Ep 87: The End of An Odyssey

Welcome to 2020 and the first Coach Taylor Podcast episode of a new decade!

I am planning on keeping this weekly all year as I don’t want everyone to miss the sound of my charming voice. You’re welcome.

On this episode:

New Year New You (25:40 )
-what should you be doing this New Year to make real and sustainable life changes

The End Of An Odyssey ( 43:20)
-I did it. A full year of health perfection.
-How did it go?
-Now what?

Coach T Online (4:00 )
-book list
-become half the person you are
-IF and muscle
-cold shower
AND more……..

Thanks so much for listening and here is to an awesome 2020!!!! Who know where it will take us?!!!!

-Coach Taylor

Ep 86: Last Of the Decade

Here we go! The last podcast of 2019, the end of the year, end of the decade, end of my health odyssey, and the start whatever you want!

On this episode I talk a little bit about the end of the health odyssey. Next episode I will really dive into it more!

I spend most of this episode, however, trying to wake people up to the truth about health and fitness and make an impassioned plea to get you to change your mindset this New Year.

I want you to think about your health differently. To treat yourself differently. To goal set differently!!!!!

I hope 2019 has been good to you!!!!! Will see you next year, on The Coach Taylor Podcast!

-Coach Taylor

Ep 85: Merry Christmas!!

Welcome to 85 of The Coach Taylor Podcast!

This is a short and sweet episode as I am currently on holidays! But wanted to keep my commitment of one podcast per week for the entire year of 2019!

This episode I discuss Noom, our habits and how we build them as children, training while sick, and a few other odds and ends!!!

Next week will be episode 86 – the last one of the decade!!!!!!!

-Coach Taylor

Ep 84: Putting Exercise on Food Labels

Shocking headline I know. This has been touring the health and fitness internets and I thought I might weigh in on the topic. A more mellow episode this week….hope you like!

On this episode:

Exercise on Food Labels ( 40:00 )
-that chocolate bar is going to earn you a 45 minute walk
-good or bad?

Motivation Vs. Discipline (22:30 )
-you need to change your mindset

Odyssey Update ( 2:42 )
-two weeks to go…..

Coach T Online (13:00 )
-some of the latest articles out there
-people are doing the reverse New Years Resolution!

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Love mail? Hate mail? Send it all my way!!!!

-Coach Taylor

Ep 83: If Peleton Offended You, You’re an Idiot

Bold title I know. But it has to be because this past week in the world of health and fitness has demonstrated a new level of idiocy. It is even so much more than pure idiocy, it is bordering on outright stupidity.

I won’t stand idly by. I am not afraid to express my opinions. Someone has to reign in the crazy and speak some sanity!!!

On this episode:

If the Peleton ad offends you…… (51:20 )
-seriously, while it was a stupid ad, it definitely was NOT controversial, well it wasn’t until the marketers sunk their teeth in

How Your Spine Works ( 25:18)
-and why you are probably way to careful with your back

The Reverse New Year’s Challenge (37:30 )
-could you go for a whole holiday season with, GASP, no alcohol?????

Coach T Online ( 9:17)
-lot’s of great stuff!

Odyssey Update (3:30 )
-pretty scant…..kind of not much new on that front……

Hope that you enjoyed it!!!!! I had an awesome time recording this one and stand by every single statement I made!!

Much love,
Coach Taylor

Ep 82: How to Survive the Holidays

Welcome to the 82nd episode of The Coach Taylor Podcast where I unintentionally destroy all the happiness in your life. You’re welcome.

On this episode:

How to Survive the Holidays (39:40 )
-The Actual Truth, not the usual fitness industry bullshit

Tanning Your Asshole (28:30 )
-How important is it really?

Coach Taylor Online (18:17 )
-DB touch the grounds
-Advent calendars

Odyssey Update (6:32 )
-90% done!

This episode is going to get a lot of disagreement and I am ok with that. Mostly it is just because I say things that no one wants to hear…

-Coach Taylor

Ep 81: Don’t Buy Fitness EQUIPMENT

Welcome to The Coach Taylor Podcast! EVERYTHING you have ever wanted to know about health and fitness!!!

Are you ready for my new e-newsletter? First one is coming out this week! It WILL have exclusive content so if you like the shit I discuss you had best sign up!

On this episode:

Pelleton is stupid, don’t buy fitness equipment (52:40 )

When machines ARE useful (42:56 )

Training men and women differently ( 32:40 )

Coach Taylor, Online ( 20:20)
-combine your exercises
-Subway is gross
-how to train kids to think

Odyssey Update (5:20 )
-inspiring people
-pasture raised meat
-you should play music
-will I ever eat chocolate
-my Friday night

Thanks for listening! If you have questions….you know how to get a hold of me!

-Coach Taylor

Ep 80: Why is Everything So Confusing?

It doesn’t matter where you get your information these days there seems to be a million different opinions and they all seem to say the opposite thing. Today I will go through a little bit of why that is!

Also….in the intro I mention a section on good training machines….then I forgot about it…whoops. Will add it to next weeks episode!!!!!

On this episode:

How Big is Big Enough? (33:30 )
-Movement vs. size and strength

Are TGU’s a waste of your time? ( 45:20 )

Runless Run Training ( 28:11)

Intermittent Fasting and Eating Enough (39:53 )

The World’s Afraid of Scary Vegans (58:30 )

Coach Taylor Online ( 12:00 )
-Kimchi causes cancer
-Eat what you want
-Too big for pullups
-Hunting and ethics

Odyssey Update ( 5:33)

Thanks for listening! Questions? Topic ideas? You know how to get ahold of me!

-Coach Taylor

Ep 79: The Problem with Society

Lol – weighty podcast heading right? The Problem with Society. Going to be controversial but it will all be true!!!!!

Let’s just jump right into it shall we? Maybe I should mention TWO great rants on this episode… 😉

The Problem With Society ( 56:44 )
-like, not all the problems, but at leas the ones health related
-I have solved it. Boiled it down to one fact: people are lazy as fuck.

NYT Running Article ( 37:00 )
-seeing as it is making the rounds I though I would weigh in….

Crawling ( 30:00 )
-one of the most important things you AREN’T doing.

Coach T Online ( 14:40)
-snow days
-can anyone do a pullup?
-eat dirt
-new glute training
-woman barely survives ordeal at sea

Odyssey Update ( 6:00)

Hope you all enjoyed this one!!! Until next week – do some exercise and cook a meal!

-Coach Taylor

Ep: 78 Ranting While Barefoot

I am actually almost always barefoot so being barefoot during todays ranting is not out of the ordinary!

Things do get a little ranty today….but not like angry ranty…more, I am fed up and done with everything ranty…..

On this episode:

I Will Start on Monday (20:00 )
-will you? Why Monday?
-this is where I begin to give up on people

You Don’t Know 43:00)
-you don’t know what you’re doing at the gym
-you also probably don’t know what you’re actually capable of

Barefoot isn’t Complicated (32:20 )
-you don’t need fancy programs or equipment to be barefoot

Odyssey Update ( 2:30)
-TGU’s suck
-Made my own bread
-Why choose to feel like shit?

Coach T Online ( 13:30)
-How sore should you be
-Daily movement

Thanks for investing your time with me! Questions? Send them my way!

-Coach Taylor