Ep 101: Motivation and Gardening

Seriously, the MOST inquiries I am getting at the moment are about gardening and how to get started! So, here you go! A huge long segment on how to get started with gardening this year!

Also some interesting stuff in Coach Taylor online AND I talk about this new trend to pretend it is ok to sit around and wallow in your sorrow while we are all confined to our houses.

Motivation is tricky and taking care of your mental health can seem daunting, but sitting around watching Netflix and eating bags of chips is NOT going to make anything better.

Thanks for listening, hit me up if you have any questions!!!

-Coach Taylor

Ep 100: Brutally Honest Advice

Welcome to the 100th episode of the Coach Taylor Podcast!!

Has anyone listened to all 100 episodes? Lol, that would be crazy!!!!!

For this episode, I talk about the history and the future of Coach Taylor and I do an overview of my most famous blog of all time: The Brutally Honest 6 Reasons You Are Still Overfat.

So sit back, grab a kombucha and enjoy!!!!!


I am humbled and eternally grateful that anyone listens to my podcast.

I remain dedicated to bringing you the honest truth and only real, evidence based information. No scams, spams, or shitty trends. I am your source for REAL health and fitness advice!!!!

-Coach Taylor

Ep 99: Breaking Hearts

This one is…very real. It is a Coach Taylor no hold barred honesty smackdown. Why? Because I love you all and I want you to be successful. I want you to break out of past patterns and live a life that feels awesome.

I put out all of this information for you. Please remember that if it gets a little….harsh.

On this Episode:

Accountability and Motivation ( 39:00)
-How to find it

The Online Fitness Bullshit ( 17:20 )
-The fitness world went online and brought all the crap with it!

What Did My Odyssey Teach me? ( 27:26)
-And what can it teach you?

Coach Taylor Online ( 4:40)
-How to keep sane during the pandemic
-Pullup Challenge
-Elastics for pushups
-Your metabolism
-Good Movement or being sore

Questions? You know how to find me!

-Coach Taylor

Ep 98: Grow Up and Start Adulting

Welcome to episode 98 of The Coach Taylor Podcast.

I hope this episode finds you healthy and secure!!

On This Episode:

Hard Lessons on How to Stay Motivated (32:34 )

Social Media and FItness ( 22:20)
-The entire fitness industry is suddenly going online….
but you need to be careful!!! They don’t all know what
they are doing!!!!

Coach Taylor Online (8:00 )
-How to start the TRX
-The Corona 15
-What can you do right now??

Philosophy of Health (4:52 )
-ONE thing you can do right now to boost your health
dramatically and save a ton of money!

Thank you for listening – questions or comments? Hit me up!

-Coach Taylor

Ep 97: How To Boost Your Health During Pandemic

This episode is a little different today.

No segments, no sections, and shorter, only a half hour.

It is dedicated to what you can be doing to keep your immune system healthy and strong as we go through this unprecedented moment in history.

There is a lot you can be doing to keep your body resilient and strong in the face of the current health risks.

I did the episode this way to make it more accessible to a larger number of people. I want you to share this with anyone who needs a beacon of light in a seemingly non-stop doom and gloom situation.

As always, here for any questions you might have!

Take care of yourself! The right ways!

-Coach Taylor

Ep 96: How to Make Your Life Better

Bold title right? That’s how I roll.

But in all honesty, if you take this podcast to heart, I will PROMISE you that in 30 years you will message me and thank me for how awesome your life is.

Will I still be podcasting in 30 years? I have no idea. Maybe? You will definitely be sick of me by then!!!!!!

On this episode:

Don’t Train Specificity ( 31:40)

Why Does Everyone Hate Rice and Grains? (24:00 )

25 Things to Do Daily for a Better Life (45:00 )

Do You Know How Good You COULD Feel? ( 6:00)

Coach Taylor, Online (10:30 )
-Protein Powder for kids
-Red meat and health
-Post-workout recovery
-Ads are dumb


Question? You know how to get a message to me!

-Coach Taylor

Ep 95: Muscle Confusion Isn’t Real

Good Day!

Welcome to episode 95 of the Coach Taylor Podcast! Today I might have got a wee bit ranty and just a little snarky but you know, that isn’t really that abnormal, right?

On this episode:

Are Long or Short Fasts Better? ( 24:54 )

Muscle Confusion is Crap ( 47:30 )
-The idea is pervasive in fitness but it is garbage

How To Use Fitness Equipment (32:30 )
-There is a ton of equipment out there and it is
mostly garbage. The good stuff is misused most of the
time. Let’s talk about why.

Why You Should Go for a Walk Today ( 4:40 )

Coach Taylor Online ( 9:10 )
-Fresh vs. frozen
-My latest blog
-Facts don’t matter
-Is diet pop healthy?
-AND more!!!!!!!!

Hope the episode kept you all entertained!!!!

Questions or comments, as always, send them my way!

-Coach Taylor

Ep 94: What to Eat and How to Train

Welcome to episode 94 of the Coach Taylor Podcast….here we go!

Clean Eating Doesn’t Exist ( 25:30 )

The Hidden Issues Behind our Diets ( 6:12 )

More weight or Longer Training? ( 38:00 )
-Should you lift heavier or lift longer?

How to Recovery from Injury Faster ( 47:40 )

Is it OK to Criticize Fitness Programs? ( 30:30 )

Coach Taylor Online ( 18:20 )

Questions or comments? Hit me up!

-Coach Taylor

Ep 93: Get Naked and Touch Yourself

Welcome to the 93rd episode of The Coach Taylor Podcast.

Short and sweet this week!

On this episode:

DEXA Scans and Bodyfat ( 18:30 )
-What do I really think?

Coach Taylor Online (8:30)
-57 ways to get more physical
-Eat some dirt!

Philosophy of Health (3:00 )
-walking for three hours shouldn’t be a challenge

-Coach Taylor

Ep 92: You’re Physiology isn’t Fast

Episode 92, here we go!!! It is shorter because frankly, didn’t really feel like podcasting this week! The power of habits and commitment right??!!!

On this episode:

Why it Takes So Long for the Body to Change ( 28:40 )
–>there are actual reasons for this! You know,
based on science and stuff…..

Resting Postures (21:00 )
–> FINALLY! Exercise that you are supposed to
just sit or lay there!

Philosophy of Health (2:20 )
–> Last week I asked, what is health? This week a bit
of a meandering segment on what our society thinks
health is.

Coach Taylor Online ( 11:57 )
–>Books, inspirational Dad’s, stupid fitness ‘pros’
–>You know….the usual 🙂

That was episode 92! Wow…..the 100th episode is approaching fast….what the hell should I do to honour that milestone????

-Coach Taylor