Ep 38 – sports and cardio are not what you think

Is poor nutrition child abuse? Why are you still doing cardio? And playing sports doesn’t count as training.

Hi Everyone and welcome to episode 38 of Coach Taylor Radio!

My now weekly podcast covering all things human health!!!!

On this episode:

A wicked rant on why Monday is so important – and the rant is right there in the intro!!!!!!

#healthodyssey2019 Update   (3:20)

Intermittent Fasting      (30:00)
–> I also facebook livestreamed this section so if you want to SEE the podcast recording, check it out!!!!
–> This is a 20 minute chat about all things IF and wh I believe EVERYONE should do it

Playing Sports is NOT training       (19:15)
–> This is a terrible idea that keeps getting propagated

Cardio Workouts are stupid     (24:45)

Is sprinting on a treadmill a good idea?   (27:10)

Is junk food child abuse?    (11:20)


Thank-you very sincerely for listening, I truly hope that this podcast helps to cut through the bullshit in the fitness biz and delivers some value to help make your life just a little bit better!!!

As always, please contact me if there is anything you would like me to discuss!!!!

-Coach Taylor

4 thoughts on “Ep 38 – sports and cardio are not what you think”

    1. Awesome!!!! THanks for the feedback!!!!! I did it again this podcast but no questions – think I will continue it though!!!!!!!!!

  1. So much good stuff in your podcasts! You aren’t ranting, you are speaking with passion! Regarding the evils of cereal, I had a diabetic patient in his early 80’s that kept all his blood sugar readings in a little pocket notebook. He refused to eat cereal because he said it would elevate his blood sugar too much and he would have trouble getting it back to normal. His diabetes was mainly diet controlled with occasional insulin coverage so he was very mindful of what he ate. This guy did not have any of the complications of diabetes and just learned what to avoid and cereal was the top of his list. I thought you would find it interesting.
    People are obsessed with food. Breakfast trays came up an hour late not long ago and my patients were loosing their fucking minds over it. As if a late (not missed!) meal was a crisis. I did remind a really awful patient that if he ate today he was doing much better than some people in the world. And of course the patient was morbidly obese.

    People will send decades abusing their bodies and ignoring their health and want us to fix them overnight or with a pill. God forbid a doctor suggest they put down the fork and pick up a weight. I have had to defend a doctor to the state because a patient complained when the doctor told her she was fat and needed to loose weight and quit smoking.

    I did have a question that you touched on briefly awhile ago about all the scented and fragrances out there. I have always just felt like it was a bad thing but is there any science behind it? I feel like all the air fresheners in laundry, your car, candles, bathroom, the febreeze. Is that shit bad for you? Does anyone look at that stuff?

    1. Thanks for listening – and it is scary that we are getting to a point that medical professionals can’t tell people actual things that are good for them for fear of offending them. WTF. Obesity kills. Period. Not body shaming, it is just scientific fact……

      ANd the obsession with breakfast….wtf. RIght?

      I do not know of any specific research on all the scented products…its more of my gut feeling. I mean, there is tons of info on the carcinogenic properties of so many industrial chemicals and some are included in these products. But something to remember with research…someone has to pay for it. And there is no value in showing these profit generating products are bad for us…..it usually takes a lot of deaths before that happens. While I am not a conspiracy theorist I do think there is something to this. I just cannot fathom how ingesting these chemicals directly into our lungs can be good for us……..

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