Ep 72: Fitness Trackers and Boring Training

Welcome to episode 72 of Coach Taylor Radio! Where you get to hear me rant away about all topics health and fitness! Exciting!

My evolution training program is picking up speed and we are having tons of fun. Lol….well I am not sure if anyone is having fun and I don’t much care. BUT people are already starting to move better!! Awesome.

On this episode:

When Can Kids Start Training ( 39:36 )

Are Fitness Trackers Good or Bad? ( 30:43 )

4 Exercise You Should Do Daily ( 48:06 )

Old People Training ( 23:23)

Coach T Online (7:53 )

Odyssey Update ( 2:36 )


Thanks so much for listening! If there is anything you want me to discuss, simply drop me a line!!!

-Coach Taylor

Ep 71: Movement Vs. Strength

Welcome to episode 71 of Coach Taylor Radio!

My evolution training program is getting going and I would love to have you join me! Only if you want to actually move and feel better though! If you just want to blast your biceps I am def not the right coach for you!!!!!

On this Episode:

Movement vs. Strength ( 53:20 )
-what is more important?
-what is the difference?

How to Cut Through the Crap ( 38:40 )
-a little deeper in to last weeks article
-how can you tell what fitness is good?

Evolution Training Program ( 27:00 )
-how you SHOULD be training
-it’s more than physical

Odyssey Update ( 3:16 )
-I hate working out….

Coach T: Online ( 10:20 )
-replacing Insta Answers
-a better overview of everything happening online

Thank you for listening, as always. I do truly appreciate you investing precious time in my idle ramblings!!!

-Coach Taylor

EP 70: Nipples and Balls Core Training

Welcome to episode 70 of Coach Taylor Radio!

I am not going to lie, I really enjoyed this ‘cast today! It bored the fuck out of a lot of people but that is their loss!!! The section on the core is VITAL to your long term health. Listen to it. Understand it.

On this episode:

Nipples, Balls, and Your Core ( 44:01 )
-THIS is VERY important!
-How to train and care for your core

DO NOT Eat Every 3 Hours ( 28:30 )

Odyssey Update ( 4:50 )
-We have let ourselves become infants
-I caught a fish!

Insta Answers ( 18:30 )
-Coach Taylor is a, “scamming cunt”
-How to deal with tight traps
-Your Glutes


If you have any questions or comments, you know how to get ahold of me!!!!!!

-Coach Taylor

Ep 69: How Fitness Changes Your Life

Welcome to episode 69 of Coach Taylor Radio!

All sorts of goodies in here today and a really big update on my year long health Odyssey!! It has been a crazy last few months and this past week I saw a life goal come to fruition!

On this episode:

Odyssey Update (9:00)
-I made a huge investment and accomplished a life goal, all because of the Odyssey

Insta Answers (28:32 )
-ever a reason for gastric bypass?
-why isn’t stretching necessary
-pseudo sugars

Too Much Junk Food Will Make You Blind ( 52:00 )
-we have seen this in the news but it is just another symptom of a far larger problem that doesn’t even shock people anymore

Are Trap Bar Deadlifts Safer? ( 44:00 )

Thank you for listening to Coach Taylor Radio!!!!! Questions or comments? Feel free to send them my way!!!

-Coach Taylor

Ep 68: Idle Musings

Welcome to episode 68 of Coach Taylor Radio!

Feeling somewhat philosophical today and I think the episode is a little like meandering through a meadow thinking thoughts….lol.

It still delivers some great health and fitness info though!!!!

On this episode:

The ONE Thing ( 48:00 )
-what exercise can you do right now to boost your health?

Odyssey Update ( 6:00)
-creating mental space
-what food tastes like
-cooking and meal sharing

Why are people unwilling to change? ( 40:30 )

Good Calories or Calorie Deficit? ( 33:20 )
-the debate is still ragin on…..

Insta Answers ( 20:50 )
-the food combining diet
-childrens menus
-toilet paper and fat loss

Thank you all for listening!!! The next couple of weeks I will be talking more about my Evolution Training Program. Stay tuned or make sure you are in my private Facebook group to get the info once I publish it

-Coach Taylor

Ep 67: Weight Watchers Kids App…..

