Ep 96: How to Make Your Life Better

Bold title right? That’s how I roll.

But in all honesty, if you take this podcast to heart, I will PROMISE you that in 30 years you will message me and thank me for how awesome your life is.

Will I still be podcasting in 30 years? I have no idea. Maybe? You will definitely be sick of me by then!!!!!!

On this episode:

Don’t Train Specificity ( 31:40)

Why Does Everyone Hate Rice and Grains? (24:00 )

25 Things to Do Daily for a Better Life (45:00 )

Do You Know How Good You COULD Feel? ( 6:00)

Coach Taylor, Online (10:30 )
-Protein Powder for kids
-Red meat and health
-Post-workout recovery
-Ads are dumb


Question? You know how to get a message to me!

-Coach Taylor

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