Ep 108: Going off Grid and Health

Welcome to episode 108 of the Coach Taylor podcast!

Have had lots of great feedback on the new format so I am sticking with it. No segments etc, just a meandering monologue of whatever is happening in my head!!!

This episode I go through the importance of going off grid and how it can affect your health, why the fitness industry is an epic failure, preparing to be 100, and some chatting about intermittent fasting!!!

Hope you all enjoy!!! Questions, you know how to get a hold fo me!!!

-Coach Taylor

Ep 107: Learning To Commit

Welcome to episode 107 of the Coach Taylor Podcast!

Good news….shit got a little ranting, which I know you’ll all like! But I can’t promise you will like all of the message. I believe, however, that it is important to hear.

Also touch on the post covid future of the fitness industry, my odyssey program, how to make french fries, fermenting, and staying strong post 30 years old.

Hope that this finds everyone healthy, and happy, and safe.

-Coach Taylor

Ep 106: Short and Sweet

Welcome to episode 106 of The Coach Taylor Podcast!

This week we do our final check-in on the Climb Mount Everest in your house by doing insane numbers of stair climbs challenge…because why WOULDN’T you want to do that?

ALso discuss how you’re body is supposed to move, what bodyweight training REALLY should be, the importance of being out in the sun, and how people are totally fixated on the wrong aspects of their fitness program.

Hope you are doing well in this crazy world!!!!

-Coach Taylor

Ep 105: Meandering

Format change this episode. Instead of breaking it all up into segments I just let ‘er rip and chatted.

There is ranting, raving, health and fitness information, and general good times.

Rant about how whiney everyone seems to be getting these days, what I think of all the runners I spy on out my window, how to do proper max load training, what is the best equipment to buy, and how to add spontaneous moments to your routine.

Any questions, you know how to get in touch with me!

-Coach Taylor

Ep 104: Why Training In The Morning is Important

Welcome to episode 104 of The Coach Taylor Podcast!

Today we check in on the Climb Mount Everest in your house challenge, which is trucking along nicely!!! The group has grown huge!

Also talk about stretching, a bunch of odds and ends, including why barbell squats are sucky, and how to handle sciatica.

Then lastly, I give you a numbered list of 7 reasons why you SHOULD be training first thing in the morning!

Hope everyone is healthy and keeping fit!!!

-Coach Taylor

Ep 103: It’s the Little Things

Welcome to episode 103!!!

Do another check in on the climb mount Everest challenge, so you’re not just stuck with the sound of my voice!

Also…Coach Taylor went for a run, like, can you actually believe it??

Lots of other good stuff in here and I hope that it brings you some useful tips and motivation!

Questions or anything else health and fitness you’d like to know…hit me up!!!

-Coach Taylor

Ep: 102 Climb a Mountain

Welcome to episode 102!!!

Last week I mentioned the at home climb Mount Everest challenge….well…it is starting and I have a whole segment on it! I talk to the creator of this seeming insanity!!!

If you want to join or learn more….add yourself to the Facebook group:

–> Everest Lock Down Stair Climb Challenge <–

I also have a good section on how you should be training and how to deal with those moments where you get off track with your fitness goals!!!!

If you have questions….hit me up!!!!

-Coach Taylor

Ep 101: Motivation and Gardening

Seriously, the MOST inquiries I am getting at the moment are about gardening and how to get started! So, here you go! A huge long segment on how to get started with gardening this year!

Also some interesting stuff in Coach Taylor online AND I talk about this new trend to pretend it is ok to sit around and wallow in your sorrow while we are all confined to our houses.

Motivation is tricky and taking care of your mental health can seem daunting, but sitting around watching Netflix and eating bags of chips is NOT going to make anything better.

Thanks for listening, hit me up if you have any questions!!!

-Coach Taylor

Ep 100: Brutally Honest Advice

Welcome to the 100th episode of the Coach Taylor Podcast!!

Has anyone listened to all 100 episodes? Lol, that would be crazy!!!!!

For this episode, I talk about the history and the future of Coach Taylor and I do an overview of my most famous blog of all time: The Brutally Honest 6 Reasons You Are Still Overfat.

So sit back, grab a kombucha and enjoy!!!!!


I am humbled and eternally grateful that anyone listens to my podcast.

I remain dedicated to bringing you the honest truth and only real, evidence based information. No scams, spams, or shitty trends. I am your source for REAL health and fitness advice!!!!

-Coach Taylor

Ep 99: Breaking Hearts

This one is…very real. It is a Coach Taylor no hold barred honesty smackdown. Why? Because I love you all and I want you to be successful. I want you to break out of past patterns and live a life that feels awesome.

I put out all of this information for you. Please remember that if it gets a little….harsh.

On this Episode:

Accountability and Motivation ( 39:00)
-How to find it

The Online Fitness Bullshit ( 17:20 )
-The fitness world went online and brought all the crap with it!

What Did My Odyssey Teach me? ( 27:26)
-And what can it teach you?

Coach Taylor Online ( 4:40)
-How to keep sane during the pandemic
-Pullup Challenge
-Elastics for pushups
-Your metabolism
-Good Movement or being sore

Questions? You know how to find me!

-Coach Taylor

Health and Fitness Coach