Ep 11 – gluten free, sitting too much, BMI, redefining strength training

Gluten free, sitting too much, BMI sucks, and redefining strength training.

Welcome to episode 11 of Coach Taylor Radio! This episode we are discussing:

BMI – what is the body mass index and is it really all that useful to you?

Gluten free eating – what is all the buzz about? Preview – I think it’s ridiculous.

Sitting – you are doing it right now and it is terrible for you. Sitting is the new smoking.

Strength training – I think the phrase turns a lot of people off even though it it the most important thing they should be doing everyday. What can we do to help redefine this misunderstood concept?!
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Coach Taylor

2 thoughts on “Ep 11 – gluten free, sitting too much, BMI, redefining strength training”

  1. Makes sense; hated bench dips and probably wrecked my shoulder because of them; planks in every conceivable way are hard and I dislike doing them but man can I feel my core within 2 days; I like your clear, concise, unapologetic health advice.

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