Ep 100: Brutally Honest Advice

Welcome to the 100th episode of the Coach Taylor Podcast!!

Has anyone listened to all 100 episodes? Lol, that would be crazy!!!!!

For this episode, I talk about the history and the future of Coach Taylor and I do an overview of my most famous blog of all time: The Brutally Honest 6 Reasons You Are Still Overfat.

So sit back, grab a kombucha and enjoy!!!!!


I am humbled and eternally grateful that anyone listens to my podcast.

I remain dedicated to bringing you the honest truth and only real, evidence based information. No scams, spams, or shitty trends. I am your source for REAL health and fitness advice!!!!

-Coach Taylor

Ep 99: Breaking Hearts

This one is…very real. It is a Coach Taylor no hold barred honesty smackdown. Why? Because I love you all and I want you to be successful. I want you to break out of past patterns and live a life that feels awesome.

I put out all of this information for you. Please remember that if it gets a little….harsh.

On this Episode:

Accountability and Motivation ( 39:00)
-How to find it

The Online Fitness Bullshit ( 17:20 )
-The fitness world went online and brought all the crap with it!

What Did My Odyssey Teach me? ( 27:26)
-And what can it teach you?

Coach Taylor Online ( 4:40)
-How to keep sane during the pandemic
-Pullup Challenge
-Elastics for pushups
-Your metabolism
-Good Movement or being sore

Questions? You know how to find me!

-Coach Taylor

Ep 98: Grow Up and Start Adulting

Welcome to episode 98 of The Coach Taylor Podcast.

I hope this episode finds you healthy and secure!!

On This Episode:

Hard Lessons on How to Stay Motivated (32:34 )

Social Media and FItness ( 22:20)
-The entire fitness industry is suddenly going online….
but you need to be careful!!! They don’t all know what
they are doing!!!!

Coach Taylor Online (8:00 )
-How to start the TRX
-The Corona 15
-What can you do right now??

Philosophy of Health (4:52 )
-ONE thing you can do right now to boost your health
dramatically and save a ton of money!

Thank you for listening – questions or comments? Hit me up!

-Coach Taylor

Ep 97: How To Boost Your Health During Pandemic

This episode is a little different today.

No segments, no sections, and shorter, only a half hour.

It is dedicated to what you can be doing to keep your immune system healthy and strong as we go through this unprecedented moment in history.

There is a lot you can be doing to keep your body resilient and strong in the face of the current health risks.

I did the episode this way to make it more accessible to a larger number of people. I want you to share this with anyone who needs a beacon of light in a seemingly non-stop doom and gloom situation.

As always, here for any questions you might have!

Take care of yourself! The right ways!

-Coach Taylor

Ep 96: How to Make Your Life Better

Bold title right? That’s how I roll.

But in all honesty, if you take this podcast to heart, I will PROMISE you that in 30 years you will message me and thank me for how awesome your life is.

Will I still be podcasting in 30 years? I have no idea. Maybe? You will definitely be sick of me by then!!!!!!

On this episode:

Don’t Train Specificity ( 31:40)

Why Does Everyone Hate Rice and Grains? (24:00 )

25 Things to Do Daily for a Better Life (45:00 )

Do You Know How Good You COULD Feel? ( 6:00)

Coach Taylor, Online (10:30 )
-Protein Powder for kids
-Red meat and health
-Post-workout recovery
-Ads are dumb


Question? You know how to get a message to me!

-Coach Taylor

Ep 95: Muscle Confusion Isn’t Real

Good Day!

Welcome to episode 95 of the Coach Taylor Podcast! Today I might have got a wee bit ranty and just a little snarky but you know, that isn’t really that abnormal, right?

On this episode:

Are Long or Short Fasts Better? ( 24:54 )

Muscle Confusion is Crap ( 47:30 )
-The idea is pervasive in fitness but it is garbage

How To Use Fitness Equipment (32:30 )
-There is a ton of equipment out there and it is
mostly garbage. The good stuff is misused most of the
time. Let’s talk about why.

Why You Should Go for a Walk Today ( 4:40 )

Coach Taylor Online ( 9:10 )
-Fresh vs. frozen
-My latest blog
-Facts don’t matter
-Is diet pop healthy?
-AND more!!!!!!!!

Hope the episode kept you all entertained!!!!

Questions or comments, as always, send them my way!

-Coach Taylor

Ep 94: What to Eat and How to Train

Welcome to episode 94 of the Coach Taylor Podcast….here we go!

Clean Eating Doesn’t Exist ( 25:30 )

The Hidden Issues Behind our Diets ( 6:12 )

More weight or Longer Training? ( 38:00 )
-Should you lift heavier or lift longer?

How to Recovery from Injury Faster ( 47:40 )

Is it OK to Criticize Fitness Programs? ( 30:30 )

Coach Taylor Online ( 18:20 )

Questions or comments? Hit me up!

-Coach Taylor

Ep 93: Get Naked and Touch Yourself

Welcome to the 93rd episode of The Coach Taylor Podcast.

Short and sweet this week!

On this episode:

DEXA Scans and Bodyfat ( 18:30 )
-What do I really think?

Coach Taylor Online (8:30)
-57 ways to get more physical
-Eat some dirt!

Philosophy of Health (3:00 )
-walking for three hours shouldn’t be a challenge

-Coach Taylor

Ep 92: You’re Physiology isn’t Fast

Episode 92, here we go!!! It is shorter because frankly, didn’t really feel like podcasting this week! The power of habits and commitment right??!!!

On this episode:

Why it Takes So Long for the Body to Change ( 28:40 )
–>there are actual reasons for this! You know,
based on science and stuff…..

Resting Postures (21:00 )
–> FINALLY! Exercise that you are supposed to
just sit or lay there!

Philosophy of Health (2:20 )
–> Last week I asked, what is health? This week a bit
of a meandering segment on what our society thinks
health is.

Coach Taylor Online ( 11:57 )
–>Books, inspirational Dad’s, stupid fitness ‘pros’
–>You know….the usual 🙂

That was episode 92! Wow…..the 100th episode is approaching fast….what the hell should I do to honour that milestone????

-Coach Taylor

Ep: 91 Spin, Play, Hump

Here we go! Episode 91 of The Coach Taylor Podcast is out!

On this episode:

Spinning ( 24:40 )
-No, not on the bike…you. Your body…actually spinning around
-WHY would you ever do this?

Play Time! ( 33:48 )
-A few strategies to help you get off the outmoded sets and reps ideology and into a little bit more fun!

Are You Actually Training? ( 48:20 )
-You do a workout….but do you?
-Why explosive muscle contraction is key to everything

Coach Taylor Online ( 7:00 )
-Vegan junk food
-Does food affect how we feel?
-Pasta is now a vegetable
-More stuff about food…..lol

Philosophy of Health ( 3:33 )
-What IS health?
-Why you should spend some time pondering this

91 episodes done, who knows how many more to go? One? A thousand??? We shall see!!!!!

-Coach Taylor