Ep. 43 – my most important episode to date

My revelations about weight loss that you need to hear.

Welcome to episode 43 of Coach Taylor Radio!!!!!

I am very serious when I say that I believe this is the most important episode of my podcast to date. EVERYONE needs to listen to it.

I can’t think of a ‘most important’ section because I get a little deep in a couple of sections and these are all message that I wish I could get across to our entire population.


On this episode

Odyssey 2019 Update (3:30 )
–> The first half of this section is important – LISTEN!

One of THE most overrated exercises (32:34)
–> **Spoiler alert** Planks. Let me discuss why!
–> AND I offer some alternatives

Weight Loss Revelations (42:25 )
**** –> THIS SECTION <– ****
If you listen to nothing else – make it this section of the podcast. I had a huge AHA moment last week and I want to share it with you. This marks just the beginning of diving harder into this idea but everyone needs to hear this.

And there is a good chance you have a friend or two that needs to hear this section as well. Share it.

2019 Health Odyssey Inclusions (23:30 )
–> I go over the last of the things that are a part of my year long journey

How To Know When to Train After Sickness (30:00 )
–> Not too long and probably my most ambiguous answer ever……


Thank you sincerely, once again, for investing your time in my idle musings about health and fitness. I truly hope that these podcasts inspire at least a few people to make positive changes to their lives!!!!

As always, any questions you have, send them my way!!!!

-Coach Taylor

2 thoughts on “Ep. 43 – my most important episode to date”

  1. I am really enjoying all the information here. I just wanted to point out on the obsession with abs, isn’t there giant abs on the wall of your gym? Like it is part of your branding? Not helping with the obsession much, are you? (I’m teasing).
    This one or the last one you mentioned getting a dog which lead me to think about the last time I had my dog at the vet, he is a working dog and on the lean side, but I always feel like I have to justify that my dog works and I am not starving him. The vet said he was glad to have an in shape dog in the office because he had recently had to put down a 3 year old lab that was 130 pounds and had pancreatitis or something. We are just as bad with our animals as ourselves, sometimes.
    And I was called “confident” by a co-worker because I don’t wear make-up. Like WTF, wearing my plain face is confident?
    I grew up on a cattle ranch and no one ever cared what someone looked like, just what they could do. I never learned to worry about it, I guess.

    Loving all the information here. Learn something every post!

    1. Don’t even get me started on dogs!!!!!! Most people don’t even know what a healthy dog should look like! I am constantly being told that my dog is underweight……

      Love that – never cared what someone looks like, only what they can do!!! Awesome!!!!

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