Ep 51: Maybe A Little Too Philosophical

Welcome to episode 51 of Coach Taylor Radio!

I don’t know if last weeks episode sent me on a philosophical bent or if it is all the meditation and reading but I think I got a little deeper into some cultural issues surrounding out health and fitness.

If you loved it, awesome. If you want more traditional ‘fitness’ content, send me your questions!

On this episode:

Insta Answers (13:08)
-tips for wrist strength
-probiotic supplements vs. fermented food
-should you stop eating oxalate?

Anti-Nutrients (26:08)
-be VERY careful of these dangerous substances!

Odyssey 2019 Update (4:20)
-I can buy guns now!

Why Calories are a Lie and Skipping Breakfast (32:50)
WON’T kill you……….

Costco as the Devil (39:40)
-wrote and article and here discuss an article using Costco as a metaphor

Thank you for listening, as always! I appreciate your time very much and will continue to bring you what I believe to be the most valuable information out there related to your health and fitness!

-Coach Taylor

2 thoughts on “Ep 51: Maybe A Little Too Philosophical”

  1. I am excited you are ready to go hunt! I was raised hunting and it is really cool to bring home an elk or deer at 12 years old that feeds your family for a good part of the year.

    I do have a question regarding foot health. I know heels are terrible but are flip flops any better? I feel like they change the mechanics of the foot.

    Also, you know I raise beef cattle. I only give antibiotics when the individual animal is sick and with the input of my large animal vet. The USDA here in the states provides withdrawal times for all medications given and that animal cannot be sold for meat until after the medication has processed out of it’s system.

    I know that feedlots, in the past, gave low doses of antibiotics to all animals but this was primarily to increase weight gain. I think this may lead back to killing off part of their microbiome and changing how the cow metabolizes calories but I haven’t seen the research on it. There are multiple federal agencies here that regulate what and how much can be used including the FDA and USDA.

    1. Hunting is going to be a process – hopefully by this fall!!!!!!

      Ideally we would all be barefoot. Would I say flip flops are better than heels? Definitely. Would I say they are better than barefoot? No. I wear flip flops A LOT and have never had any foot issues resultant from that – granted that is a test case of 1!!!! I would say though, that I still prefer them to 99% of other footwear. And obviously in our modern culture barefoot all the time is an impossibility….also I live in Canada…..winter and barefoot don’t mix!!!!

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