Ep 59: Talking About Stupid Food ‘Rules’ Gets Me Raging

Welcome to episode 59 of Coach Taylor Radio!

Whew. I got FIRED up today when I thought it was going to be a nice calm episode. But sometimes little things just set me off, lol.

Make sure to check out the how to eat healthy and cheap section! I think it is one of the most important segments I have ever recorded!!!!!

I also mention a book this episode: How We Eat Now, by Bree Larson. Read it.


On this episode:

How to eat healthy and cheap ( 43:40 )
-I think this is one of the most important segments I’ve ever recorded. If you only listen to one thing on this ‘cast make it this segment!!!!

Insta Answers ( 12:40 )
-HIT training while fasting
-how to improve form while training alone
-how much recovery between sets do you need (!!!!!!!!!!)
-fasting times changing
-evolution of my career
-ethically sourced seafood
-paralette bars

Odyssey Update ( 4:43)

How to transition to barefoot ( 56:30 )

You NEED to be training with these ( 36:00 )

DON’T eat like your grandma ( 32:00 )

Thank you all for listening!!! Feel free to send me any questions you have or just drop a line to say hello!!!!!

-Coach Taylor

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