Ep 116: All About Carbs

Welcome to episode 116 where I planned on talking for 15 minutes but ended up getting into a solid rant and filling the hour!!!

Carb loading, and how that’s not a thing ended up driving me into an epic rant about how card and energy work in your body, how diets work, and why 99% of the nutrition information you hear is complete and utter bullshit.

So, yeah, just that.

Some other good stuff in there too:
-my new ebook
-why you should be throwing things
-why gaining weight is hard
-when you should be breathing during exercise

Hope you all enjoy!!!

-Coach Taylor

Ep 115: Carrots Are Dangerous

It’s true. Very. Very. Dangerous. Carrots are essentially the root cause of all dietary related health issues today. I get into it around the 55 minute mark.

Oh. And an important topic – which kind of intermittent fasting is best for you based on what type of stomach fat you have.

Other hot topics this week:

-my spandex pants
-how we think about exercise wrong
– the top fitness tools
-paying attention to your workout

The WHOLE podcast isn’t filled with sarcasm…I promise 🙂

-Coach Taylor

Top 4 BEST Training Tools!


People love lists and frankly, creating numbered lists is something I love doing. SO here you go.

Do you need equipment to get a great workout? Nope. You sure don’t. You can workout with just your bodyweight for the rest of your life.


There are some amazing training tools out there and adding external resistance to our movement is a really great idea! I do gully believe that you SHOULD train with more than just body weight.

Does that mean fancy equipment? No. Use rocks. Logs. Laundry. Kids. Whatever you have on hand. But you should be adding resistance to your movement!

All of that being said, there is some awesome equipment out there that you should be investing in over time and have stocked up at home!!!!

Without further ado, here we go!

If you need any of this equipment I have included links to products I recommend at the bottom of the page! 

The Kettlebell


Everyone sick of me ranting on about the kettlebell yet?

Yes. Sorry.

I will stop.

Nope. No I will not.

Because this is the single greatest training tool out there and your life will be better FOREVER if you learn to use them properly and then actually use them a few days a week.



Why? What is it about the kettlebell?

It is so versatile and works the body the way the body was meant to move!! Arcs, momentum, rotation, full body, strength, cardio, power, flexibility, range of motion, support, proprioception….everything!

All of this in a steel ball with a handle?


All of this in steel ball with a handle.

AND. They aren’t that expensive, especially when you consider that it is a steel ball with a handle – it will outlast you, your kids, your grandkids, and their grandkids.

If you want to get the maximal benefit from them it is VITAL you learn them from the ground up so that you can actually DO all the cool shit they are capable of! Not just doing lunges and squats and shoulder presses with a KB instead of a dumbbell.

It is a DIFFERENT style of training. If you learn it well and then use them the way they were meant to be used they will keep you healthy, strong, and fit FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE.

I built a 4 module kettlebell training program because I believe in them SO FUCKING MUCH.

If you are a total newb or have used KB’s for years, I will help you hone the basics and then truly advance your skills. All at your own pace and with an amazingly supportive group of fellow kettlebeller’s!

The Jump Rope

First. It is jumping rope. It is NOT skipping. Don’t’ forget that.

I still believe this is the most under utilized piece of equipment in the entire fitness industry.

It builds coordination, stamina, cardiovascular health, power, and a host of other benefits.

A good rope costs under $10. It requires minimal space.

And one of the best things about jumping rope is that it requires a lot of mind muscle connection, which is SORELY lacking from most of modern fitness. You have to pay attention to what you are doing, there is no ‘zoning out’ with the rope. Add to that the need for your brain to coordinate everything and you have a truly awesome piece of fitness equipment.

10 minutes a day on the rope should be a life requirement!


I am not sponsored by TRX and get no kickbacks from them so when I say buy an actual TRX and NOT a knock off; I really and truly mean it. I have TRX units that are almost 15 years old and still going strong!

I have been training with and using the TRX with clients since 2007.

Known as suspension training, this style of exercise is again, full body, and amazingly versatile. The majority of people stick to the basics but if you put in the time to really learn what the TRX can do the diversity of training is mind boggling.

