Ep 55: Calories, Calories, Calories….

Welcome to episode 55 of Coach Taylor Radio!! This episode began nice and mellow and then got a little amped up! And we finish off with a challenge for you!

Counting Calories is Dumb AF ( 14:50 )

My Week Long Challenge for YOU ( 47:48)

Insta Answers (8:10 )
-is packaged food ok sometimes?
-post workout shakes?

How to Source good Meat (25:19)

Smoothies are a Health Lie (40:56 )

Why ‘Certifications’ Suck (36:09 )

Odyssey 2019 Update ( 2:05 )

As always – thank you for investing your time in my idle musings 🙂

Questions? Reach out!!!

-Coach Taylor

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