Ep 115: Carrots Are Dangerous

It’s true. Very. Very. Dangerous. Carrots are essentially the root cause of all dietary related health issues today. I get into it around the 55 minute mark.

Oh. And an important topic – which kind of intermittent fasting is best for you based on what type of stomach fat you have.

Other hot topics this week:

-my spandex pants
-how we think about exercise wrong
– the top fitness tools
-paying attention to your workout

The WHOLE podcast isn’t filled with sarcasm…I promise 🙂

-Coach Taylor

Ep 114: My BEST Episode EVER

I mean it. It just felt like a great FLOW today. Good topics, some nice comments from the livestream peeps, and info that is both diverse and yet pertinent to your health.

If there is one episode to get started with Coach Taylor….this is it!!!!!

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I talk about
–> Health and kids
–> The day I ate all day
–>Why there should be no men’s or women’s specific programs
–> Intermittent fasts
–> All sorts of rants
–> How you bodies facia works

And like….a ton of other shit.

Listen to this. Seriously.


I am taking 4-5 more people into the KB Academy for the rest of 2020….when I get them I am closing enrollment!

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Who is ready for my new nutrition program? Jan 2021….THE ANTI-DIET!!!

-Coach Taylor

Ep 113: How To Kettlebell and Change Your Life

Welcome to the 113th episode of Coach Taylor’s Rant!!!

OOOOOHHHHHH….maybe a better name for the ‘cast???

I talk about why it is so important to get bigger kettlebells than you think you should….its around the 26:00 minute mark!!!


You should listen to the whole thing because I deep dive into motivation, habit, seeking out how to truly make lifestyle changes and a big talk on the way this has changed and affected my life.

I hope that it inspires some of you to truly take a look at the way you have done things in the past and challenge you to forge a different path in the future!!!!!

-Coach Taylor


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Ep: 112 Epic Rant ABout Food

As the title says…epic rant. I thought my conversation about Halloween candy was going to be all the food stuff….but then I got triggered by a question from a listener….and I went on a bender.

Our food system and how we are told what to eat is REALLY messed up. I went on a lengthy chat about how it works, how it is structured, who controls it, how farmers are treated, and how we are manipulated into believing certain foods are healthy and maybe more healthy than other ones.

I added to that a big section on why knowing what you ‘macros’ are is stupid AND how to do intermittent fasting.

Also talk about overtraining…and why you are NOT overtraining.

AND talking about why sets and reps are stupid and we need to get rid of them.

Whew. It was a good one!!!!!!!

Remember…..my kettlebell Academy opens in a week…come learn how to kettlebell with me! Beginner or advanced….I am going to teach you what this epic fitness tool can do!

-Coach Taylor

Ep 111: Diet, Nutrition, and Rants

Whew!!!!! Welcome to episode 111 of the podcast.

This one is classic Coach Taylor…a lot of meandering thoughts but some pretty serious rants!

I think this is one of my favourite episodes ever!!!! I would say….it’s a MUST listen.

I don’t do time breakdowns any longer….BUT….around the 48 minute mark I go into the best nutrition and diet advice I have ever given!!!! Seriously. I mean that. So much that I think I might have created an all new nutrition program that I might put out…..

Full list of topics:

-Nutrition and diet advice
–> WHY I can’t give you diet advice
-How to train based on movement planes
-What is missing from your workouts
-What size KB should you buy?
-Recipes and random workouts

And, like, lots of other shit!!!!!

Let me know what you think after you listen to the episode!!!!

-Coach Taylor

Ep 110: It Isn’t Sexy

Welcome to episode 110 of the Coach Taylor Podcast!!!

A good talk this week on fitness, motivation, and how we can get ourselves working towards life goals>

I also chat about what fitness should be and the key missing components of most fitness programs!!!!!

And I might get distracted a little with some theory but I promise that it all works out and makes sense and that I tie it all together well!!!!

Most importantly, I talk about big rocks. No, not actual rocks. Metaphorical rocks and how you need to focus on a few specific things if you truly want to have success in fitness and health!!!!

-Coach Taylor

EP 109: I’m Back!

Hi there.

My name is Coach Taylor. And I miss you.

Lol. I’m back with episode 109 of The Coach Taylor Podcast!


Where have I been?
Things I have learned from three month alone
Intermittent fasting – info and I answer questions!!!!!
New programs I have coming up!!!!!!!!

It feels good to be back and I will work hard to bring you a weekly dose of Coach Taylor. Don’t forget my weekly email – register for it if you aren’t there yet – and I am all over Insta and FB these days so come and join the fun!

Already excited for episode 110 next week!!!

-Coach Taylor

Ep 108: Going off Grid and Health

Welcome to episode 108 of the Coach Taylor podcast!

Have had lots of great feedback on the new format so I am sticking with it. No segments etc, just a meandering monologue of whatever is happening in my head!!!

This episode I go through the importance of going off grid and how it can affect your health, why the fitness industry is an epic failure, preparing to be 100, and some chatting about intermittent fasting!!!

Hope you all enjoy!!! Questions, you know how to get a hold fo me!!!

-Coach Taylor

Ep 107: Learning To Commit

Welcome to episode 107 of the Coach Taylor Podcast!

Good news….shit got a little ranting, which I know you’ll all like! But I can’t promise you will like all of the message. I believe, however, that it is important to hear.

Also touch on the post covid future of the fitness industry, my odyssey program, how to make french fries, fermenting, and staying strong post 30 years old.

Hope that this finds everyone healthy, and happy, and safe.

-Coach Taylor

Ep 106: Short and Sweet

Welcome to episode 106 of The Coach Taylor Podcast!

This week we do our final check-in on the Climb Mount Everest in your house by doing insane numbers of stair climbs challenge…because why WOULDN’T you want to do that?

ALso discuss how you’re body is supposed to move, what bodyweight training REALLY should be, the importance of being out in the sun, and how people are totally fixated on the wrong aspects of their fitness program.

Hope you are doing well in this crazy world!!!!

-Coach Taylor