Every single movement is a full body movement. Everything can be made easier or can be made harder.

The name of the company was initially Fitness Anywhere and was imagined by Navy Seals as a way to take great fitness with them around the world. So you don’t need a ton of space and there are multiple ways to attach them and use them.

This is also an ideal training tool for working around injuries and rehabilitating from injury. That being said, I have also used it when training elite athletes. This thing is THAT versatile!

The Mace

Fourth on the list is the mace.

I started training with them a couple years ago and am still learning what the capabilities are.

While they are more limited in overall scope than the KB and the TRX, I believe that the mace is a valuable addition to your training repertoire.

The basic 360 is a great exercise to highlight some of the benefits of mace training. It truly works the ‘core’ in a logical way – antiextension and antirotation – just the way it is supposed to work!

I also love the shoulder mobility that is forced by the mace and how this is built in with full body coordination.

There is a lot more to the mace than just the 360 and it is worth investing is buying one and learning what it can do!

There you go. My current list of the top four training tools out there!!!!

Could this change over time? Maybe. But the Kettlebell I have been using for a decade, the TRX for 15 years, and the jump rope for 20 years. So I am confident in telling you, 20 years from now I will still be endorsing those tools. I expect the mace will still be in my hands and the hands of my clients by then as well.

Are there other worthy tools out there? Yes.

Medicine balls, exercise balls, shena’s, Indian clubs, paralette bars, sandbags, the Bulgarian bag, hackey sacks, all have a place in my home equipment.

Do you need them, no. Can they be used for variety? You bet.

But the list above is still my top four and will keep you busy for YEARS!!!!

-Coach Taylor

Ep 114: My BEST Episode EVER

I mean it. It just felt like a great FLOW today. Good topics, some nice comments from the livestream peeps, and info that is both diverse and yet pertinent to your health.

If there is one episode to get started with Coach Taylor….this is it!!!!!

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I talk about
–> Health and kids
–> The day I ate all day
–>Why there should be no men’s or women’s specific programs
–> Intermittent fasts
–> All sorts of rants
–> How you bodies facia works

And like….a ton of other shit.

Listen to this. Seriously.


I am taking 4-5 more people into the KB Academy for the rest of 2020….when I get them I am closing enrollment!

My weekly email is going out every Friday, are you registered?

Who is ready for my new nutrition program? Jan 2021….THE ANTI-DIET!!!

-Coach Taylor

Ep 113: How To Kettlebell and Change Your Life

Welcome to the 113th episode of Coach Taylor’s Rant!!!

OOOOOHHHHHH….maybe a better name for the ‘cast???

I talk about why it is so important to get bigger kettlebells than you think you should….its around the 26:00 minute mark!!!


You should listen to the whole thing because I deep dive into motivation, habit, seeking out how to truly make lifestyle changes and a big talk on the way this has changed and affected my life.

I hope that it inspires some of you to truly take a look at the way you have done things in the past and challenge you to forge a different path in the future!!!!!

-Coach Taylor


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Ep: 112 Epic Rant ABout Food

As the title says…epic rant. I thought my conversation about Halloween candy was going to be all the food stuff….but then I got triggered by a question from a listener….and I went on a bender.

Our food system and how we are told what to eat is REALLY messed up. I went on a lengthy chat about how it works, how it is structured, who controls it, how farmers are treated, and how we are manipulated into believing certain foods are healthy and maybe more healthy than other ones.

I added to that a big section on why knowing what you ‘macros’ are is stupid AND how to do intermittent fasting.

Also talk about overtraining…and why you are NOT overtraining.

AND talking about why sets and reps are stupid and we need to get rid of them.

Whew. It was a good one!!!!!!!

Remember…..my kettlebell Academy opens in a week…come learn how to kettlebell with me! Beginner or advanced….I am going to teach you what this epic fitness tool can do!

-Coach Taylor

Hire a Coach Already

So a couple of weeks ago I put out a survey for some feedback on all of my material and the answers were very much appreciated! A huge thank you to all 107 of you who responded!

