Ep 57: Conspiracies Against Your Health

Welcome to episode 57 of Coach Taylor Radio. Listen to this one. Especially the section on why people are so dumb when it comes to their health and fitness. It is long but it is important.

On this episode:

Why Are People So Dumb? (34:20 )
-this is a LONG section that goes into some pretty deep stuff. But it is deep stuff that I believe is vital for people to understand.

Insta Answers ( 8:10 )
-Thoughts on Crossfit
-What to do about non-supportive spouse
-How to start and build a challenge
-How to maintain health at various events

Common Issues with Diet (24:30 )
-Will fasting hurt you
-What if people can’t afford healthy food?

My Thoughts on Stress Eating (31:20 )

Odyssey Update (2:56)

Thank you for investing your time in my little corner of the internet. It is my sincere hope to motivate at least a few people to make positive changes in their lives!!!!

-Coach Taylor

Ep 56: Contemplating Death, Life, and Health

It has been a challenging week in the world of Coach Taylor but made the commitment to a year of weekly podcasts – so here it is!!!!!

Had to say goodbye to one on of my family this week, Akela, my rescue German Shepherd who has been my shadow for six years. May she rest well, she will be sorely missed.

On this Episode:

Death and Health ( 14:30 )
-Why should you think about this?

Kids and Strength Training (42:31 )

Intensity and Exercise ( 47:40 )

Odyssey Update ( 3:15 )
-Training Doesn’t Have to be Awesome

Insta Answers (28:15 )
-What oil to use for cooking
-Kids and Candy
-Routines vs. Habits

-Coach Taylor

Ep 55: Calories, Calories, Calories….

Welcome to episode 55 of Coach Taylor Radio!! This episode began nice and mellow and then got a little amped up! And we finish off with a challenge for you!

Counting Calories is Dumb AF ( 14:50 )

My Week Long Challenge for YOU ( 47:48)

Insta Answers (8:10 )
-is packaged food ok sometimes?
-post workout shakes?

How to Source good Meat (25:19)

Smoothies are a Health Lie (40:56 )

Why ‘Certifications’ Suck (36:09 )

Odyssey 2019 Update ( 2:05 )

As always – thank you for investing your time in my idle musings 🙂

Questions? Reach out!!!

-Coach Taylor

Ep 54: Jam Packed With Listener Questions

Welcome to this weeks episode of Coach Taylor Radio! Had a ton of questions and comments this past week so pretty much the whole episode is geared to answering what is on YOUR minds!!!!

On this episode:

Beyond Meat Burger ( 31:10 )
-is it actually healthy? Why all the hype?

Don’t Do Any Seated Exercise (47:20 )

Turn off Your AC ( 41:15 )
-heat adaptation is so much more important than you think!

Insta Answers ( 15:14 )
-butt wink
-accupressure mats
-is cannabis healthy
-hamstrings too tight
-how to fix pain from too much cycling
-how to not focus on always lifting more weight

Odyssey Update (4:45 )
-21 days to build a habit is crap
-getting up early
-get outside more

Thanks as always for listening !!! I am now putting out a daily Coach Taylor Minute video – will be postingin my FB group and on my instagram so if you need a daily dose of honesty, check it out!!!!

-Coach Taylor

Ep 53: A Case Study in Fitness

Welcome to the Coach Taylor Podcast! Here it is! I finally made in under the hour mark!!! WTF!

Remember: I am here for you so send me any questions or comments because, hey, free advice!!! And I do like to make sure my content is pertinent!!!!!

Also, I have started a new thing: A Coach Taylor Minute.
-Check out my instagram and my FB page for daily one minute videos on whatever strikes my fancy!

On this episode:

A Fitness Case Study ( 13:40 )
-One of my online clients visited a fitness chain and had a TERRIBLE experience that represents everything wrong in our industry. I take a crack at it!

Are DNA Based Fitness and Nutrition Programs Legit? ( )

Barefoot vs. Minimalist (32:40 )

Is Stretching Necessary? (40:30 )

Insta-Answers (9:55 )
-can’t wait to listen to me
-my fav ferment
-what is the most nutritious food you can add to your diet

Odyssey Update (3:50 )

As always, I am sincerely grateful for your time. Until next week!!!

-Coach Taylor

Ep 52: Exasperated Ranting

Whew. Thought this was going to be a mellow episode and it ended up being my most ranty episode yet. There are just some things that blow my fucking mind…..

And they all seem to have made their way into this episode. Enjoy!


On this episode:

Everyone is on a diet (39:00 )
-they are all fucking stupid
-the people promoting them are stupider
-FML. Fasting frees your life (24:53 )
– there is more and more to fasting that I am discovering

Insta Answers (17:40 )
-what are my beard goals?
-how important is sleep?
-do we need rest days?

Walking 5km isn’t special ( 35:00)

Odyssey update ( 7:29)


Thank you all for listening! Don’t listen to this one in public without headphones…..

