Ep 84: Putting Exercise on Food Labels

Shocking headline I know. This has been touring the health and fitness internets and I thought I might weigh in on the topic. A more mellow episode this week….hope you like!

On this episode:

Exercise on Food Labels ( 40:00 )
-that chocolate bar is going to earn you a 45 minute walk
-good or bad?

Motivation Vs. Discipline (22:30 )
-you need to change your mindset

Odyssey Update ( 2:42 )
-two weeks to go…..

Coach T Online (13:00 )
-some of the latest articles out there
-people are doing the reverse New Years Resolution!

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Love mail? Hate mail? Send it all my way!!!!

-Coach Taylor

3 thoughts on “Ep 84: Putting Exercise on Food Labels”

  1. Keep podcasting! I don’t get the chance to listen to them live, but love listening to them during the week. Your perspective is refreshing and would be missed!

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