Ep 39 – I get a little bit philosophical during my odyssey update

Machine based training, why dips are a bad idea, and foods you probably aren’t eating

Welcome to episode 39 of Coach Taylor Radio!!!!!!!!

On this episode:

Health Odyssey 2019 Update    (3:10)
–> even if you are not interested in my year long journey you should LISTEN to this segment. I talk about a wide range of topics and drop some awesome truth bombs

Ferment Foods      (28:20)
–> We NEED to talk about this. I believe this is one of the most important things you can do for your health.

WHY are machines so bad for you?         (20:13)

Dips, dips, dips: are ANY versions safe?       (16:10)


Hope there is some great info in there for everyone!!!!

As always – hit me up with any questions or feedback!!!!

-Coach Taylor

2 thoughts on “Ep 39 – I get a little bit philosophical during my odyssey update”

  1. Thank you!!!!! I work with a fitness facility, The Right Fit in Belleville and they very much follow your philosophy of treating the body as a whole instead of isolating certain parts/muscles. What is shocking is that they are pretty much the only facility in this city doing that.
    Oh and re: dips…this morning on CTV they had a so-called “fitness expert” recommending bench dips….on national television. It has always made my shoulders hurt just to watch someone doing those moves and I’m far from a fitness expert.
    Thanks again and keep on preaching!!!!

    1. lol – oh TV fitness experts……. It is awesome to see some actual fitness facilities in existence that do things right!!! The Right Fit is one of those rare places that is actually working to bring the right type of fitness to people and they are taking the time to learn adn explore!!!!!

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