Coach Taylor Podcast – episode 26

Ep 26: the latest overview, why functional is better, fat loss and scales, your lifestyle is VERY important

Hi everyone! It has been a while since my last podcast – almost 3 months actually!

I haven’t stopped putting out content! I have just switched it over to doing a lot more video content. If you haven’t checked recently, I have a video show that is becoming my favorite way to spread good fitness info. Additionally, I am putting up weekly posts and videos on facebook and youtube – so if you miss me – head over that way and check it out.

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In episode 26 I chat about:

Fitness news 

A summary of all the stuff I have been chatting, blogging, and posting about for the lat bit. I get into a pretty good rant – actually scared my dog out of the room with it….
-Some topics: cannot foam roller away cellulite, cryo chambers, moving in multiple directions, machines are dumb, stop explaining yourself to others, and pushup hand position

Functional Movement

This is a topic that has been butchered and is starting to bring out bad connotations. But give this section a listen as I think it is vitally important to YOUR training and health. And for those trainers and coaches out there – you NEED to hear this.

Fat Loss, the Scale, and Keeping Up With Your Goals

This is a lengthy section. But it needs to be. I go over the most important parts of my recent fat loss seminar as well as discuss the scale and BMI, mostly to emphasize why they are stupid. And useless. And I hate them.


This is THE MOST under thought about aspect of your health and yet is the most important aspect of long term success. I talk about an app to help you track your goals as well as meditation. Yeah. I know. Meditation. WTF.


Thank you all for investing the time to listen to this episode!!! I very sincerely appreciate it!!!

If you want me to keep making a podcast – message me, post on my FB wall, tweet me, snap me, instagram tag me. Let me know. I will make episodes whenever I get enough requests for them!

Until then, stay up to date!!!!

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4 thoughts on “Coach Taylor Podcast – episode 26”

  1. I’m glad to have the podcasts back. I listened to all the previous podcasts. You lost me with the videos 🙁 I have 2 small children and watching a Facebook video longer than 1 minute is very unlikely in my life right now (too many interruptions plus gotta be aware of the swears haha). However, I can listen to podcasts in my car when I drive all over S Ontario for work (without little ears to worry about).

    I’ve been wishing you could just take the audio stream from the video and use that as the podcast. Cuts the work considerably. Would that be a potential solution?

    It’s too much of a data suck to live stream the FB video and just listen to the audio when driving or that’s what I would have been doing so far.

    1. I will look into somewhere to post the video audio – don’t want to clutter up the podcast channel!
      I will be making at least a podcast a month!!!! So they are not going away 🙂 Thank you so much for taking the time to listen – I am truly appreciative!

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