Ep 10 – Paleo sucks, scales suck, you should be crawling, exercises you shouldn’t be doing

Paleo diet, scales, crawling, stupid fitness, and exercises you shouldn’t be doing!

Welcome to episode 10 of Coach Taylor Radio!

This episode:

-Why you should throw your scale in the garbage. Seriously. It’s useless.

-You should be crawling – all over your house, work, fitness centre, everywhere! It really is good for you – inside and out!

-Stupid fitness stuff. There is so much crap out there in the fitness world and some of it you might even think is good for you!

-The Paleo diet – really it is just another nutrition plan like all the others yet it continues to grow in popularity. Find out the REAL way to eat Paleo!!

-A few exercises you should never do, some you may want to do, and some that might not be right for you!

As always – thank you so much for the support. Hope that I am bringing some great fitness information to all of you! If you have anything you would like me to address in the show – simply drop me an email HERE


Coach Taylor

2 thoughts on “Ep 10 – Paleo sucks, scales suck, you should be crawling, exercises you shouldn’t be doing”

  1. Thank you for your informative writing over exercises. I am looking for this kind of information for long time .

    I have two child and I don’t know the details about how to maintenance
    child nutritions plan / program .
    Can you please write something over child nutrition . once again thanks . I will be back your site to read
    your next article .

    1. Childrens nutrition is not different from adults!!! Whole healthy food, fruits, veggies, meats, nuts, seeds, seafood, dairy…..sometimes a little more creativity is needed – and more calories as they grow – but the WHAT is the same!

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