-Coach Taylor

Ep 51: Maybe A Little Too Philosophical

Welcome to episode 51 of Coach Taylor Radio!

I don’t know if last weeks episode sent me on a philosophical bent or if it is all the meditation and reading but I think I got a little deeper into some cultural issues surrounding out health and fitness.

If you loved it, awesome. If you want more traditional ‘fitness’ content, send me your questions!

On this episode:

Insta Answers (13:08)
-tips for wrist strength
-probiotic supplements vs. fermented food
-should you stop eating oxalate?

Anti-Nutrients (26:08)
-be VERY careful of these dangerous substances!

Odyssey 2019 Update (4:20)
-I can buy guns now!

Why Calories are a Lie and Skipping Breakfast (32:50)
WON’T kill you……….

Costco as the Devil (39:40)
-wrote and article and here discuss an article using Costco as a metaphor

Thank you for listening, as always! I appreciate your time very much and will continue to bring you what I believe to be the most valuable information out there related to your health and fitness!

-Coach Taylor

Ep 50: The Best Advice I Have Ever Given

Welcome to the fiftieth episode of Coach Taylor Radio.

This is important. I don’t usually ask this – but I think that this one needs to get shared. Make the people in your life who are important to you listen (or watch on FB or Youtube). Share it with everyone you care about and then pester them into submission and make them listen!!!!!!

I wanted to do things a little differently for this episode so instead of answering questions and going over topics I created two sections.

Section One ( starts at 5:00)
-A complete overview of EVERYTHING I think you should be doing for the rest of your life to maximize your health, fitness, and happiness.
-This is the culmination of everything I have learned from more than 15 years working in my field, two university degrees, countless certifications, courses, clinics, lectures, books, and resources, and personally coaching thousands of people.

Section Two (starts at 39:20)
-We do goal setting all wrong and we focus on the wrong aspects of our lives to bring us true happiness and satisfaction, which in turn is the basis of our health.
-In this section I go over what you need to do in order to live a fulfilling life vs. life of stress and struggle.

I truly hope that this episode causes at least a few people to stop, think, and begin the process of making changes to enhance their lives now and for decades to come.

Thank-you to all who have listened over the years to my idle musings on health and fitness. I love each and every one of you (even the haters!) and will continue to passionately deliver health and fitness advice designed to improve the quality of your life.

All you have to do is listen and make small steps everyday.

-Coach Taylor

Ep 49: Time to Stop Adulting and Be More Like a Baby

Welcome to episode 49 of Coach Taylor Radio!

I have never spent more time prepping an episode in the history of Coach Taylor Radio. So I think it’s a great episode, however, did not hit my goal of keeping it to 45 minutes….whoops!

Had a lot of great questions and some great discussions this week and think I fit it all into this epic journey!!!! Grab some tea and come hang out!!

If you would prefer to watch the ‘cast, all episodes are being put up over on my youtube channel – so just click the link above!!!!!!

On this episode:

You need to act like a baby (52:40 )
-this is far more important than you think, listen to this section if nothing else!!!!!

Inflammation (30:30 )
-what is it and why should you care?

How to motivate yourself to train ( 43:00 )
-dive into this here and also in the insta answers segment

Odyssey Update ( 5:00 )
– cold training works
-frustrating days
-don’t fill all your moments

Insta Answers (17:00 )
-will try and add this weekly…if I remember!
-Is gut health important
-should you eat easter chocolate
-how do you make people actually exercise and not just talk


Thank you for listening!!!!

The cast is now live on itunes (and searchable finally!), as well as published on Spotify and Google Music….and apparently a bunch of other apps I have never heard of and have no idea how they work, lol.

If you have questions, comments, or concerns, you know how to get in touch!

-Coach Taylor

Ep 48: Busting open the spine of the fitness world

Welcome to episode 48 of Coach Taylor Radio!!

WHEW!!! This is the longest episode yet, clocking in at just over an hour! But it is all important stuff!!!!! I keep saying that this is the most important episode ever but this time I really mean it! Lol – kind of. It is important to be sure!!!

I also believe I am finding my groove and really starting to enjoy creating this content vs. doing it because I feel like I should be doing it. And, just like with your fitness, when you can make it enjoyable everything is better!

On this episode:

Why I don’t believe in progressive resistance training ( 48:09 )
-this is literally the spine of fitness and I am about
to snap it.

Can you eat sugar? Yes. ( 33:10 )

Why don’t you take me seriously? ( 24:18 )
-I know in general you do but there are some things
which people just cannot get through their heads
how serious I am being when I say it’s important!

Odyssey 2019 Update ( 5:06 )
-some big stuff in here: why I am going to buy a gun, elitest
attitudes about meat, Coach Taylor’s Kitchen, and our internal
debate about fitness

Pushups ( 41:43 )
-why to do them and how to do them

As always, thank you so much for investing your time with me, I sincerely hope that it helps you live a healthy life! Any questions or comments, send them my way!!!!

-Coach Taylor