Ep 45: this episode I break a few hearts

Counting your macros and the truth about ab exercises

Welcome to Episode 45 of Coach Taylor Radio!

I think this is a good episode and I want you to make sure to listen to the section on macros!!!!!


Also, if you enjoy my podcast, share it with anyone you think might be interested! For 2019 I am going to keep this podcast weekly but after that will depend on who is listening!

On this episode!

Macros ( 32:40 )
–>Should you count them? What are they? Why are they such a big deal

Health Odyssey 2019 Update ( 3:30 )

Abs Cont’d – Is It Actually an Ab Exercise? ( 15:00 )
–> Had some good discussion last week on FB and didn’t want my podcast listeners to miss out!

Is Self-rolling Worth it? ( 29:40 )
–>Myofascial release is popular, but is it worth it?

My Thoughts on Fitness Classes ( 21:10 )

Stand-up Desk or Stability Ball? ( 25:40 )


As always! I truly appreciate all of you and the fact that you invest your valuable time in listening to my musings on health and fitness!

Any questions – hit me up!!!

-Coach Taylor

2 thoughts on “Ep 45: this episode I break a few hearts”

  1. I pruned the dead leaves off my collard greens and kale today and new little green leaves are growing out the top. They were under snow all winter. Tough little buggers. I made sauerkraut from cabbage once and it turned out great. Haven’t made kombucha yet, probably won’t. I think you should respect abs since you have them painted all over your walls. The only rolling I do is on the bed. Roll from the left side of the mattress to the right side and back. Repeat. Thanks for sharing, coach.

    1. Have no problem with abs – they serve a necessary function. Everyone just trains them wrong. And you should def try kombucha, it’s delicious!

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