This ‘cast is going to either go over really well, or is going to cause me a lot of headaches…..

I would say the section on my thoughts concerning the new Weight Watchers app for kids is going to be very polarizing. It is a hard topic and I think people are looking at it through the wrong lens.

On this episode:

The Weight Watchers Kids App (44:15 )
-good or bad??

How to Lose Weight (37:00 )
-do it the PROPER way!

The Fitness Industry (24:00 )
-I FINALLY figured out what is wrong with the industry!

Insta Answers (9:00 )
-beyond lettuce salad
-tennis elbow
-hunger and intermittent fasting
-naturally boosting hormones
-tendons and ligaments
-alkaline water

Odyssey Update (3:20)
-I had to buy new clothes….

There you have it! Episode 67: one for the record books

-Coach Taylor

EP 66: My Evolution Training Program

Welcome to episode 66 of Coach Taylor Radio!

Some people noticed the teaser last week about my upcoming Evolution Training Program. That’s right, I am launching a training program for you, more teaser details are in this podcast!!!!!

On this episode:

Evolution Training Program ( 8:00 )
-everyone needs to be doing this with me

Why Back Squats HAVE to Stop ( 39:20 )

Ballistic vs. Strength ( 28:14 )
-why is this difference so important?

Training as You get Older ( 21:30)

Do You Need to Stretch? ( 35:30 )

Odyssey Update (3:10 )


Thank you for investing your time in my little corner of the internet!!!!! If you have questions or comments, do not hesitate to contact me!

-Coach Taylor

EP 65: How to Heal Your Biome

Welcome to episode 65 of Coach Taylor Radio!

This is a good one. I get asked all the time about how to get started taking care of your microbiome so I have a whole section on it!!! And the insta answers section is starting to become one of my favourite segments, lots of goodies in there!

On this episode:

How to take care of your microbiome ( 44:10 )

Ban these from the gym ( 33:10 )

Insta Answers ( 16:50 )
-is the genetic setpoint real?
-how to modify exercises
-everything in moderation
-my fav kombucha flavour

Odyssey Update ( 4:16)
-lots of stuff in here but really important to hear about
my attitude change with TGU’s

As always, I appreciate you listening! Feel free to subscribe to my ‘cast or share with anyone you know who needs a little more real health advice in their life!!!!!

-Coach Taylor

Ep 64: News on Fasting and Frustrated Rant

Welcome to episode 64 of Coach Taylor Radio!

While everyone will want to jump into the current fasting information I do hope that you take a listen to the section called Zombieland. It is a summary of how I feel about the whole health and fitness world and more generally about modern culture itself.

On this Episode:

Zombieland ( )
-a spiritual diatribe after another observation of the Costco parking lot

Fasting ( )
-can you drink black tea and coffee???

Odyssey Update ( )
-how it’s going and why insta is starting to weird me out….

Insta Answers ( )
-how to get back to fitness after an illness
-how important are your teeth?
-knee health and lunges
-has my odyssey actually made any difference in my life?

Thank you so much for listening! If you want me to keep podcasting after the year commitment is up – it is up to you to share it around!!!!!

-Coach Taylor

Ep 63: A Little Dry But VERY Important!

Welcome to episode 63 of Coach Taylor Radio! Actually posting on a Monday again AND got my livestream in! Will wonders never cease!

This episode is important. It’s all about fitness vs motivation and nutrition so it may seem a little dry. But it is very important to know the reasons behind what we do!!!

On this Episode:

Insta Answers ( 9:50 )
-kind of, more like FB group discussion….
-caloric restriction
-footwear and babies
-fasting and fat loss
-proper lunging
-white potatoes

Understanding Biomechanics ( 20:00 )

Why Off-set Loading is Crucial ( 33:00 )

Squats and Deads – Change Everything ( 42:00 )
-people have a love affair with these exercises
and I think they need to go…..

Odyssey Update (2:38 )

Thanks for listening!!! Any questions do not hesitate to send them my way!

-Coach Taylor