

Much love,
Coach Taylor