Ep 99: Breaking Hearts

This one is…very real. It is a Coach Taylor no hold barred honesty smackdown. Why? Because I love you all and I want you to be successful. I want you to break out of past patterns and live a life that feels awesome.

I put out all of this information for you. Please remember that if it gets a little….harsh.

On this Episode:

Accountability and Motivation ( 39:00)
-How to find it

The Online Fitness Bullshit ( 17:20 )
-The fitness world went online and brought all the crap with it!

What Did My Odyssey Teach me? ( 27:26)
-And what can it teach you?

Coach Taylor Online ( 4:40)
-How to keep sane during the pandemic
-Pullup Challenge
-Elastics for pushups
-Your metabolism
-Good Movement or being sore

Questions? You know how to find me!

-Coach Taylor

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