There was something that really struck me as I read through the data (well a lot of things, but that would make this blog way too long!)

I asked what is most important to people in an online training platform and the largest response was: THE QUALIFICATIONS OF THE COACH.

By a significant margin. It was a higher priority than the variety of exercises, new content, and it blew having an app and weight loss out of the water.

This is VERY interesting to me.

Because I also asked about why people hadn’t joined my platform or another platform and the consistent answer was that they were too expensive, or money was too tight, or that they could find enough free content on Instagram.

WHY is this so interesting to me?

It tells me that

  1. People recognize the value of a good coach and that there are better and worse coaches out there
  2. People aren’t willing to pay for a good coach in the era of free everything

I understand for sure. Money is a precious resource and we are all judicious in where we spend it. Even if you have disposable income you should still be smart about where you spend it!

But this leads to a huge issue in the fitness industry (probably other areas of life as well but I am really only qualified to speak to the fitness industry).

You want qualified and educated coached and you want them for free.

Question for you then:

How is someone supposed to become a qualified and experienced coach, earn a living from that skill and knowledge, when people want the information from that coach for free?

I have a masters degree in human movement, I have been a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist for almost 20 years, I have literally forgotten more certifications and courses I have taken over the years than I remember taking, I have coached thousands of clients, and I have a decent online following and a pretty good reputation. So let’s agree that I am a semi-qualified coach (in all honesty this puts me in about the top 0.01% of the fitness industry but I don’t want you thinking I am all in this for the ego).

When I build out a new program, my kettlebell academy and charge $125 for the first module, a four week program and instructional program from me on how to master the kettlebell, the vast majority of the response is…….wait for it….

It’s too expensive.


Another question for you?

How much SHOULD that cost?

Four weeks of access to a coach like myself, instruction, programming, follow-up, interaction, on arguably the best training tool out there.

What is that worth to you?

$75? $35? $1? Should it be free?

Lets say 20 people sign-up for the $125, thats $2500. Not bad right?

Well, the academy will see me invest probably about 100 hours in creation. $25 an hour?! Not bad Coach, what are you bitching about? Well. Then there is the time during the course…probably about 25 hours a week making content, responding and coaching etc, another 100 hours. Hmmm…now that’s actually $12.50 an hour.

I won’t get into expenses for the program etc. Or what my rent is and utilities and food and all of that. Because remember, if you want a coach with my kind of qualification, which is what everyone says they want, well, we have to dedicate our lives to this. So this is the only way we earn an income.

How qualified of a professional do you think you should get for $12.50 an hour?

Because the minimum wage in the province I reside (Ontario, Canada) is $14 an hour.


I am not writing this as a sob story.

This is a wake-up call to you.

The REASON there is a lack of quality coaches and quality information in the fitness biz is because everyone thinks all we are worth is $12.50 an hour.

So we are forced to hawk products, promote garbage, and fill our feeds with ads to try an earn a living. What kind of quality coaches to you expect to dedicate their life to that?

So no. It is NOT OK to just grab some moves off the internet and do whatever programs some 20 year old insta-celeb is putting out for FREE AWESOME CONTENT!!! You know, the workout THEY DO THEMSEVLES!!!! Uh huh. Ok.

This is your fucking health we are talking about. This is not an area to seek free deals.

Want to know why your back hurts? Your knees hurt? You never achieve your fitness goal? You don’t progress? You end up getting bored?

NEWSFLASH! It is because you are following shitty fucking programs and working with fucking stupid idiot wannabe coaches who won’t even be around in a few years. They will most likely be selling insurance or become a realtor….trust me, that is A REALLY common life path!!!

Or you are following ‘coaches’ who are just skinny people who workout and now put out content and they become TRAINERS!!! And they reiterate and spew out all the exact same shit that has ejaculated from the cacophony of mouths of every single other fitness ‘professional’ for the last 40 years. Here is my ab workout! Do these three simple exercises! Look at how jacked my PYTHONS are, do this arm exercise to do the same for you!!! 

