Ep 58: Yes. The Beard is Gone.

Welcome to episode 58 of Coach Taylor Radio.

Yes. I trimmed up the big beard. I miss it already, lol. And I do discuss why!!! Which is BY FAR the most important part of this podcast!!!!!!

On this episode:

Why are we still so afraid of carbs? (28:01)

Goal setting, you’re doing it wrong (48:31)

Tricep dips again…. (23:40)

Stop watching the news (37:00)

Insta Answers (16:30)
-what foods should never be combined!

Odyssey Update (2:30)
-where’s the beard?
-foods never tasted so good
-do you even garden?
-how to be connected to your food

Thank you so much for listening! Any content you would like me to add, please feel free to ask!!!!

-Coach Taylor

4 thoughts on “Ep 58: Yes. The Beard is Gone.”

  1. listening to a back issue podcast while making taboulleh with bulgar wheat and thought would message you…the condom rolls are called summer rolls xx
    love Scottish Karen x

  2. It actually scares me…you speak and my exact thoughts come out!
    goal setting….agree wholeheartedly

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