EP 66: My Evolution Training Program

Welcome to episode 66 of Coach Taylor Radio!

Some people noticed the teaser last week about my upcoming Evolution Training Program. That’s right, I am launching a training program for you, more teaser details are in this podcast!!!!!

On this episode:

Evolution Training Program ( 8:00 )
-everyone needs to be doing this with me

Why Back Squats HAVE to Stop ( 39:20 )

Ballistic vs. Strength ( 28:14 )
-why is this difference so important?

Training as You get Older ( 21:30)

Do You Need to Stretch? ( 35:30 )

Odyssey Update (3:10 )


Thank you for investing your time in my little corner of the internet!!!!! If you have questions or comments, do not hesitate to contact me!

-Coach Taylor

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