Because people don’t want to hire an ACTUAL coach. 

$125 for a four week program with a coach of my qualifications and experience to learn the base skills for an amazing fitness tool that will give you skills to utilize for the rest of your life? 

How much did you spend on booze, snack food, movie rentals, random Amazon ‘good deals’, etc. last month? I would bet it is more than $125. 

So think about this. 

Think about your life and your health and your fitness. I SHOULD be one of the most important things to you. 

Invest in it. Invest in yourself. Help me make the fitness industry better. The only way to do that is to support the QUALIFIED people so that they can earn a decent living doing this. 

It is win win. They earn a living, you have a better life. 

-Coach Taylor 

Just in case you want to learn how to use the kettlebell from an actual qualified coach….


Ep 111: Diet, Nutrition, and Rants

Whew!!!!! Welcome to episode 111 of the podcast.

This one is classic Coach Taylor…a lot of meandering thoughts but some pretty serious rants!

I think this is one of my favourite episodes ever!!!! I would say….it’s a MUST listen.

I don’t do time breakdowns any longer….BUT….around the 48 minute mark I go into the best nutrition and diet advice I have ever given!!!! Seriously. I mean that. So much that I think I might have created an all new nutrition program that I might put out…..

Full list of topics:

-Nutrition and diet advice
–> WHY I can’t give you diet advice
-How to train based on movement planes
-What is missing from your workouts
-What size KB should you buy?
-Recipes and random workouts

And, like, lots of other shit!!!!!

Let me know what you think after you listen to the episode!!!!

-Coach Taylor

Top 3 Reasons You Should Learn the Kettlebell

The kettlebell. One of the oldest pieces of fitness equipment we know about! Yet until recently, almost completely ignored by the world of fitness.

I believe, very strongly, that it is the singular best piece of training equipment in existence.

I am going to list the three reasons why in a moment but first I want to talk about one thing the is what I consider to be the singular most important thing the kettlebell can bring to your life and to your health and fitness endeavours.

It is a skill. And it is hard to master.

You can’t just grab one, watch a couple quick vids on Instagram and start crushing it.

That is what everyone wants though. Something easy. You don’t have to think. Just start going, get a six pack, lose 10 pounds, get stronger, and achieve all of your health and fitness dreams. That is LITERALLY what the entire fitness industry is predicated on. That is what you are marketed, what you are told, what you are sold.

And now that is the belief.

Oh, that’s too hard? Let’s give you an alternative. You can’t figure out that move? No problem! Here are 147,873,872 other things you can do that won’t give you anxiety trying to learn something.


The truth is that learning the kettlebell takes time, patience, and effort.


That is the top reason I love it so much.

Because you NEED THAT in your life. Learning a new skill, putting in the effort to practice, handling the challenge of not being great at it right away. Not getting frustrated that you can’t do what the insta-stars are doing (who are only showing you the highlight reel FYI, NOT their personal learning curve!!!) and give up.

It is in the act of the effort, of the learning a new skill, of putting in the work that true success comes from.

So the kettlebell is a beautiful tool that gives you an opportunity to truly experience what taking care of your health and fitness is really all about.

I promise, if you put in the work and learn how to kettlebell it will give you SO much more than just better health and fitness.

Ok, ok….Here we go. The three top training benefits of kettlebells and why they are the greatest training tool on earth.

I don’t market too hard to my audience. But if there is something important I will. 
I am launching a Kettlebell Training Academy. 
If you want to learn how to use the kettlebell or you want to advance your training level to master I want to be your coach. 


Use Your Body the Way it Was DESIGNED

Your body is a single unit. It is NOT a collection of separate parts. This is what is completely dismissed in the vast majority of fitness. The idea of segmenting the body into individual pieces, training them separately, and then somehow expecting it to function as the beautiful machine it is, about sums up the stupidity of modern fitness.

I don’t want to get too technical or deep into anatomy and physiology so just trust me when I say everything that has been learned over the last decade is pretty fucking definitive that our body is a single unit and not a Frankenstein-esq collection of pieces. There is this nifty little tissue called facia that surrounds every muscle and organ in your body and is essentially a single sheet connecting it all. It’s why you can get a foot massage and feel it in your neck for example.

