EP 65: How to Heal Your Biome

Welcome to episode 65 of Coach Taylor Radio!

This is a good one. I get asked all the time about how to get started taking care of your microbiome so I have a whole section on it!!! And the insta answers section is starting to become one of my favourite segments, lots of goodies in there!

On this episode:

How to take care of your microbiome ( 44:10 )

Ban these from the gym ( 33:10 )

Insta Answers ( 16:50 )
-is the genetic setpoint real?
-how to modify exercises
-everything in moderation
-my fav kombucha flavour

Odyssey Update ( 4:16)
-lots of stuff in here but really important to hear about
my attitude change with TGU’s

As always, I appreciate you listening! Feel free to subscribe to my ‘cast or share with anyone you know who needs a little more real health advice in their life!!!!!

-Coach Taylor

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