Ep 97: How To Boost Your Health During Pandemic

This episode is a little different today.

No segments, no sections, and shorter, only a half hour.

It is dedicated to what you can be doing to keep your immune system healthy and strong as we go through this unprecedented moment in history.

There is a lot you can be doing to keep your body resilient and strong in the face of the current health risks.

I did the episode this way to make it more accessible to a larger number of people. I want you to share this with anyone who needs a beacon of light in a seemingly non-stop doom and gloom situation.

As always, here for any questions you might have!

Take care of yourself! The right ways!

-Coach Taylor

One thought on “Ep 97: How To Boost Your Health During Pandemic”

  1. We had a 5.7 Earthquake Wednesday morning that woke me up at 7:09am in the Salt Lake City area. Now it’s hard to get back to sleep but exercise helps. My first. I only felt two of the dozens of aftershocks. No one was reported injured.

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