Every single kettlebell exercise requires that the entire body coordinates and works together. JUST THE WAY IT WAS DESIGNED TO DO.

When you train like this your body responds accordingly. By getting stronger, adapting faster, and functioning better.

Why is this the case? Because the kettlebell doesn’t just move in straight lines. It can move in straight lines but it also moves in arcs and in different directions and this is what forces the body to turn on everything and work in beautiful synchronicity.

There is no other word for it…it is beautiful



The Kettlebell Does it all

For some reason we weren’t happy dividing the muscle and limbs into separate components, we also wanted to divide the overall body systems as well. Cardio day, strength day, recovery day, stretching day…we ignored, again, how the body is designed.

Like, it’s really so fucked up. How? How did this happen? How could so many smart people look at the body this way, design programs, and then come to believe it was a really good idea?

Your heart and lungs, muscles, tendons, ligaments, and neuromuscular system all function TOGETHER and it is all coordinated by that big, beautiful brain that is letting you read this article with a sense of wonder and joy.

When you use the kettlebell the way it was intended everything is based on movement. And when it is used this way your muscles work, your heart and lungs pump away to get fresh oxygen flowing and clean out the used up energy, the tendons and ligaments keep everything attached and leverage their elasticity the way they were designed, and everything has to be coordinated and controlled, helping develop neuromuscular control.

Working the kettlebell right will increase your strength, your cardiovascular health, your flexibility, and develop your ability to move better with greater resiliency.

Dumbells and machines don’t do this, they can’t do this.

The kettlebell does it naturally and again, it is simply beautiful.



Makes Your Brain Work

Machines turn your brain off. As does most of the rest of the fitness equipment that is popular.

The kettlebell has not set track and is free to move in any direction. To control it you have to learn the right technique, the right patterns, and then constantly be reinforcing those patterns to master and utilize the movements.

It is always just bordering on the edge of control.

And this is where the magic happens.

This is what forces your brain into the moment. To turn on and conduct the beautiful symphony that is human movement.

As the kettlebell travels with momentum and with varied patterns your brain must be coordinating the effort and preparing for what is coming. And there is nothing in fitness truer to how life works.

Life doesn’t work in the same repetitive pattern indefinitely, life doesn’t happen with equal loads, life doesn’t happen in predictable patterns, life doesn’t happen in three sets of ten reps. Life is unpredictable, off balance, free motion. If you aren’t training your body to get better at the things that you do in real life you are missing THE most important part of training!

The kettlebell trains you for life.


And there you have it, the three reasons you NEED to be training with kettlebells.

Yes, I know, weird descriptions today right? But they are all so true! Human movement is beautiful. It is an incredible balance of strength and coordination that we still can’t replicate with machines because it is so complex. We take it for granted. Standing up and walking down a set of stairs to make a coffee before working out in the morning.

But behind the seeming simplicity is a vastly complex system we take for granted.

It is like kettlebell training itself. It looks simple when it is done right but belies the complexity and effort required.

You need to use this training tool.

-Coach Taylor


YES. I have created an all new program, Coach Taylor’s Kettlebell Academy. 

If you want to learn the kettlebell from basics to advanced work I am here to teach you! 

If you have used the kettlebell but want to see just how much it can do, my academy will get you tossing them like a pro! 

Click HERE to learn all about it!!!! 

Ep 110: It Isn’t Sexy

Welcome to episode 110 of the Coach Taylor Podcast!!!

A good talk this week on fitness, motivation, and how we can get ourselves working towards life goals>

I also chat about what fitness should be and the key missing components of most fitness programs!!!!!

And I might get distracted a little with some theory but I promise that it all works out and makes sense and that I tie it all together well!!!!

Most importantly, I talk about big rocks. No, not actual rocks. Metaphorical rocks and how you need to focus on a few specific things if you truly want to have success in fitness and health!!!!

-Coach Taylor

Health and Fitness Coach